Shaun T & Scott Blokker - Island Cover

Shaun T made quite the splash in the headlines last year when he came out as gay and also announced his marriage to his longtime boyfriend, Scott Blokker. Since then, the couple has remained rather mum about their relationship. But now Shaun has decided to introduce his husband to the word in a very public way.

Yesterday, Shaun tweeted a link to his personal blog where his husband had taken over for a bit to write a post in which he shared details with Shaun’s fans about his life.

Besides revealing his transition from a six-year career in professional soccer to becoming a “money guy” for his parents’ company, Blooker also revealed his long-term struggle with his sexuality.

On the outside, everything seemed wonderful, happy, and perfect — but on the inside I was struggling, unhappy, and hating everything about myself because I was gay,” wrote Blokker.

“Think about this: what if having blue eyes was freakish…or having blond hair was considered abnormal…or having a second toe longer than your big toe was wrong. How would you handle it?” he added.

But as Blokker explains, when he met Shaun, he met the man who would become his saving grace.

“It wasn’t until I met Shaun and his amazing self that I learned that being gay was amazing, because I was being ME…a genuine ME!” wrote Blokker. “There is such joy in not having to pretend to be something else! It frees my brain and allows it to enjoy all of the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells that life has to offer — and it’s these very differences that I learned make me special!”

Shaun T & Scott Blokker 2

Well, it seems like Shaun really helps Blokker to bring out the best in himself and it also seems like the couple is enjoying their time in wedded bliss.

Luckily, they’re not alone. Check out some other famous gay couples below. –nicholas robinson


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  • gaydarayda

    has anyone seen the hip hop abs video? anyone could tell shaun T was gay

    • Schmaltzy

      your point? did it offend you?

  • Sharry Butts

    Ray Charles could see he is gay. Even how he talks. He’s still a talented & motivating guy. To sexy to be gay ugh!

    • Schmaltzy

      Too sexy to be gay?

  • Name

    No one knew he was gay before? I mean he talks gay

  • Nicole

    It’s funny because when I knew he was gay in ‘Hip Hop Abs’, then when he came out with ‘Insanity’ I forgot and pretended in my mind he was straight. Why Shaun??? He is so damn cute and sexy. SMDH

    • OneOfOne


  • Weirdworld

    If you watch that video you smell gay through the tv coming off that person.. Coming out? Your closet has glass walls.

  • sheerie

    Wow, how do you smell gay? You guys are stupid. Hes a beautiful person and so is his partner.

    • Valerie Slattery

      No one said he isn’t a beautiful guy, nor did anyone say his partner isn’t a beautiful person. Don’t be an idiot. It insults people’s intelligence when people suggest it isn’t extremely easy to tell most people who are gay. Just like EVERYTHING else in the world, including “categories” of people, such as down syndrome, a black person, a white person, a middle eastern person, there are defining characteristics that make it possible for us to determine which category people would fit into, including GAY people. As far as the “smell” comment…it is called “figurative language” not to be interpreted literally, so don’t deflect your own stupidity onto others. It isn’t our problem you struggle with figurative language or categorization of life. Life thrives on categorizing everything. It is how we organize and make sense of the world. If you don’t like how humans operate you are welcome to check out. Just don’t insult our intelligence trying to spread your weaknesses and deflect your own inferior intelligence and common sense. Get over yourself.

  • Rachel

    Being gay is wrong, no one is born gay. It’s a choice

    • rachelisanidiot

      …just like I choose to think you’re an idiot.

      • codemonkey

        … see? And you chose to say something stupid.

        • Devin

          As did you

      • Devin

        And I choose to think you are a fag too. Hello fag

      • Anita

        You are indeed blind
        …but you seem to enjoy it.

    • GoodNewsBear

      ….and I choose to think you’re an idiot

    • Stephanie

      Being a nasty, judgmental bitch is wrong. No one is born a cunt. It’s a choice.

      • The Mouse

        Too-shay!! 🙂

      • codemonkey

        So why do you keep choosing to be one?

      • GayliberalAgenda

        Yes drink the juice of the liberal media with this gay ideology that has now seethed disgustingly into our culture. It’s gross and shouldn’t be mainstream and promoted but private.

