Benefits of working out with a partner

Some days we all need a little push, boost or words of encouragement to get through.  When starting a new fitness regimen, it may be quite difficult to make yourself get up and go. How about if you have a friend with the same short- or long-term fitness or health goals? Having a friend, mom or sister alongside you as you take new measures to change your health is believed to double your success rate. Just think, on those days where you may not feel like working out, having that workout buddy to encourage and give you the boost you need to get up and go can make a real difference in how quickly you see results. So call that same buddy you call when it’s time shop, eat and party with and make the change together. Whether it’s joining the gym, getting outside to walk  or even popping in a workout DVD in the living room, use that time to get healthier together!

Check out some of the beneficial reasons to work out with a partner.

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