Celebrities you thought were black but aren’t

BrunoYou can’t judge a book by its cover and you definitely can’t determine someone’s race just from looking at the person. With so many races and combinations, you never know who’s what. While most think of African-American decent when the topic of being multiracial is brought up, these celebs look the part but have no black in their blood.

Click below to see which celebrities look black, but they aren’t.

  1. Rolling Out imma need you to get your FACTS together because Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson is Black….SMDH

    The pro-wrestler was born to a Samoan Mother and an African Canadian
    father. His maternal grandfather was a famous Samoan pro-wrestler named
    Peter Maivia. His father, dubbed “Soulman” Rocky Johnson was the first
    African American pro-wrestling champion. The Rock spent some time
    growing up in New Zealand where he was able to learn about his Pacific
    Islander heritage.

      1. By following the Caucasian man’s 1 drop rule anyone with a drop of African heritage blood is considered BLACK…guess that means everyone except him. However, acknowledging the fact that Africa is the cradle of mankind that makes EVERYONE including white people a little Black.
        According to scientist genetic studies and fossil evidence show that archaic Homo sapiens evolved to anatomically modern humans solely in Africa, between 200,000 and 60,000 years ago,[1] that members of one branch of Homo sapiens left Africa by between 125,000 and 60,000 years ago, and that over time these humans replaced earlier human populations such as Neanderthals and Homo erectus.

        1. Rule #1, when referring to an inanimate object the correct word is lower case- black. However, when referring to a person or people the proper term is upper case ‘Black person or Black people’.

        2. ‘The Caucasian Man’s’ rule? That rule doesn’t apply anymore, and it was a US thing, and European Americans are a minority.

          Rock is mixed race, not black, like Obama. From time to time, it has been advantageous for people to call themselves black, or deny that heritage, but the truth is more complex.

          1. It means that both men have mixed heritage, and aren’t Black, anymore than they are White.
            Mixed heritage is a tough thing, as you kind of end up with claim to both, but not exclusively either, heritage.

          2. I only asked for clarification because earlier you said “Rock is mixed race, not black, like Obama” but now you’re saying neither man is Black.

          3. In the strictest definition of Black. hat is to say, single heritage, no, they aren’t.
            Someone else mentioned the ‘one drop rule’, but that’s antiquated and racist.

            In terms of bloodline, culture and upbringing, they are not Black.

          4. I see what you are getting at dirtysteve, and you have a point, but the reality is that people who are Black by definition is anyone who ancestors are those of the African Diaspora. Additionally to be Black American, one who is the decedent of African American Slaves who are mixed with White Americans and Native Indians are now what we call “African Americans” or Blacks from America. So you see to be Black from America born here and descendents born here, means that ultimately you come from an ethnic group of mixed heritage. We are a mixed people. If we were not we would be African by blood and American by heritage-which some argue but none the less its no different than anywhere else the slaves landed and intermarried with white illegally or raped the slaves which was most often teh case.

          5. Thank you Ellie cause his statement put me in rage mode. The biggest thing that annoys me is when white peopel tell me I’m not “black” ugh.

          6. “European Americans are a minority.” No, they’re not. They’re over 60 percent of this country.

        3. The one-drop rule is no longer applicable. The one-drop rule was implemented only in the United States by slave holders who wanted to maintain anyone with one-drop of African in them as slaves. After slavery became obsolete they used it to allow mixed-race offspring into Anglo-saxon society. So, it has been manipulated every each way. Sociologically, however, the concept remains somewhat pervasive, embraced mostly by Black people born and raised in the U.S. The ‘out-of-Africa’ theory was not a theory, it was a hypothesis. Many people do not know the difference and ran with it in mainstream media. The hypothesis has been debunked since 2013 due to new discoveries in the genetic engineering sector but has been conveniently suppressed. Even if every homo-sapiens or homo-erectus originated in the African continent over 125,000 years ago, it does not mean their skin was Black and had Sub-Saharan physical features. It is very naive to think so. But again, the only ones holding on to these obsolete ideologies and theories are Black people.

      2. WTF? Since when did the Samoan people of the south-western Pacific have any African origin???
        In the natural anthropological history of the region we Polynesians, Melanesians and Australian Aboriginals! So anybody with event a hint of African blood is a Johnny come lately.

        The best you’ll get is the offsping of some randy American sailors during the second World War!