    • WonderBob

      Rachel, when did you decide to become straight? When?

      • codemonkey

        Around the same time you decided to stop murdering people.

        • Anita

          You children are not as you think you are.

    • Andre

      Gay is NOT a choice..who decides to be gay. It’s what your born with and who you are educate yourself some more on a topic your blindly coming into.
      Gay has no face. Gay is a lifestyle , people just put action that brings on what we think gay, walk..etc..

      • codemonkey

        Absolutely. but where you put your various body parts is very much your choice. Unless you want to say that you have no choice in which partner you hook up with. Which means that you can never feel betrayed if your partner “not chooses” to be gay with someone else.

        • Truthshooter

          Gay is a choice every Natural order in this universe has a Law a code of reproduction built in it. Gay people say that God made them this way where is his blessing of reproduction on them I don’t have one you can put a thousand gay men on a island and come back a hundred and ten years later and find nothing but skeletons. but you can do the same thing with any animal just a pair or a pair of humans man and woman come back a hundred and ten years later and find a community nature itself reject the abomination of homosexuality and that’s the hard facts anything that can’t reproduce has to recruit that’s why gay people want to be seen so bad they call it acceptance so unnatural you don’t see straight people or even animals pushing to display their sexuality there’s no need to we can reproduce nature blesses us so we don’t have to push through the court systems invade the airways social media in Hollywood to survive procreation its already built inside of us nothing approves of gay but their selvesand that’s the truth to be honest most gay people were molested or extremely rejected as children and youth manipulated or coerced into what they say they were born with and in some cases raised by women without a male dominate figure in there life to emulate so as children they only emulate their big sisters or their moms and Aunts. The bible says that in the last days it will be as in the days of Sodom and Gomarah
          *Romans 1:24-32KJV Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

      • Marqus Lams

        Gay is definitely a choice. No matter how unhappy you are, you choose to sleep with the same sex. God started with a man and a woman GOD did this! So he wouldn’t make a gay person when it’s an abomination to him. Society, and ignorance gives the excuse of being born gay. Even made up some conscience about a mutated gene. Race, sex, and family are not choices. But homosexuality is just like people who kill, lie, sex offend etc. No matter the case, it is no one’s business who is with who because it’s their own life. problem is, the homosexual community puts themselves out to be persecuted by always making it seem like they didn’t have a choice and that this is a civil right thing. It is not. If you choose to be gay BE GAY don’t TRY to make me feel.bad for.your choice. I chose to be with someone outside my race, many have but you dont see us fighting for frivolous things or saying that those who stare are discriminating against us. SHAUN T is AWESOME and just because I don’t agree with his lifestyle doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He’s just doing him!! He helped his partner feel.comfortable with loving the opposite sex in the midst of people who were not supportive. So they ate happy let them be happy. I just won’t be gay is all I’m saying.

        • Melissa Martin

          Just another ignoramus picking and choosing what from the Bible to apply to their own life and what from the Bible to use to persecution those who threaten their bubble. Typically and so so sad. I pity you.

          • Marqus Lams

            No ma’am no need to use the bible for my own agenda it states that in the bible. You ma’am are the.ignorant one to think that God doesn’t like this when he destroyed an entire people for this very reason. The fact that you attacked me personally shows your weakness is healthy debate. I for one believe you are an idiot. Just like you chose WHO you date it’s the same as choosing a same sex relationship. You frivolous people who believe in this fluff science and a freaking gene, give me a break. You are also the ones who try to shove homosexuality down my throat because you have friends that are gay or family members. I for one have both but I still do not agree. I also do .it agree with the LGBT agenda to make everything a ‘CIVIL RIGHTS’ Issue. Their slogan in the beginning was gay is the new black which is asinine as hell. I didn’t chose to be black, and I would not chose a different race if given the chance, but men chose. to
            SLEEP with men and women CHOSE to sleep with women. My opinion was that it is a choice. Besides I look it like this a long time ago a black man was afraid to say he was dating a white girl and visa versa for white men, but they CHOSE to do it anyway. NO ONE CARES! But it was still a choice and no one claimed defective genes

          • sally

            I hate how people use the bible to persecute gay people but the bible has just as, if not more, to say about divorce, obesity, the worshiping of idols but you don’t see people being all offended when people get divorced.

