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Shaun T made quite the splash in the headlines last year when he came out as gay and also announced his marriage to his longtime boyfriend, Scott Blokker. Since then, the couple has remained rather mum about their relationship. But now Shaun has decided to introduce his husband to the word in a very public way.

Yesterday, Shaun tweeted a link to his personal blog where his husband had taken over for a bit to write a post in which he shared details with Shaun’s fans about his life.

Besides revealing his transition from a six-year career in professional soccer to becoming a “money guy” for his parents’ company, Blooker also revealed his long-term struggle with his sexuality.

On the outside, everything seemed wonderful, happy, and perfect — but on the inside I was struggling, unhappy, and hating everything about myself because I was gay,” wrote Blokker.

“Think about this: what if having blue eyes was freakish…or having blond hair was considered abnormal…or having a second toe longer than your big toe was wrong. How would you handle it?” he added.

But as Blokker explains, when he met Shaun, he met the man who would become his saving grace.

“It wasn’t until I met Shaun and his amazing self that I learned that being gay was amazing, because I was being ME…a genuine ME!” wrote Blokker. “There is such joy in not having to pretend to be something else! It frees my brain and allows it to enjoy all of the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells that life has to offer — and it’s these very differences that I learned make me special!”

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Well, it seems like Shaun really helps Blokker to bring out the best in himself and it also seems like the couple is enjoying their time in wedded bliss.

Luckily, they’re not alone. Check out some other famous gay couples below. –nicholas robinson


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