      3. 1) Samoans do not have an African origin. LOL. Samoans are Polynesians and Polynesians are about as distant from Africans genetically as human populations get.
        2) Johnson’s father is at best half black. Plenty of photos are publicly available of the guy. Generation after generation in lily white Nova Scotia Canada will do that to you.
        3) So no, the Rock is not black. His genes are primarily Samoan, with significant minorities from Europe & Africa.

    1. My Mother is Samoan and my Dad is black just like Dwayne but I hardly look extremely mixed. My Mom is darker than me and my Dad was darker than her but my Grandmother is light skinned. He isn’t full black, only half. It has nothing to do with how someone acts or talks but it has to do with genetics. Y’all are crazy, seriously

      1. And this in reference to whom, cause it can’t be to me because if your ass half black of anything your ass is black just saying. His ass is black…nobody in this world is pure I’m biracial but guess what when some whites see me, they see black…but as you can see in my picture I am fair skinned. But I am black. No one said he was full but his ass is black….you have any percentage of black in your veins you are black no matter how you try to put it.

        1. No if someone is half black then that is what they are, half black. This plantation/slave one drop mentality needs to stop and black people need to stop being insulted when an individual includes all their races in their self identification. Stop telling people how they should self identify, it is none of your business. I think it is sad how many advocate that a mixed black person should turn their back on a parent of another race and say that they are black. Get real.

          1. It’s not a “one drop” mentality. You don’t get to tell me what I AM. I get to decide that! And us “mixed” peopler are tired of black and white folks trying to decide who we could identify with in order to make YOU happy. I’m Black. I was raised by black people, around black people and learned about my blackness. I. AM. BLACK.

            It’s ya’ll telling us we’re “mixed” so we’re different or unqualified to discuss the black experience.

            I have a few white relatives and none of them have done shit for me. And no one is saying “turn your back on your family” but I’ve had ex’s whose white parents SURELY didn’t want me to marry their sons because I was black. Not because I’m part white, but because of the part of me that is black. There’s very little love for MANY of us in claiming people who hate us.

          2. That is your opinion and experience. It is not mine. All of my family, regardless of race, had input in all our lives. Your post has a hint of bitterness. Anyway, I was not telling you how you should perceive yourself, only you can do that. I was speaking of society, and people like you, who adamantly refuse to accept that it is common in the black community to criticize individuals that identify with being mixed. As far as the “black experience”, just because someone’s skin is dark does not mean they have similar experiences nor do they have the same level of awareness of the issues surrounding minority treatment. Of course, there are many variables, such as social class, environment and country of origin.

          3. That is not the point. Many don’t know what they are but many do and if they choose to say that they are mixed, it does not make sense to tell them “no your black”. It is up to the individual to self identify.

      1. Dante your stupid as hell…if I’m born of a white mom and a black father that makes me what…OMG what do u know it makes my ass black cause the white man ain’t gonna look at me nothing other than so. So please keep your ignorant and dumb ass comments to yourself. I know I’m biracial but at the end of the day I’m a black woman in this world

          1. Your comment literally has no relevance, please do the world a favour and educate yourself. A white man is not telling her to do anything, and even if they were why does she have to obey the white man’s order? Her point is that she is a woman of colour from African decent, and is therefore allowed to call herself black. If you see someone on the street who is of clear African decent, they are black. If they’re mother is white and their dad is black, they are black. Your skin colour does not define you and it does not correlate to any personalities, therefore it is simply used as an identifying tool. It is okay to think of someone as black or brown or white; we are a human race filled with many different cultures. What is not okay is to discriminate based on the skin colour of these individuals. Realize that everyone is the same – we are all just human beings capable of doing anything we set our minds to.

    2. rock is afican canadian and samoan, they had a interview on rocky soulman johnson on utube, but i cant find it anymore, about his heritage, grandfather was a black loyalist who fought in the american revolt, after that they migrated up to novo scotia canada, and are known as black novan scotians , soulman from his early memories of his grandfather remembered how his grandfather would drink himself to death because the memories of that era obviously caused him alot of grief, ie the death of his wife being raped and hung by patriot rebels, then when the british loyalists moved to nova scotia after the revolt they took the the black soilders who fought if they joined the british loyalists they would be set free were taken as slaves again to canada, but was set free once they had arrived there, well soulmans grandfather was set free, sorry to ramble on about it i found it so interesting , just knowing someting about the rocks family journey esp with his african lineage

  2. Come on, really now…who really thought Channing Tatum was black, i think yall are just boared because he clearly isnt black, and The Rock is BLACK so yall might want to take this off this article, because it is false info

    1. Channing Tatum is Creole. If you understand what Creole is. In a sense Channing Tatum is actually BLACK. I’m Creole btw. It’s usually a combination of BLACK, Spanish, and French..and sometimes Native American. Whoever made this article needs to get their facts straight. Because their very ignorant.