          • Devin

            Crime is crime, right? But you are less tolerant of RAPE than u are of shoplifting … correct?

          • codemonkey

            We used to, quite a lot. But then the evil people in our society got together and shoved feminism down our throats, so now women are encouraged by books, culture, friends, family, even churches to frivorce their husband for cash and prizes

            Which has led to a new situation where men absolutely will not commit under any circumstances, and women are whining that they cannot get a man.

            Yay feminism.

          • Schmaltzy

            @Sally that’s because religion is opportunistic (like an infection).

          • Melissa Martin

            Number one, being gay isn’t a choice. When did you chose to be straight? I’m also not the idiot who lives mh life by a ficticious book. You all pick and choose what to believe on from that book and then condemn others based on it. How many of you were virgins when you married? Don’t eat shellfish? Work on Sundays? Take your lords name in vain? Based on your book everyone should have been stoned to death by now. No, you all pick and choose what God really meant and live your live by that. I know gay men who are catholics and they chose not to believe homosexuakity is a sin just like you chose not to believe premarital sex / working on Sunday / however many other laws of the bible is a sin worthy of death. Why do you think you are allowed to decide which parts of the bible apply today but no one else can? All catholics and christians cherry pick which biblical laws to follow. Every single one.

          • RipkenFan8

            to be clear, the old testament had commandments and the new testament has a savior. Every person is broken (aka sinful in bible speak). that’s why jesus took our sin, period. Jesus asks you to admit your brokenness.

            Judgement/pride is what traps us all at the very least. The only person blameless is Jesus. He alone is the truth. Not you, me or anyone on this thread. He just asks each of us to be honest with him.

          • akomari

            Being gay is a handicap like autism.

          • Devin

            Pity yourself and read the Bible. It’s wrong as are other sins.

          • Melissa Martin

            I was am acolyte for 3 years, I’ve read the bible cover to cover. I just don’t make a habit of living my life by a ficticious book. Unless it’s Divergent. Divergent I could live by.

        • Loopymoo

          Erm…. they’ve actually proven that sexuality is hardwired in the brain, i.e. you are born that way. What you are NOT born with a penchant for religious judgement. So if you believe in God, then you would have to agree that God made all sexualities.

          • Marqus Lams

            God did make all sexuality but don’t.use blasphemy to say he created this. This is an evil spirit passed down from generations of filth. I don’t hate gay people.have a few around me but I still don’t have to agree with it. The science about proving anything did you see WHO did the study? Where you there. Are you THAT trusting not to believe in propaganda? Come one now you will refute the bible.but it’s stone cold evidence with doctors? Come on now All you who are getting angry at my opinion. Where is your since of constitution? ITS MY OPINION!!! I believe in the ONE TRUE GOD and this is an abomination.

          • Earl Otis

            @ Marqus Lams

            Amen you tell em God didn’t make homosexuality I agree with you 110% and it Is an evil spirt but no one sees it like this. They try to use Science to justify that B.S it is truly an abomination.

          • B

            You have the right to your own opinion. However, you don’t have the right to change change factual data like 2+2=4, Earth orbits the sun (Bible got this one wrong), the Earth is 6000 years old ( Bible. This one wrong), etc. I can go on forever. However in our modern age we have proved so many things in the Bible to be dead wrong. The fact that you even refer to that book as anything other than a fairy tale written by man 400 years after Christ is shocking to me in this day in age. Hundreds of years ago but there were no answers for many things as there are today. People make stuff up all the time until science proves otherwise, then with proof interface mini still won’t believe the facts. Science clearly demonstrated people are born gay. This isn’t a matter of opinion. Sorry, but the Bible is extremely fallible. That has been proven. If you want to believe in God go ahead. There’s no proof for or against his existence. I will caution that proving a negative ( they nonexistent anything) is very difficult. In other words I can prove I went to Home Depot and bought something with receipts. However I have nothing to show you to prove that I did not go to Home Depot. I try not to attack people too much, because it’s not their fault. They were raised learning this information. So what do you expect. But please, read and understand science. The world will be much better off with more people that are more knowledgeable and aware of the facts instead of relying on a faith-based book which isn’t the same as proven scientific data. So believing in the Bible isn’t so much as having an opinion as it is just a belief in incorrectness. I mean how can we put that much value in a book that believes in slavery and treating women inferiorly amongst a bunch of horrible other things.

