rachel jeantelTwitter was set ablaze when the friend of Trayvon Martin, Rachel Jeantel, testified in the George Zimmerman second-degree murder trial.

Named as the prosecution’s star witness, Jeantel was on the phone with Martin and was the last person to speak to Martin before the violent confrontation with Zimmerman that ended up in his shooting death.

Responses have come down very strong on both sides of the discussion about Jeantel’s appearance, testimony, disposition and speech patterns. Jeantel also came under intense criticism for posting on her social media accounts discussions and pictures about drinking, smoking weed and getting her “court nails” done (meaning getting her fingernails done for her appearance in court).

Her testimony is considered extremely important as to whether Zimmerman gets convicted or exonerated for killing Trayvon Martin

Take a look at what Twitter users have to say about Rachel Jeantel’s testimony.

Terry Shropshire

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  • Anonymous

    She was just too embarrassing to watch. Black parents, please teach your children to use proper grammar and English. Speaking intelligibly and articulate DOES NOT make you white

    • anonymous

      She’s not black she’s Haitian! She is a 19 year old kid who just knows that her friend is dead. Instead of looking at her as someone who embarrassed you, look at what she is saying. This is not about how articulate she is it is about what she heard!

      • abe

        WHICH version???? Her 1st., 2nd. ????

      • HonestTX_Proud

        No she’s a disgrace. Even to a shithole like Haiti. Biscuit lipped black ho can’t even read. LOL Surprised George didn’t get up and kiss her dumb face.

        • ucdscholar

          Um, yeah…if only she could be as fine and upstanding a representative of her race as you.

          • HonestTX_Proud

            You know the saying If you’re white you’re right.
            So on. If you’re from Haiti you should have collected from Papa and Baby Doc. Go beat off loser.

          • ucdscholar

            No, I actually don’t know the saying. I’m also confused about the whole Papa and Baby Doc business. Who are other immigrants not from Haiti supposed to collect from? Let’s start with the Pilgrims…

          • HonestTX_Proud

            Don’t collect from anyone. The Pilgrims WORKED. Most immigrants in the past have WORKED. This chug butted zigger is a senior in high school and can’t read the written word??? LOL Must be some of your kinfolk. Sitting around tweeting lies and gangsta sheet. She’s a fine one. But luckily for George she has pretty well guaranteed his exoneration. That means he walks to a what ever scholar you claim to be.

          • ucdscholar

            Secede. I’m begging you, Texas. Money? You want money, is that it? Where do I donate? I’ll mortgage my house to not have to call you a countryman.

          • HonestTX_Proud

            Hey neighbor!! You keep your little pittance. We are rolling in money. Surplus you know. Cut back during bad times and rake it in during better. Guess a bum like you wouldn’t understand that. Where you from ? CA? IL? Detroit? Some other bastion of financial mastery? Keep your house too. Probably got it with bad paper like the rest of the Lib/Commies.

          • half and half

            I am half black. I am very embarrassed by her display of ignorance. Is that the black side or white side of me? Neither, it is my feelings as a person. I am against the race baiting people who are trying to run this country into the ground.

        • lawschoolbound

          do you hear how ignorant you sound. smh. she speaks multiple languages probably more than you do, english was not her first language. please be quiet. you sound as ignorant as your post.

          • HonestTX_Proud

            Law School Bound. My isn’t that impressive? Not. Why don’t you come on down and get a real job that can give you a real future. Start you off in the oil patch and if you make a hand instead of a face you’ll clear $60-120k 1st yr. Let’s face it-Gerry Spence you ain’t. You assume too much. You under estimate your opponent. You’re already defeated.
            I speak quite a few more languages than you will ever see countries. English. Spanglish. Working Iraq/Kuwaiti Arabic. Took a few yrs of German. Who knew that was the best training for Farsi/Darsi while I was in Afghanistan. You sure as Hell didn’t you worthless wanna be Honey Dripper. LOL Go chase your ambulances. Don’t ever come to a pissing contest with a skunk Boy. LOL !!!

          • Keisha4612

            Your a disgrace to the human race !!

          • HonestTX_Proud

            Look!! Another zigger made bail. Well dog my cats!! Keisha 4612-What’s that your jail ID??? Take a hike you Gov cheese eating peasant. LOL!!

          • crowley

            ooooo big time lawyer,a professional liar and crook,more like it,you will never graduate,kill yourself now you wannabe lawyer cocksucker.