      1. Why are you dividing race with something like nationality? Spanish and French people are both Europeans for starters. And really? Channing Tatum a creole? what are you fucking retarded?…

    2. It is stated above that he is part creole and French and so to am I. A creole is a person of mixed European and black descent, especially in the Caribbean. Looking at Tatum, I would not have stated he was black, but looks are deceiving and if he is creole, he has some black mixed with everything else. Nonetheless, we are all human. Please let’s just leave it at that.

  3. Come on, really now…who really thought Channing Tatum was black, i
    think yall are just boared because he clearly isnt black, and The Rock
    is BLACK so yall might want to take this off this article, because it is
    false info, PPL knew that Jon B was not black, ppl who are into rap/hip hop know that DJ Khaled is not black…i swear yall need to do yall reaearch before yalll post things like this, because if one of these celebs see this they may get offended, also alot of the ppl yall chose to put on here, clearly we already knew they werent black and yall seem like yall put them on here because of their skin tone or just because of what they do….stupid

      1. You may be of spanish nationality but there is no telling the your genetic may contain moorrish blood, they controled your country for 800 years and their blood come from north and north west Africa, plus you have the arabs who were part of the same rulership of, nobody is pure anything, that a myth the Hitler peddling so the so called Aryan

        1. but if he can trace his family line back to the 9th century..im pretty sure he has a good idea of what bloodlines are there or mixed in if they were.

          1. Honey the 9th century is the years of 800-899… which was 1,117-1,216 years ago. Saying that approximately a new generation is born every 30 years, that means he has a clear line of descendants from 37-40 generations ago, which is way too many ancestors to even be able to keep track of. So safe to say it is highly doubtful that this man has his ancestry planned from when his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grand parents were born.

  4. This site is probably one of the stupidest sites currently around. Your buffoonish research dept. needs serious education. Dwayne Johnson father is black (Rocky Johnson) who was the wrestling parter Tony Atlas (Mr. USA). They were the 1st all black tag team of the WWF. I know because I grew up watching them. His mom is the little sister of the “Wild Samoans” who also have black blood in them (black Pacific Islanders…duh).
    I guess any uniformed ignoramus can get a blog/site…don’t be one of them.

  5. Dwayne Johnson – Dwayne Johnson is half-black. Johnson states this himself in his autobiography. His father is a Black man from Canada. Yes, Canada has a large Black population, i.e., Tamia, Drake, etc., just to name a few. Consequently, with this being such a well-known and substantiated fact from the person himself, I question the accuracy and credibility this and other stories from this source.

    Channing Tatum – Please let us expand our minds beyond what someone “looks like”. Time and time again, we have judged incorrectly based solely upon sight. Judgment based upon sight is highly subjective and deceptive, especially if you have minimal to no exposure to diverse racial and ethnic groups. I have family members whose mothers and fathers are both African-Americans and
    look Caucasian. More specifically, there are individuals of bi-racial or mixed African decent who may not “look” black. Therefore, Channing Tatum could very well have a percentage of African decent. Many people did not know Jennifer Beal, Flashdance, was half African-American.

    1. Being black is someone for African decent… Its easy to spot the difference to someone of African decent to someone like an India or a islander

    1. No one beats the race obsession of South Africans. In that country they have “coloured” and “black” as separate categories, and people there treat you according to your race. Craziness.

      1. I guess S Africa is no different than America where many people are stereotyped, profiled and discriminated against solely because of their race and/or skin color.

    1. Indeed B.Johnson!
      Many misguided fools in the world want to be white or some derivative thereof that is acceptable in socalled white folks eyes. For those that do, I say go forth and join the pale-recessive club, and stay away from my people. Enjoy.

  6. how stupid do you think we are? I never thought for one second ANY of those people were black….and if there are people out there who do think they are black quite frankly their racist

    1. Why are you racist to thing they are black, do you thing a lynch mob back in the day would say they was white , just being darker than white you was seen as black.