          • RipkenFan8

            I think you may be confusing what the “church” has interpreted about the bible over time and overlooked the words themselves. In my small knowledge of the bible, there is no verse that says, the earth was born +6000 years ago.

            I am an engineer, intrigued by numbers. But what we know by numbers is that there is always more to the equation than we imagine. Science creates a hypothesis, tests it to the best of their ability and determines if it is true; check mythbusters for a modern twist on science.

            I often say we don’t know what we don’t know. We only have our experiences and what someone has told us. Here’s a thought for you… Who says the rate of time has to be linear? It seems linear in our short life on this planet of ~6000 years. But i know i wasn’t here 3 billion years ago, so i have to make the assumption time was constant. how can anyone be sure?

          • Earl Otis

            @ Loopymoo Wrong he only made two man & women and he made them for each other. That’s the whole point of God taking the rib from Adam and making Eve. If he made all sexuality it would say he took the rib from Adam and made Steve or another male name. Anything other than this is how Satan trick you hes the master of all lies and what you just said is one of them.

        • lulu

          Maybe you need to get a little more clarity on what a choice is. You say being gay is a choice then state that God started with man and woman.. Your choice is to believe there is a God, just like someone chooses to be gay. No one can provide absolute evidence today that there is a God but your decision to believe in God makes Him real..just like someone gay chooses to believe that he or she was born gay. Everyone has an opinion yet the bottom line is what we chose to believe

          • fane

            Can you prove that there is no God?

          • Devin

            Your logic is so flawed …..

        • Sabrina Renee

          Speechless. I’ve been in the church for years and when my daughter came out, I began to really evaluate how I’ve been taught to think. It’s interesting how easy it is to respond to something we really don’t know anything about. We’ve been taught what to say and quite honestly, it’s pretty heartless. God is the One who knows the heart of each person. I don’t see homosexuality as a “deal breaker” and it makes me sick to know there are still people, in 2015, who can only see with blinders on.

          ~ Sabrina, born straight

          • Devin

            So you changed your opinion when your daughter came out as gay. Wow, you are of high principles (not). You are a tower of jello and your principles are subject to the blowing of the wind

          • codemonkey

            So? It’s still morally wrong. But nowhere near as wrong as if your son turned gay.

        • Devin

          TRUE TRUE TRUE! They don’t like it and they call you an idiot. But they are the fools. I say leave them alone and let them be but don’t try to convince me what they do is okay. It’s UNNATURAL/

      • lulu

        I normally don’t chime in on these simple discussions but being gay and being straight is a choice. We all have a choice, so please stop saying there is no choice because there is. If you choose to be with someone of the same race, it’s a choice! If you chose to have children, it’s a choice.College, a car, a house, a job, going to church.. these are all choices

        • Viktorija Anghel

          Saying that being gay is a choice is the same as saying you chose to be born as a man or a woman or you chose what skin color you have. Lying is a sin. To be gay and to lie to whole world that you are not, and marry a woman and lie to her and cheat on her could be seen as a sin. There are over 1500 animal species that practice homosexuality. God created us ALL. For a reason if you may. See being gay as natural population control and let people love who they want to love because you know that God is all about love… you know that right? if not than you a very bad Christian and should go pray for your sins.

      • crazy

        God created Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve

        • Viktorija Anghel

          And you were there, oh wise one?

      • RipkenFan8

        A lifestyle is a choice, like eating meat or not. being born with 9 fingers or 10 is not a choice. getting cancer for no apparent reason is not a choice. sweating to the oldies/hip hop or whatever is a choice.

    • Love thy neighbor

      Please…Prove your theory that being gay is a choice. I vehemently disagree but would like to keep an open mind based on your research. Always wanting to understand all facets of an issue…enlighten me. No judgement…

      • Marqus Lams

        I commented up above because I agree with Rachel, but it’s not negative it’s societal brain washing. This IS a choice. You being a woman was NOT a choice.

