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Dwyane Wade’s alleged mistress expecting?

Dwyane Wade allegedly cheated on Gabrielle Union with a woman who is reportedly expecting his child. If you believe gossip rags, the answer to that is yes.

According to, an unidentified Miami woman is expecting the baller’s third child. The extremely skimpy report also claims that the woman’s pregnancy is affecting Wade’s performance in the NBA finals. Furthermore, the site says Wade’s infidelity is why Union has been posting happy photos from the set of Think Like a Man Too. This, of course, makes absolutely no sense.

In February, Union faced another shady mistress report when a letter to Wade reportedly sent out by another woman was released. In the letter, the woman alleged that she had been in the baller’s bedroom and described seeing photographs of him with several celebrities and a photo album Union gifted him with on Valentine’s day.

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“Dear bats— crazy loon, u seemed to have forgotten that u used the ‘valentine’ pic on another blog last year when u claimed I was cheating. Take ur meds…,” wrote Union in response to the letter. “Once again…just cuz loons are talkin, u aint got to listen especially when they can’t keep their lies straight …”

Union is (as yet), undeterred by the latest mistress news. On Tuesday, the supportive girlfriend was tweeting about the Miami Heat’s latest win against the San Antonio Spurs.

-danielle canada