  7. Hollyweird tries to make claims about what “black” people think as a group and this is wrong, especially when blacks themselves adopt these scripted lies as valid or authentically black in origin. Rumors and lies come from the rumor and lies mill. Let’s keep it real and let it show for the record blacks DO NOT and NEVER have claimed any of those celebs pictured or not pictured as “black”, and that includes the lie about Bill Clinton. He is not black nor is a friend to blacks. Stop the madness.

  8. Here’s the deal on a lot of these so-called “others”. Genetics don’t lie. If you got brown or yellow-ish brown skin, full lips, sorta-kinda kinky hair…or even straight hair with darker than pink features, or sometimes even pink features… GUESS WHAT… yo azz got black in ya! Deal with it. Like Paul Mooney said: everybody wants to act black…but not be a…well you know. They claim everything else but their African origins: Navaho, slap-a-ho, asiatic, Maori..Samoan, etc. By the way all you Rock fans… did you know Maori sounds a lot like Moor, and that before the pale folk came out that way in the Pacific…those “Samoans and Maoris” was very very very dark skin people. Just saying

    1. Umm, ‘Maori’ is derived from the Eastern Polynesian word ‘Maoli’ which itself is derived from the Western Polynesian word ‘Mao’i’ which translates to true/pure and refers to native Polynesians. I’m Samoan and though there is no oral history of migration from another land mentioned anywhere within our culture (ancient Samoan belief is we are descendants of the gods and came from the heavens), it is widely accepted that Polynesians migrated from South East Asia which makes sense since Asia is geographically close and there are aspects of the cultures that are similar and so are the languages. This has nothing to do with being in denial of one’s heritage. It’s about not claiming to be something you’re not because that just makes you a culture stealing dick. Broaden your horizons because there are a lot of dark-skinned people out there but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have African ancestry.

      1. You have the appropriate “nick name” … POLY! Yet another in denial. Sweetie, if you do not have original DNA then you are not human! Perhaps you are neanderthal. Ya never know.. AND for the record. IT IS EVERY OTHER socalled culture on the planet that STEALS from the ORIGINAL ASIATIC BLACK MAN and BLACK WOMAN. Get it straight honey!

        1. Wow, you need to stop with your simple ass. You clearly fail at reading comprehension because your rebuttal had no point at all. And who said anything about “Asiatic Black man” stealing other cultures? I said, I wasn’t going to claim another culture when I have no affiliation or ties to it whatsoever because that’s cultural appropriation you dense mole so YOU get it straight, honey. And who the hell are you to tell me what I am or am not? Judging by the misinformed nonsense you’ve been spouting you clearly need to educate yourself about your own background first before telling others things you clearly know nothing about. Reaching much? Most people know that the first humans were from Africa but thousands of years of migration and exposure to different climates, diets, weather etc. saw the evolution of new races. To reiterate what I said in my previous comment, it’s not about denying your heritage, it’s about not claiming a culture that’s not yours. Let’s be real here. You know your ass will be the first to throw shade if someone who was ignorant on the culture and clearly wasn’t black claimed to be so please take several seats.

      2. Maori and aborigine people in Australia and New Zealand are, even today, called “black.” This is not to say they are genetically related to Africans, but they are called black.

        1. I was born and raised in New Zealand and I live in Australia so I obviously already know this. Generally those who are clearly not white or Asian are referred to as black myself included since I’m Samoan. My comment to lucy devurney was referring to her claim that everyone with those physical traits she listed having African origins.

        2. They are not “Black” Black means someone from African decent for a Scientific point of view. And Islanders and Aboriginals are more genetically related to Asians than Africans. The are called Australoid. And its pretty easy to spot out the difference from an African to an Australoid… Eg Straight hair and so on

    2. no they aint black..the mixing came later on when they started leaving the island and moving to places like the US.which in my opinion was a big ass mistake…but looks alone doesnt matter…im sure you probably think the negritos found in Thailand.. Malaysia ..India and so on..with many features people feel are considered to be black or African….in all actuality..their DNA says..that they are the furthest thing from black/African as you can get

      so if youre going by 1st man theory..sure that makes them black..but it also makes the whole argument moot…if you go by 1st man theory EVERYONE is black if there is a black
      point of origin…so the whole issue of who is black and aint is dumb…as according to that theory everyone is….