      • Devin

        At a minimum, it’s a mental illness. Therefore, in a warped way, you are correct in saying they cannot help it/ But we need not condone it as a society.

    • Melissa Martin

      I truly pity those if you who believe such nonsense. You probably believe in the word of the bible as law too huh? Sad.

      • Devin

        And OU believe that humans came from monkeys … right?
        Of course you do. It’s YOU who is to be pitied

        • Melissa Martin

          Are you asking if I believe in evolution? Yes I do believe in things that have been proven. I don’t believe in picking and choosing what to follow from a ficticious book. How many christians believe homosexuakity is wrong but weren’t virgins on their wedding nights or eat shellfish or work on Sundays? Why do you get to pick and xhoose what your God really meant but others cant? A homosexual who believes in all aspects of the bible expect homosexuakity being a sin is no different from you believing in whatever pieces of the bible fit your life.

    • Sabrina Renee

      When did you choose to be straight, Rachel? I never chose to be straight. I was born straight. Never gave it a 2nd thought. So why would it be any different for people who like the same sex?

    • valencia

      I agree with you.

    • Reyniah

      Being gay is not wrong. It’s what makes that person happy. Let them be they actually make a very cute couple. You are just mad that Shaun T is with someone else and not you!!!!!

    • Reyniah Wright

      Rachel you are a stupid fool!! Would u like it if someone say that to YOU???? If not them shut up! You can’t control everything that happens in the world today!!! Do everyone a favor and keep your beliefs to your self. I agree that it is wrong, but that makes them happy, so take a chill pill for the sake of Shaun T. As long ad he is a good trainer then that’s all that matters. They actually make a very, very cute couple.

    • Anita

      I agree with you Rachel. Sorry you are in the company of ignorant fools.

    • Kenneth McVay

      Well, if that was the case, then why is there thousands uoon thousands of them per population. So, it sounds like to me you are uninformed. You’re one dizzy bitch. Wake up, and smell the folgers

    • Mac

      So…….. you can honestly say that… I saw a penis on the Internet and thought to myself… well that’s just fine!!!! And out out of nowhere I would like a dude to pound my a$$ cause that’s just cool. Seriously you CHOOSE to be gay? I didn’t choose shit!!!!!!!!!! I realized I like dick and delt with it like a man! Honestly.CAN. YOU.FORCE. YOURSELF. TO.LIKE DICK! REALLY?????? Are you that naïve!?!?! 3 words THINK ABOUT IT? YOU FUCKTARD!!!! I don’t need to be nice… this is the Internet got over it!!!

    • Schmaltzy

      You mean I could suddenly be attracted to women? That means you could make yourself be attracted to dykes like yourself.

  • Dustin

    If it’s ok for one man to have sexual relations with another man. Then it should be ok to have relations with children, family, and animals.

    • GoodNewsBear

      Sure.. apart from….having sex with children involves having sex with someone not physically ready for the act of sex, not to mention not mature enough for the act to be consensual. Having sex with animals is also not consensual. Having consensual sex with someone of the same sex is… well… consensual, thus totally different.

      Do I need to talk you through the negative outcomes of having sex with your cousin or can you work that one out?

      If you’re trying to argue a point because you’d like to have sex with children, family or animals, go for it, but leave gay people out of your icky ideas.

      • WonderBob

        I think Dustin is the result of cousins having children. If two men decide to have sex, it is consensual. When Dustin decides to have sex with children, family or animals, it would NOT be consensual. That is rape. You sick bastard!

        • mack

          At least cousins can bear children….all other mentioned relationships have no benefit to further the human race

      • codemonkey

        Except when Nambla marches in your parades. yes, I know that there actually attempts to throw them out now and then. But Nambla only gets represented in those parades. Which means you are a liar when you pretend it’s not a reality of the “gay lifestyle”.

      • Marqus Lams

        At the same time sex is for procreation, we are the only species who do it for pleasure. Society emphasizes it and that’s why it has gone so far away from what it should be. Same sex couples can’t do that. In vitro and AI is not the same. Granted there are men and women who are sterile but GOD made MAN AND WOMAN. And GOD CANNOT FAIL

    • R<

      Except all of those cannot consent. Duh Duh Dustin.So get your penis out of that poor sheep. Get off the farm and meet some people.

