Atlanta comic Miss Sophia headlining ‘The Real Queen of Comedy’ show


Miss Sophia headlining Atlanta stand-up show 

After a stint at V-103 Atlanta, comedian Miss Sophia turned to the digital world to keep audiences entertained by her boisterous personality. While internet radio is keeping this diva busy, she’s now delving into the world of stand-up comedy.

On April 21, Sophia will host her The Real Queen of Comedy show at Atlanta’s Acoustix Jazz restaurant and is extending personal invitations to the likes of Frank Ski, Wanda Smith and Tyler Perry. This real queen dishes on what she hopes will be her really funny, first time stand-up routine. –danielle canada


What was your background before your V-103 days?

I moved here from Africa just like everyone else on the ship. [laughs] I moved here from Texas and ended up going into radio. I wanted to do stand-up and ended up in radio. So now I’m doing my first stand-up comedy act here in Atlanta on Sunday the 21st of April.

Your stand-up show is called The Real Queen of Comedy, what do you think makes you the queen of that genre?

Because I am a drag queen, number one. I am the official queen of comedy you can ask Frank Ski, you can ask Tyler Perry, you can ask all these other girls that are out here undercover and all that I am the queen of comedy.

Are you still doing radio?

I’m at It’s an online radio station that Joyce Little created. I’m also hosting shows in and out of town.

What are some reasons people should check out The Real Queen of Comedy show?

A lot of people say that I do stand-up comedy already. To me stand-up is me sitting down, writing material and telling stories. I’m writing material and this is something that I haven’t done. I’ve always done impromptu.

Any last words for your fans?

When they come to my comedy show they’ll get to hear from my mouth the story about what happened with me and Tyler Perry. They’ll hear the story about  how I departed from V-103. They’re going to hear from [me] what it’s like to be one of the baby mom’s to Michael Vick’s children. A lot of them didn’t know that.



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