    1. Puerto Ricans can be anything. That’s like saying Middle Eastern. Some can be black but some are white and many are in between…often more white than black. Just because someone has a negligle bit of African ancestry doesn’t mean it gives you a right to harangue and harass them! If you’re so worried about the precious black blood, why don’t you go to Africa for a mate! No, because you hate what you are and want to drag everyone down with you!

      1. Wtf do you mean “drag everyone down with you”. Im against claiming anyone who doesn’t have dark beautiful ageless skin and coily cottony hair black. I hate when black people try to claim other races EXCEPT when they so obviously have our features, like puerto rican women only have a great butt and great figure because of their BLACK genes. We’re not claiming you because we like you, you dumbass. It’s our fucking genes we owning up to. If it wasn’t for our genes, you would have flat asses like white women and have thin ass lips.

    2. Creole is not a combination of black and African , are you serious right now. Black and African….creole is a blend of black, Spanish and French and sometimes native Indian. Please tell me you made a mistake when u wrote this. Lol smh

      1. Well WHERE did all that COLOR come from…answer that.

        AS FOR – light with soft hair, EVERY NATION on the East Africa has BLACKS with SOFT hair and Light complexions (Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Aborigines) — all have the same features.


      2. DAVE, DAVE, Dave…

        I am a BLACK Jewish MAN…daddy Jewish white, mamma Black Jamaican…

        I am about 6′ 8″ 250lbs…QUIT PLAYING, before I knock you OUT son…

      3. Tell kate upton to take off her make up and she looks like hell. All white cave beasts look like crap and age like crap. There is nothing more beautiful than a black women w/ her ageless skinn and beautiful figure. White cracker beasts all have flat asses and dog hair. Saggy, easily wrinkled putrid skinned white monkey females. Dirty fucking pale spooks.

  9. What the…..? I just came across this article. Who in the wold came up with this list? None of these people look black, especially not Channing Tatum. They must have dropped The Rock from the gallery since I didn’t see him up there. After all it is common knowledge that his father is black. But I never thought any of these others were black. But one commenter was correct. Africa is the seat of mankind. Members of the scientific community (actually I haven’t read or herad othewise, yet) have traced the genetics of modern mankind all the way back to a single woman from Africa. They also say that what is perceived as “race” has no real scientific foundation. So I guess that means that scientifically and genetically we are all the same people. We are just separated by different ethnic and national backgrounds that developed over time.

  10. Um… “Black Blood” black is a color or hue. Middle easterns have african blood, so do Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. Since India is now considered Asia, Sayin shes Indian and Asian doesnt really make any sense. There r blacks all over the world and more than likely if some one is considered “Black” its because the have some African DNA. Anyone who says it doesnt matter obviously doesnt know what its like bein “Black” cuz it matters, alot, it may even shape help or hinder the direction of ur life….. P.S. who ever wrote this article needs to go back to school…Thanks

    1. At one time the entire planet was populated by people misclassified as “black”. We are the original people on this planet. Everything else is a hybrid from us. That is a fact. Then there are others who I have no idea from whence they came. 🙂

    2. You fuckin’ idiot. Caucasian (aka white) peoples in Indian/Pakistan/Bangladesh have very dark skin as an natural adaptation to very high levels of sunlight exposure.

      Have a look at a map of the skin colours of indigenous people around the globe vs latitude and you might get some idea.

      Move the Norwegians to Kenya for 20,000 years and they’d turn black. Move the Kenyans to Norway for 20,000 years and they’d turn white.

  11. This must be a list made by white people… Not a SINGLE person looked black on that list. Well, this is what we get for commercializing the most multiracial looking black people as representative of the black race. Blame it on media, I guess.

  12. The Rock is half black I had the chance too meet the rock and his father his father does alot with kids like big brother big Sister work and my girls are in the program and my girls meet both of them so yes his father is black and really sweet the Rock too.

  13. Just a quick genealogy reminder: Globally, we all came from that African woman, so we are all part African, though we may not identify as black because of how we were socialized.

    A primer: black came into vogue in the 1960s. Heretofore, African-descent folks in the United States, for instance, were referred to as darkies, niggers, nigras, negroes, colored, then black. Of course, the new term, which not all of us are down with, is African-American.

    Anyone who is Dominican, Creole, Puerto Rican, and most dark skin folk who were born in South and Central American are PART African. It is more accurate to assert that these beautiful people are part AFRICAN, Dutch or whatever other ethnic group informs their makeup, rather than referring them to as black only.

