Celebrity plastic surgery: Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has had a boob job and she isn’t afraid to tell the world. There is nothing wrong with making a few changes to your body if you are truly comfortable with the change and it will help your career. Rowland made decisions based on what she wanted to do without going overboard. She looks great!

Recently, Kelly performed during the Super Bowl halftime show and attended the Grammys in a stunning black dress that she described as “the closest thing I could get to a birthday suit!”

Rowland, jokingly referring to her breasts stating that her,  ”little nuggets for boobs”  were a bit of a “Bug a Boo,” so she decided to use some of her free-flowing Destiny Child’s money to pay her plastic surgery “Bills, Bills, Bills.”

Her nose is thinner and more defined, although there is not a big difference. This shows that she actually went for the surgery  and the surgeon was good enough to make it natural, proportional and without drastically changing her look. Overall, the subtle changes Kelly made to her nose and breasts were done very tastefully and only enhanced the natural beauty that she already possessed.

With the help of her personal trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, Kelly Rowland keeps fit and has released a workout video titled, Sexy Abs.

Kelly and her great physique will be hosting the Oscar red carpet show this Sunday, Feb. 24.

Take a look at Kelly’s transformation pictures over the years.

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