Morris Chestnut and the longest-lasting celebrity marriages

Morris Chestnut excused himself from the red carpet at the annual Stevie Harvey Hoodie Awards at the MGM Casino in Vegas and traipsed over to the barricades separating the stars from the screeching, squealing fans. Once they saw the Boyz N the Hood and The Best Man star coming toward them, the thong of women collectively unfurled a high-pitched scream that could have stopped birds in mid-flight.

But for all his reputation as a Hollywood hunk and being the object of millions of women’s fantasies, he remains an enigma to most.

Few, if any, can recall his name or image being plastered along the front of any tabloid magazine or having his actions dissected in a scandal-seeking blog. He hasn’t been caught creeping down backyard boulevards  Some didn’t even realize that he was married, or when he got married, how many children he has (two; Grant, 15, and Paige, 14), where he lives or what his wife (Pam Byse) did for a living. He has deliberately cordoned the public off from his private, family life and you pretty much only see him in the movies and on red carpets. Perhaps that is one secret to how his marriage has lasted 16 years, an eternity in the modern Sodom and Gomorrah that is Hollywood.

As Chestnut’s newest film, The Call, prepares to enter theaters, we salute the Chestnuts for their longevity while also noting the longest-lasting celebrity marriages in entertainment. You might be surprised at who is on this list as well as when they got married. Take a look.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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