    In fact, this “black” handle is most likely to be adopted by those of us who identify as black American or African-American. That is folk whose people were stolen direct from West Africa and brought to the Colonies, which would become the United States of America.

    A friendly suggestion to be careful about using black/African interchangeably. And remember that most of us in the world are a mixture of ethnic groups. Further, that a person who has African blood is not solely African or black.

    1. I am not African. Darkie. All international darkies are inferior, I don’t care what island or place is south america, inida, africa you dragged your blackie butts from. The yellows have a civilization but the they are still deformed and ugly and look like monkeys.

      1. Funny how you call black people inferior WHEN WE’RE THE ONLY PURE HUMANS. Everyone else is a subhuman because you have homo neanderthalis genes, dirty spook

    2. Please…I’m South American and we are Native American NOT African. My husband and I are dark NATIVE AMERICAN and our child is WHITE. Stop trying to claim us. We know you just want to force yourselves on us!

      1. Your just as ignorant as that damn Dave person above please educate yourself…like pick up a book or something cause right now u sound like a fool. Two dark ass Indians can’t make a white ass child come on now. Stfu and pick up a book please.

      2. This extremely arrogant piece of crap over here thinks we try to claim them. We’re claiming our genes and features. If you’re going to sport around a nice figure and curvy feminine shape of the black women, you need to know where those traits you have come from! If you’re one of the south americans that have white features like flat asses and thin lips, we want nothing to do with you. You might ass well be a white cave beast. But if you have nice features then you better know your ass is black and thank us for giving you those sexy bodies that Brazilian women are known to have, which came from the black woman.

    1. Well Bruno is part of Puerto Rican from his dad’s side. Look up his dad’s picture and you’ll understand why the article mentioned him for not being part black. His dad is light skin Latino and he even not full Puerto rican but a part of Jewish. .

  14. your kidding me? Channing Tatum is not black? wow. seriously this is stupid and some of these are wrong. If Bruno mars is Puerto rican then he probably has some African ancestry as some Puerto Ricans have some African ancestry

    1. Well Bruno is part of Puerto Rican from his dad’s side. Look up his dad’s picture and you’ll understand why the article mentioned him for not being part black. His dad is light skin Latino and he even not full Puerto rican but a part of Jewish.

    1. THANK YOU!!!!! I’m Creole as well and reading this was very disappointing. Especially about Channing Tatum because he is Black. Whoever wrote this is a total idiot.

        1. you are so stupid most latinas have not mustache. You must travel because you are ignorant. And Latn Americans are not the onlly latinos, latinos are in Europe too.

    2. What a sad mixture. You should get rid of the African and Native and European Spanish and French are nationalities dumbass blackie bitch. Stop trying to claim our race and make yourself seem lighter so you can try to bred with a white guy.

  15. The whole article is ridiculous. It mostly consists of ethnicities that have been proven to have African ancestry through DNA. They are Black at the very root. It has been proven that Middle Easterners and Asians originated from Africa. If you don’t know that Puerto Ricans and Creoles are mixed with African Americans. Like, read a book, bro.

    And just so you know, Africans were in America thousands of years before Columbus, and if this were ever accepted, Channing Tatum would be gettin a nigga check, because he Creole, a Native Black American mix, key word, Native.

      1. No African does mean black. White people nor middle easterners are not indigenous to North Africa, the white people of North Africa are descendants of European slaves held by the moors and the Arabs in North America are descendants of people who conquered Northern Africa including Egypt aka kemet the only reason white people claim that whites are indigenous to North Africa is so that whites can. Claim the ancient Egyptians were white thru were not they were black people similar to East Africans white people could not survive in Africa there is no way pale people could be native to Africa it is impossible they would have died out from skin cancer they original North Africans were black and thousands if not millions of black people still live in North Africa today next whites will say they are indigenous to America and natives don’t exist if North Africans are white then Southern Europeans with sickle cell dark skin and Afros are black them blacks are indigenous to Southern Europe two can play this game

        1. All of Europe was once socalled black. (EUROPA = name of BLACK Phonecian Goddess). WTH name a place of socalled whites after a black woman??? They must think we are not paying attention. The Americas was all Black as well as Asia… So ummm all this stuff about pale folks coming out of Africa is nonsense. Pale people were created by Black people. The fact that they all hate realizing. I say deal with it!

  16. And what is a Black race? Last time I checked Black is not a race of people. But if you want to be accurate in your description and not stir the pot of racism. You should probably use the term “of African decent”. Puerto Ricans are of African decent.

