NFL superstar Cam Newton’s girlfriend Hazel’s sexiest photos

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NFL superstar quarterback Cam Newton set rookie records for passing yards. But he also is making his mark with the number of top-shelf women he has decorating his arms in the past few years.

The latest copper coated cutie Newton is in the mix with is a reformed stripper named Hazel who used to drop-it-like-its-hot the the famed Washington DC gentlemen’s club, Stadium Club. Hazel has since retired and now graduated to more respectable fare, i.e, becoming a socialite and party hostess, according to blacksportsonline.

With the way Hazel looks in the following photos and video, some may want to petition for her to “unretire” and get back on the pole for a few more years. Here are the sexiest photos of NFL’s Cam Newton’s girlfriend Hazel.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. She’s not ugly, BUT, he can do better. I don’t understand the allure of ex-strippers. Or women that dress and look like ex-strippers. I mean, there are plenty of BEAUTIFUL, well-adjusted, educated black women out there available to date. Why go for the ‘video vixen’ type all the time?

  2. Come on CAM, these bitches are a dime a dozen, fake hair, fake tits, nails & lashes. Remember you are a professional, get a professional woman. I can go to Onyx and see 10 bitches just the same. Hit it and keep it movin. Move fast !!!!!

  3. She’s still ugly… I don’t get why a man would date a stripper… Who wants to parade around a chick that every man has seen or been with and u think its new!

  4. Cam is a very handsome guy & i totally agree with him he needs to keep his guard up b/c there are people who will use u for who u are! Especially strippers, porno, what happened to the good ol GOOD GIRL who’s beautiful & who’s committed & love that person for that person like me i’m not into clubbing just like hanging out walks on the beach. laughing, snuggling, reading, cooking, plain ol jane type of person….Its ashame b/c these players have lots of $$$$$$$$$ that attracts these STRIPPERS & HOES & ends up with multiple kids with multiple women…Wheres the VALUES & MORALS. What makes it worse is that the more kids they have the child support they gotta pay & these men knows it! The next thing thats gonna happens is they’ll end up like ANTONIO CROMARTIE with a VASECTOMY & BROKE!!! These men needs to stay away from these STRIPPER & HOE types of girls! TRUE & SO SAD!!!!!!

    1. She has a potty mouth and is taking advantage of me..he is young sweet and naive..and she is using alllll that to her advantage…he just bought her mom a bmw! but heyyyyy…his money his life….he is my family member…so i know …his parents and my aunt (his grandmom) DO NOT LIKE her! But he is young and his appetite is being quenched…so such is life…she controls his money and calls the shots nowadays!

  5. He in trouble I’m sorry to say he aint street smart he don’t need to be in a realationship with her because she is and her tattoos are covering up strech marks she put it on him!!!

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