With the Mega Millions drawing near, it’s hard not to stop and think about the many things you would do with $360 million dollars. Of course, we think about things such as taking care of our family and saving for our future, but you know we couldn’t help but to spend a couple million on frivolous things.  Take a look at the top 25 ignorant things to do with all that cash.  

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  • What They Heyall?

    Smh…”Of course, we think about things such as taking care of our family and saving for our future”  did it ever occur to you to write an article about the best way to do that if we win.  I’m beginning to think that Rolling Out should change it’s name to Selling Out…y’all hate black folks more than George Bush

  • Spend DAT

    ummm  some of the things are the reason people want to get money. Buying the best weave… seems like a smart investment. With 500 mil you can afford to act “ignorant” for a while. Have some fun with it Rolling Out. Dag!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Kaville Orville Patterson Loveshertrul

      I say buy Tech stuff

  • http://www.facebook.com/ReneetheG Renee Gardner

    relax. the next story had been done… should be coming soon
    and yes you can have fun… but it’s still ignorant. 
    we spend more money on hair than  we do on books.
    half a trillion on just weaves… think about the impact that money can have on the black community..

    it’s not about the little here little there.. its when it all goes to hair and wear.
    thanks for reading. thank you for commenting.

  • F u

    I hate it when people say “relax”. Bish you relax. Relax on deez. Thanks for reading!

    • http://twitter.com/LibertyGuard1 American Knight

      Yeah! An de b’ding b’dang b’doo doo an de crack and de welfare wif de nikes. dey’s mines.

  • motorfingaz

    Depends on how much you win.