  17. And what is a Black race? Last time I checked Black is not a race of people. But if you want to be accurate in your description and not stir the pot of racism. You should probably use the term “of African decent”. Puerto Ricans are of African decent. Creole was a term to describe Slaves that where born in the new world. They also where mixed with African blood.

  18. And what is a Black race? Last time I checked Black is not a race of people. But if you want to be accurate in your description and not stir the pot of racism. You should probably use the term “of African decent”. Puerto Ricans are of African decent. Creole and Dominicans have African blood.

  19. And what is a Black race? Last time I checked Black is not a race of people. But if you want to be accurate in your description and not stir the pot of racism. You should probably use the term “of African decent”. Puerto Ricans are of African decent. Creole and Dominicans have African blood

  20. Also should’ve listed Cree Summer (she played Freddie on A Different World). People think that she is half black/white, but she is actually white/Cree “Indian”. Not considerd black!

  21. I had no idea who most of these celebrities were, but the title for some of them should be: Celebrities who look Black because they are really part African: Bruno Mars Puerto Rican, John B (?) Dominican, and and Channing Tatum Creole, could explain why they look Black.

  22. I want to say whoever wrote this article is both ignorant and insulting! My advise to you is that you need to do your homework the next time you try to put out an article talking about someone not being “Black” and any other article in the future. What is black anyway? Because I’ll have you know you listed at least four ethnicities that are BLACK! Dominicans are black, Puerto Ricans are Black, some Filipinos are black. And last but not least. Creoles are Black. I’m Creole and reading this article is very insulting, simply because of the fact that you are so IGNORANT! Creoles are Black, French, Spanish, and sometimes Native American. How could you possibly say Channing Tatum isn’t Black. Or Jon B, etc. This article needs to be DELETED!

  23. Actually there is no documented evidence of channing tatum being anything other than white, regardless of what many fans claim. All of his documented ancestors were EUROPEAN. No Creole or Native American. So many white people want to be viewed as exotic. He’s as African as Kim Kardashian.

    1. Just so you know Creoles are European. And no one walks around with documentation, in fact you don’t need documentation to confirm your ethnicity. If you think that these celebrities don’t have some genetic connections to Black individuals and so on. Then you are as smart as the person that wrote this article.

  24. Rolling out, you should expect with a title this controversial that many people would be outraged. The person who wrote this article is spreading their ignorance with untrue theories.

  25. Since when were Sheriff Bufford Pusser and Hercules have Negro blood in them?

    Did the movie industries ran out of white actors or just greed for money to get the black man in the screen?

    I bet many black will protest if a devoted Muslim will be cast as Jesus.
    But then again the Christian & Jewish people are not racist, right?

    Soon, a black men will play the role of Adam, Noah and Moses.
    While Donnie Yen will plays the role of President Barack Obama.

  26. Rolling out y’all really need to get your facts straight because some of these ppl y’all have up here have black in them. Channing Tatum… If he has creole in him guess what he has black in him…creole is a mixture of black, French and Spanish and some have native Indian in them as well. Pleas do your research on the backgrounds of some of these races before you post such ignorance. Really. Hope someone sees this and completely takes this dumb ass article down.

    1. shut the fuck up bitch you a half breed trying to be full black and no not everyone is mixed you just a tragic mulatto who couldn’t fit in so your picking the side you look mostly like go to some parts in africa your ass will not be black stop sucking the white man’s dick and be proud of who you are

    2. and if everyone is mixed like you go saying to justify the fact you want to be full black so bad then start calling whites black you half breed bitch

  27. That Marilyn chick needs to read about the one drop rule. It’s a slave law. Just because one parent is “Black”, doesn’t make you automatically “Black”. Silly ass. The Rock is Samoan. As far as Channing Tatum goes….he looks like a regular “White” guy to me. Interesting mixes here though.

  28. That Marilyn chick needs to read about the one drop rule. It’s a slave law. Just because one parent is “Black”, doesn’t make you automatically “Black”. Silly ass. The Rock is Samoan. That’s the heritage he seems to represent proudly too. As far as Channing Tatum goes….he looks like a regular “White” guy to me. Interesting mixes here though. Some on this are ridiculous though. I dont see how anybody could’ve thought some of these folks were “Black”.

