This season of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has cast a bright light the stark contrasts between a group of ultra-independent women who go and do what they please, when they want to, and Porsha Stewart, who is definitely a throw-back as an old-school wife who willingly submissive to husband Kordell Stewart.

That Stewart doesn’t challenge the authority of her husband’s leadership rankles the other cast members, who conversely believes that Kordell Stewart is a domineering control freak who has totally engulfed Porsha Stewart’s aura.

But if the Stewart’s are happy with how they lead their lives, who are the other cast members, most of whom have never been married or are now divorced, to question their lifestyle or Porsha Stewart’s decision to live as a more traditional housewife?

Porsha Stewart is not the only celebrity who believes in submissiveness or living as a traditional housewife. Here are a few others:

Terry Shropshire

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