Has hip-hop superstar Lil Wayne cut off his trademark dreadlocks?

The YMCMB rapper has been growing his hair for over a decade, but early today, Weezy’s hair change threw the world into a hissy fit. A photo surfaced of Lil Wayne with fellow rapper Big Boi, and it appeared as though his trademark locs had been cut. Wayne appeared to be rocking a close-cropped look — much to the shock and awe of his fans.

But it looks like it was all much ado about nothing.

It has been confirmed by sources that Wayne‘s hair is still there. He’s still growing his locs and had them pulled back in the photo.

Wayne has yet to comment on “LocGate,” but fans can rest easy. According to Global Grind, “While it looked like he cut them off, he actually fooled us all. The Carter IV rapper hung out with Big Boi yesterday, and it looked like he was rocking a new short-haired look, but he in reality, he is just growing out his dreads even more while they are pulled back.”

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Stereo Williams

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