  29. By following the Caucasian man’s 1 drop rule anyone with a drop of African heritage blood is considered BLACK…guess that means everyone except him. However, acknowledging the fact that Africa is the cradle of mankind that makes EVERYONE including white people a little Black.
    According to scientist genetic studies and fossil evidence show that archaic Homo sapiens evolved to anatomically modern humans solely in Africa, between 200,000 and 60,000 years ago,[1] that members of one branch of Homo sapiens left Africa by between 125,000 and 60,000 years ago, and that over time these humans replaced earlier human populations such as Neanderthals and Homo erectus.

  30. For the record- if you’re referring to an inanimate object word is black. However, when referring to a person or people the term is Black people or Black person.

  31. Porto Rician is defined by the fact that slaves were isolated in Porto Rico and in the 19th century the population was 63 percent Negro slave. Read the DNA test. Chances you are black with dark lips, which tells a lot about the color of your private parts. You start taking your cloth of and everything is black and it is hard to explain how white got so black where it counts. Brown is black and there is very little of it. Never saw a b

  32. I think we are passed this conversation. DNA has gotten so good that a Porto Rician, a Dominican, a Samoan or a Creole would have to come with the DNA and as a group. I remember the Melungeons of Tennessee, Kentucky thought they were not black because the old pictures of their ancestors showed straight hair and dark skin. Test of ancestors of the group, some are as white as you get, proved their relatives were not allowed to vote because of their brown skin and that that brown skin was due to being black. They thought their relatives were brought to the south to mine the coal mines and such from exotic lands like the middle east and India. It was learned they were black like thousands of black people all over the south. These people are at least Melungeon, like Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, Ava Gardner, Tom Hanks, Johnny Deep, Jackie Kennedy and the list goes on.

  33. Why in the world is race such as freakin issue in America? This crap is REALLY getting out of control. Heck, you can’t fill out an application with being ask what race you are. What’s my race…..HUMAN!!!!!! (enough said)

  34. Take me back to 1940 in America when looking black was black. Think of the Melungeon who were dark and were discriminated in and around Tenn. DNA test proved they were Black. Creole, Channing Tatum, is Black defined in the dictionary. DNA will set you free.

  35. All these other people who look black are black. Black skin comes with a distinct human history. Only man has such skin color, Black man. I never saw a White man who was Brown.

  36. Black blood is where the BEAUTY comes from. When “he’s Puerto Rican” or “Dominican, Albanian, etc. those are PLACES OF BIRTH, not races. All people who eat beans and rice are THE SAME. What is so hard about people black as tar from India and such Asian places saying they are Black? Give me a break people.

  37. .
    More people need to simply realize that …
    by embracing the racist-‘One-Drop Rule’
    (and / or by using ‘One-Droppist’ terms
    such as that of “Light-Skinned Black”)
    … what they are actually doing is …
    ‘spitting in the face’ of the Black-race
    (and, thus, of their Black-ancestors).
    Someone seriously needs to try to explain
    to some people that … TO embrace the
    racist-‘One-Drop Rule’ — IN REALITY —
    means TO support and uphold the false
    idea of a (blood-based) “Black-Inferiority”.
    This Link below provides
    more information on why
    the racist-‘One-Drop Rule’
    should simply be rejected for
    the racist-nonsense that it is.
    — APGifts [allpeoplegifts AT gmail DOT com]

  38. Okay, for one thing. Some people are listed here as part Creole, Puerto Rican, or Dominican. News flash: all these ethnicities are part black. U_U Some Puerto Ricans can have up to 25% African ancestry; most Dominicans are mulattoes (50/50); and most Creoles are seen as African-American.

  39. As a word of advice to the author, if someone looks black they more than likely have black African dna. Its not possible to look black and not have black dna.

  40. African blah blah blah I love afican people hell I got cuz who are half black and half Samoan but I’m putting my foot down and saying I am a proud SAMOAN and information gets changed left and right but I just can’t have anybody say those thing about my culture and my heritage because they don’t know the life out there in Samoa. U go to Samoa and tell those thing to the local they will either laugh or cus u out in our language of course. Oh and ya I just add that I just can’t stand that people will tell us we are ignorant and in denial but its just u don’t crap. Oh and ya this heated one hell of an argument.

  41. According to bible you ate the seed of your father this is why it states in plain English when according to bloodlines only men ate mentioned for example if you have a black mother and a white father you are of your father so you can come out looking black but according to the bible you are white look it up people know the bible and to hell with all this man made rules

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