Twitter reacts to Amanda Bynes’ new ‘Blac Chyna-inspired’ look

Amanda Bynes’ new look compared to Blac Chyna, Nicki Minaj

A troubled former Nickelodeon star is back in headlines for her behavior: this time for showing off a bizarre new look. Amanda Bynes, who previously had two hit-and-run incidents within weeks of each other and a DUI charge, took to Twitter Saturday to give fans a glimpse of her current style choice. The photo featured a heavily made up Bynes showing off her dermal cheek piercings while donning a dirty blonde wig.

“Wink,” she captioned the photo.

Prior to the latest photo, Bynes debuted her cheek piercings on social media and has since been spotted donning a series of ill fitting synthetic wigs much like the one pictured above.

And while some are shaking off Bynes’ self given makeover, others are calling her a doppelgänger for stripper Blac Chyna and rapper Nicki Minaj.

  Check out more Twitter reactions to Amanda Bynes’ new look below. -danielle canada

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