Twitter reacts to Shain Gandee’s death



Shain Gandee of ‘Buckwild’ dies, fans react

After hearing news that the star of a controversial MTV reality show was dead, Twitter was set ablaze with fans sending out a flood of condolences. Shain Gandee of “Buckwild” fame was found dead Monday after an apparent four-wheeling trip gone awry.

Gandee, 21, was discovered in his Ford Bronco with his uncle, David Gandee, 48, and another man, Donald Robert Myers, 27 in Sissonville, West Virginia. Police report that mud was covering the lower part of the passenger side door and the vehicle’s muffler was completely submerged. And while police are unsure of the cause of death, carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected.


After news of Gandee’s death hit the Internet, the stars of “Buckwild” and their fans paid tribute on social media.

See how Shain is being remembered online below. –danielle canada

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