Who’s the most stylish pregnant reality star?




For many women pregnancy is a time to kick back and dress comfortably in frocks that are less about style and more about accommodating a growing belly. If you’re a reality star known for your affinity for Yves Saint Lauren and Christian Louboutin however, your maternity wear needs to be just as stylish as your pre-pregnancy ensembles. In recent months we’ve seen Phaedra Parks, Tamar Braxon and Kim Kardashian show off bulging baby bumps in form fitting designer garb. Which one of them puts the other two expectant moms to shame?

Below are comparison photos of these three pregnant reality stars. Which one do you think is the most stylish? -danielle canada



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  • Surprise-1
    April 12, 2013

    Phaedra hands down.

  • sammi
    April 13, 2013

    hi tamar love your little comedy act on thursday nights but i have one favor please dont let the baby have plastic surgery once he is here.

  • sammi
    April 13, 2013

    oh and stop trying to dress like udontsay i mean queen beyonce not a good look for you. You are a much better person than that,trust me you are. Mom and pops always said ,dont be a follower,but learn to be a leader because in are eyes you are queen tttttttt,know that love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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