After another Super Bowl mishap, and the acceptance of inappropriate behavior in the media, the 2013 GRAMMY Awards is taking a stand, and enforcing their own rules.  Just a few days ago, CBS and GRAMMY released their wardrobe advisory to this year’s performers.  Though the rules were probably there all along, a few of our favorite performers like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj have inspired the programming board to re-enforce the dress code.

Take a look at the rules and those who are to blame.

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  • Beyonce1#fan

    My girl beyonce has a point Rihanna with that stripped between her legs just disgusted me . Is she lesbian . Theres something . RIRI U ARE NO ROLEMODEL.’crazy guru.

  • Some One

    Rolling out removed comments stating how stupid this story was hahaha

    • Renee Gardner

      darn. i wish i could have seen them.