        • marquise cherubin

          Yeah she is from a shithole like Haiti? And you from you mom’s shithole…you ignorant piece of sh&t… she is far smarter then your a$$, she refuse to let them put word in her mouth.. that is her right. And of course she is black, black is defined by your skin color not your culture, she was born here.. that’s makes her an american… just like most of our grand-parents came from different parts of the world, like Africa or Europe.. doesn’t matter how long ago.

          • HonestTX_Proud

            Lookie Lookie!! We got a mad zigger POS. LOL Didn’t know they let you on line in prison Shine. Go get the golf balls out of your mouth and speak the language correctly loser spook. HEY BOY! Got a question for you. Who is bigger. Zimmerman or that chug butt Rachel Jeantel?? Trayvon has/had had lot bigger load on him then George. LOL!! Now that’s some funny sheet. Now get lost cooner. If we want anything else out of you we’ll kick it out

          • marquise cherubin

            Whatever looser… you just need attention that you not gonna get from me.

          • HonestTX_Proud

            Yeah right Einspook. Where you cooners get your names? Your mama screw some dude in back of a Marquis and that’s how you got tagged? Know it wasn’t dads name, They never stick around. Well the white ones do.

          • marquise cherubin

            Piece of sh$t…. I am not a man. Ignorant. The one that you think is your mom actually found you in a garbage dump…. and imbecile..I am French.

          • HonestTX_Proud

            French?? That’s lower than whale shit. Why haven’t you surrendered you computer to some 5 yr old? French?? LOL Take this fat whore and let her come to France. Fit right in with all those filthy Muslims that have you hiding in your little EuroTrash hovels. Maintenant lécher ma bite salope et se perdre!

          • marquise cherubin

            N’essayer pas. Le francais est tres delicat. Ignorant.

          • marquise cherubin

            Don’t have time for people like you.

          • HonestTX_Proud

            Adios Frenchie Peter!!!

      • Benjamin Lathan

        Unfortunately how you present yourself communicates alot about you. Getting her court nails done!? This is a “ghetto” priority and in light of her friend’s death, inappropriate. She’s a prize for the defense and probably totally unaware of this fact.

      • Benjamin Lathan

        So Africans shipped to this country are black and Africans shipped to Haiti and other aren’t!? I don’t get this….

        • hitler

          Haitians are murderous high strung excitable peasants for the most part,they were recently seen letting kids beat a corpse with sticks while dragging the poor bastard through the streets naked,you want to live next door to them asshole????Africans are no different,their kids will stomp a puppy to death and laugh about it,they are the only people on earth for whom evolution is going backwards ,does that answer your question,they murdered thousands of French whites who kept the island profitable,these are their descendants,we don’t want em here go back to your shithole island you have created for yourselves.those were hard working white people not slave traders but blacks are too ignorant to know the facts of history they believe whgat they want.so fuk em stay out niggrs.

          • marquise cherubin

            Blacks are too ignorant? Hitler is the name you want to go by? Shut the F… up stupid ass racist.

          • Benjamin Lathan

            Ooookay—Doesn’t really address my questioning that Haitian blacks aren’t black though…But since you’re giving me a history lesson on how hard working good white folk were in the Carribean, let’s just say blacks were imported as slaves because the original indeginous populations of indians on these islands were raped, brutalized, slaughtered and worked to death as slaves until they became extinct.

          • Michelle Kirkwood


            Excuse me,with your liitle know-nothing racist-a**? You don’t even know basic Haitian history, so shut the f*** up. The French kidnapped them AND brought them there as slaves, and sat on their behinds while those same slaves did all the damn work. France NEEDED Haiti because they needed the slaves to harvest all that sugar for them, which was a resource France didn’t have—Haiti didn’t f***ing need France for s***t! When Haitians banded together and kicked those abusive French slavemasters the f*** off the island,therefore becoming the first slave nation in the Western Hemisphere to have a successful uprising, France got pissed off and forced Haiti to compensate them for being enslaved,basically! That was all kinds of f***ed-up on so many levels!

            And then how are you going to take 2 incidents that don’t even represent ALL Haitians and Africans and use that to say they ain’t s**t? You DO know Africa is a HUGE continent with 57 countries,right? Oh, of course not, because all you do is type run-on sentences and you don’t know how to use punctuation. Now just STFU and go crawl the hell somewhere else,you stupid racist-a** punk!

      • Tony Adams

        She’s not “black” she is a shade of brown.. She’s not “Hatitan” she’s from the tribe of Levi..

      • Justin_Igger

        Good lord that’s even worse… Haitians are about 11 degrees more n1ggirish than the n1ggers in America are. No wonder this obese ape n1gger sow is so mentally retarded..