  • Chanell

    I never knew he was gay until NOW…Literally today…I was scrolling through his instagram page and read his comments on his post…I never was attracted to him, never looked at him as a sexy man just average…

  • chrisF

    Who cares if he is gay? His workouts are awesome! I’m not for homosexuality, but I am for being healthy

  • jahoney

    what the hell him being gay has to do with anything. who cares! his T-25 work out help me shed 30 pounds that’s all i care about
    and that’s saying a lot coming from me. I’m Jamaican just acting gay here can get you killed

    • Dissapointed

      Ms.Shaun T. Is the bottom and announces his husband.WOW,i assume he was gay,but now i understand. He performs womanly duties as getting bend over and penetrated

      • R<

        WHY DO YOU CARE? Unless you are JEALOUS. You wish you where his “bottom”. Or the meat between their bread.

    • Cambryn Islander

      I know I hate that dirty country. My landlords are from God’s blind spot

  • GoodNewsBear

    I’m so glad that there’s positive role models that are out and proud.This public display is necessary because we just need to ‘normalize’ the whole gay thing now. I don’t understand why it’s still a big thing anywhere any more. I don’t understand why people still think it’s wrong. I can only assume that these people are lacking in exposure, and I’m glad that healthy, successful people like Shaun T and his husband are prepared to share their private lives via the media so that some of the numbnuts who have commented here spouting their anti-gay negativity, can be exposed to gay people and realize they’re not the aliens they make them out to be. I’m sorry that there is negativity from these people. I’m sorry there are probably a few who won’t do Shaun T’s workouts anymore (as if a workout’s effectiveness has anything to do with what he does in the bedroom), but thank you both for taking a step forward in being positive gay role models. The more we have, the easier we can stamp out this bigotry.

    • Friend

      Goodnewbears I’m convince you’re gay and I could be wrong! With that being said, you and your gay friends need to stop judging everyone evil who doesn’t agree with y’all way of life. You guys try’s to force y’all opinion of y’all sexuality as being right on people who feels the opposite sex is God’s way and the only right way. I love each of you as a person, but you, the president and no one else will ever make me believe there’s anything right or healthy about y’all lifestyle. My biggest problem is how y’all have this you for me or against me attitude. There is nothing normal about same sex marriages, nothing at all. To say, “I don’t see way it’s still a problem” is the problem we have in our great land of freedom. The decaying of morality and godliness in a country that portrays to be build upon these very core values. May God bless y’all and I truly love each you.

    • Sherry J

      Being gay isn’t normal! If it was more than half the population would be gay, not only that. People that are normal don’t hide from there normalcy..They obviously realize that they are different and are afraid of the public reaction to their choice because it isn’t an accepted behavior and the only reason that we are even close to accepting it now is because of all the darn exposure they get in the media. If we didn’t have the news and MTV or TMZ or CNN then gay people would still be in a closet and afraid of the choice to exposure themselves. IT’s shame that keeps them in the closet really not personal opinion.

    • Devin

      You are truly a typical brainwashed American/ you think you are so liberal and right minded because you are accepting of this weirdness. Homosexuality is biologically abnormal. But hey, you idiots can do what ever you want. You can make it legal for a woman to marry her horse if you want. After all, who are you to judge.

  • Nat Herron

    It shouldn’t matter to anybody if he is gay or not. That’s just who he is and he is a good person. He changes peoples lives with his career. And anybody who thinks it’s wrong to be gay is very ignorant because who are you to tell someone that who they are is wrong? Seriously. Look in the mirror because you’re the wrong one.

    • Tiffony Patton

      He is still sexy to me!! Him & his husband. To each is on, that’s the way he choose to be. Old well that is his choice. He still got it going on. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy & more Sexy!!!

  • hoonee

    Both of them are sexy,and got a great thing going on but whatpeople do in their lives is there business because we are not paying their
    bill,and there’s a lot of them on the down low I hope they enjoy life

  • cwv

    Love Shaun T! His workouts are excellent!!!

  • Soul Writer

    They are beautiful, too bad they can’t reproduce with each other. People free to agree or disagree as long as we do it peacefully.

