Did Dawn Richards get a nose job? 

After years of being in the music business, a former Danity Kane songstress is being accused of altering her appearance through plastic surgery. Dawn Richards formerly of Bad Boy Records, has long been lauded for her vocal skills. Most recently however, fans noted that the songstress may be sporting a new look compliments of a surgeon.


“Your new nose is everything!!! What made you get it?!!?”,” wrote an excited fan on her Instagram.

“Your face looks great! Now leave it alone please @dawnrichard ! Don’t go overboard,” added another.

According to the singer herself however, her “makeover” is actually just skillfully applied makeup.

“Dear all commenters, when or if I get a nose job. I shall let you know,” wrote Richards online. “A bish is never scared to let you know. Til then, enjoy the picture or don’t. Like the make up or don’t… kiss my a– or don’t. Either way is totally fine 🙂 Tootles.”

And when the speculation continued with some even  alleging that she was bleaching her skin, Richards added in this tidbit; “No changes here. Still same color, same nose, same eyes. Same Dawn.”

Do you believe Richards is really just fooling her fans with the power of makeup? A number of people aren’t so convinced.

Check out more of Dawn’s new look below. -danielle canada