Kanye West responds to Ray J’s ‘I Hit It First’

Kanye West & Ray J - Cover

Ray J wanted to grab all the attention when he decided to remind everyone with his shocking new song, I Hit It First, that he indeed had copious amounts of videotaped sex with Kim Kardashian. Of course, Kardashian’s current boyfriend, Kanye West, with whom she’s expecting a child, got wind of the offensive track. Although he has remained mum about it, he recently shared his thoughts on the controversy through an anonymous friend.

“Ray J is crazy. Kanye don’t condone broke a–, jealous guys who be [sic] trying to bite off his and Kim’s fame just to stay, wait, just to become relevant. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will not give Ray J attention. Tell him to call Kanye when he gets to the $100-million mark because guess what? Kanye hit that first,” read a statement from the anonymous friend. Everybody can see the obvious fact that the song is a jab at Kardashian, as well as a way for Ray J to use her fame to maintain his. Ray J recently claimed that the song wasn’t about her.

“It’s a song, it’s not about that, it’s about a concept,” Ray J said in an interview with Hot 97. “People going way too deep. They just gotta keep it on the surface. I’m not trying to create no war, it’s all love; we’re doing music.”

Yeah. Sure. That sounds completely reasonable.

Well, West certainly isn’t the only Hollywood guy to stick up for his girl. Check out some other protective celebrity boyfriends and husbands below. –nicholas robinson


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  • rayjLOVER
    April 10, 2013

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  • energyGiver88
    April 10, 2013

    who really cares what anyone has to say! if you watched Keeping up with the K’s then you know how they get down and how there mother is a money mongler!! they do anything for it! If anything Ray J is doing nothing but giving them more love!!! #TEAMRAYJ #HIT #IT #FIRST #hititfirst #smashedfirst

  • Aaron Austin
    May 25, 2013

    Pam Anderson made a diss track.

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