  • kate

    am so happy not in america to see this shit….here i come from man was made to marry a woman…oopps not the othe way around…

    • R<

      You are not in America? That explains your lack of the command of the English language. First learn how to string a complete sentence and then come back here and post. Good riddens.

  • Jay

    I hate when people say things like ‘he’s too sexy to be gay’ …like you’re all too ugly to be straight

  • Lurker

    Mazel to the BEAUTIFUL couple!

  • thefacts010

    Being hay defies nature therefore it’s nothing more than a sexual fetish like when make dogs do other make dogs in the butt… But it’s still wrong and shouldn’t be made public it’s not love it’s sex fetish so go home and smell his poo and SHUT UP ABOUT IT no one wants to hear your sexual deviances….

    • thefacts010

      Its gay not hay…spell check

  • thefacts010

    Another faggot with mental issues and self esteem issues….
    Fact if Gay was OK and everyone were gay there would be NO ONE

    • thefacts10-wrong

      You are a fucking idiot. Shut the fuck up.

  • Marki

    I just discovered Shaun T was gay on the Wendy WIlliams show. I am only disappointed because of my fantasy life of hugging and kissing this physical specimen while acquiring my marvelous new abs. LOL. But the bottom line is that being “gay”: is not a CHOICE. You are who you are. My congrats on Shaun T finding the love of his life and frankly, my gay friends are the most loyal and wonderful associates I ever encounter. I can’t understand intolerance and don’t want to. Live and let live. I am very happy for him and his continued career success.

  • WillieMays24

    How can you tell who’s the husband and who’s the wife…seriously!

  • keke

    Idk if he really gay but I knew he was gay tho cause the way he act in his videos and the way he talk. ✌✌ but it nice he got someone to love.

  • Devin

    Look, up in some guys ass. It’s a drag queen, it’s a queer. It’s Super Fag.
    Of course this guy is gay. Now he’s gay and rich.

  • Devin

    Shaun T’s Mom must be SO proud.
    It gives new meaning to the racial claim of the White man screwing over the Black man.
    Our society has truly reached the “self destruct” phase.
    Wow — M.L King must be spinning in his grave.

  • j parks

    When are they going to marry their poodle?

  • Christopher Bates

    Shaun T is such a great person, glad to see he is happy.

  • bruce Hester

    It seems like Scott Blokker likes to play with the cocker. He likes to ride the Baloney Pony.

  • Anita

    You can let your mind be swayed in a myriad of directions….whether it is terrorist, whether it is gay, whether it is pedophile… None of it is who you were intended to be.

  • FoCoBiking

    Sad women everywhere!

  • Ignorantpplsuck

    Wow so many sad, ignorant people, we are who we are, straight, gay, who cares? What matters. Is we choose happiness and treat others with respect. The includes the ridiculous beliefs of a God that supposedly exits because the church tells us he does so they can control the masses (read a history book on the evil of the church and thisr wars) who doesn’t care about the millions dying. Get your heads out of asses just be a good person, love who you love and worry about you own life…glass houses and all. “Mic drop”

  • curly 3C long hair

    not really i thought he was a man but i admit when he came out i starting seeing more signs of his feminine side now days i trust no man. i know its crazy but true there is nothing wrong with being gay its when you hide it like blokker did and in today world there is not reason too when gays have more rights then blacks. lolIt’s funny
    he makes that statement about being different. He is with a well know rich
    black guy but if he was average looking and not rich I wonder if he would say
    that. African Americans are different and people look at us as animals and
    being different some type of space alien. So some of us people do know what it
    feels like to be different. Blokker being gay is nothing try being a gay African American that is poor then talk.

  • Gods voice

    This is a copy cat world an the air we breeve is always influenced in one way are another there is a right way to think it is outlined in the bible its not just a book its the truth beyond human recollection because there’s unhuman forces around us so its designed to even the playing field so to speak time will reveal the truth.

  • tamara

    shaun t’s husband is cuter than he is nevermind they both are

  • Mia

    Shaun is a great guy. He inspires me a lot and I actually met him in Minnesota and I saw him yesterday and he is a human like everyone else.

  • Disqus

    Live and let live. I am happy they found love. Thank you Shaun T for the wonderful exercise videos — they have saved my health and life.