Kamala Harris and Pam Bondi among sexiest attorney generals of 2013

obama and kamala

With all of the buzz surrounding President Obama‘s ‘best looking’ comment toward his friend and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, we couldn’t help but to dig deeper into the staff.  Throughout Obama’s speech at a recent Democratic fundraiser, a lot of compliments were dished out, but none taken as seriously as Harris’ comment.  Though many may deem the comment as sexiest and demeaning toward her intelligence and career-based accomplishments, was Obama right?

Though the list is a bit short, we’ve found the top 5 hottest Attorney Generals in the US.  Is your state on the list?


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  • Porkstick Ricky
    June 12, 2013

    Pam Bondi.That Obama lady has a giant head,though that is also useful.

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