Which, of course, is how it should be.

“Lots of [older rappers] gave me their fair share of [praise] — [saying] they’re proud of me and [telling me] to just do me,” James explains. “Whatever that consists of — just do me, because they see the originality in it. They understand it because they’ve been down this road. When you’re a real listener of music, and not just a radio type of person, you get a better understanding of my music, because you’ll listen to it for what it is. Then you’ll be all right. Most people that come out usually sound like someone. But I really can’t think of a rapper that I sound like. I really have my own unique style.”

James says that while he’s surprised that his career has taken off so rapidly (he was running a boutique in Atlanta called Ginza Boutique just a year ago), he’s not surprised that it’s taken off. 

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Stereo Williams

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