        • Michelle Kirkwood

          Go f*** yourself,you stupid racist ignorant-a** troll.

    • Jaime Perkins

      Intelligibly? I’m not going to say anything!

      Ok I will- that would be intelligently! Don’t school anyone when you can’t spell yourself. ….smh! Intelligibly….lol

      • Troy

        Intelligibly- adj. 1. Capable of being understood.

        Kettle meet black. C what I did there…

        • HonestTX_Proud

          Jaime seems to have gone back under her rock.

      • tjleeland

        I REALLY hope you were joking. I doubt it, but I really, really hope you’re not this ignorant.

    • joblo

      “She was just too embarrassing to watch. Black parents, please teach your children to use proper grammar and English. Speaking intelligibly and articulate DOES NOT make you white”

      Yet another mean internet coward!
      America, fix your school system. ( I use the term loosely) It is a disgrace, and if you are an adult, you should be ashamed!

  • Z

    So because she is haitian, she can’t be black? Stop. NOW. Black is a skin color, NOT a race, NOT a culture. And she DOES need to articulate when she speaks. The jury ALSO bases their perception on the witnesses or defenses ability to be likeable. It’s general belief that likeable people are trustworthy people. She made it a bit hard for them to do that today. She IS a child, but this hurts the case. #facts No matter what happens he’s still guilty tho. #anotherfact

  • ABE

    Ms. Jeantel WAS (per HLN & CNN) the states “STAR WITNESS” and today – June 27,2013 – happens to ONLY BE the “KEY WITNESS”……..!!!!!!

  • OneAdam12

    I pray God gives her the strength she needs to make it through this.

    • HonestTX_Proud

      I pray God strikes her lying ass down-before she can eat all the ribs in FL,

      • OneAdam12

        You’re a tough guy behind that computer screen but I’m assured you’re a coward in person!

        • HonestTX_Proud

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          • ucdscholar

            Texas, please secede from this country. Please. I’m begging you.

          • HonestTX_Proud

            Could happen-if enough of us get sick of carrying you deadbeats on our backs. You must be a Jack Webb groupie too.. LOL LOSER~~!!

          • ucdscholar

            Explain to me how a state that actually need FEMA every time they idiotically blow up one of their unregulated factories is somehow carrying the rest of the country on its back.

          • HonestTX_Proud

            Wrong again bus station boy. RED CROSS maybe. Your boy O Sambo declined to declare any emergency. And When your state produces over 50% of the chemicals/fuel etc in the US accidents happen. Courts will sort it out. No biggie. Seen any stories about it lately?? Lot more follks dead than Boston. No whiners here. Not broke dick dogs like you. Admit it. You couldn’t buy a wagon load of dog sheet if it was $1. Loser.. LOL

          • ucdscholar

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          • HonestTX_Proud

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        • hitler

          the accuser is often the abuser cocksucker.

          • OneAdam12

            Hey f*ck your lame azz !

      • Jamaican girl

        You must be real miserable..get the feeling you’re out of work too

  • ucdscholar

    So, if Rachel Jeantel is so dumb, how is it she managed to hand Don “Knock-Knock” West his ass in court today?

    • tjleeland

      That doesn’t seem to be the consensus.

    • stevie

      Ussee been smoaking some of Rachael’s weed______

  • Marje Gill

    I am only interested in her testimony and if she is telling the truth. i could care less how she presents herself. Her story was inconsistent . Prior testimony left out a lot and also stated some important facts in two totally different ways. The lies about her age and being in the hospital did not bother me much, but the inconsistent testimony did.

  • Savage

    Holy Christ this poor young women I hope zimmer gets shanked in jail that fat racist pig ang all you racist pigs he was told to stop following him and he didn’t a 16 year old kid is dead it’s people like you who are ruining the our country’s image pleas

    • Dee Davidson

      shut up you stupid little cunt

  • Cokie

    Jawntaayl is making this trial a comedy show.

  • Intelligent-thinker

    Oddly enough.. There have been a ton of Martin supporters who neglect the small details that only Zimmerman had grass stains on his back, blood coming from his nose and head, and no bruised knuckles.. Not to mention the amount of time Martin would have had to take himself back home after Zimmerman lost sight of him.. Meanwhile Martin had bruised knuckles and no other injuries beyond the gunshot

  • curious

    english may not be her first language but hell she cant speak. i was actually wondering if she was either missing a few chromosomes or partial labotomy. she could not understand the questions being asked to here in the simplest ways.. how many times did the lawyer have to keep rephrasing? other two languages she claimed to speak are just some poor bastardized version of them. how is it you are 19 yrs old and you never learned cursive?!

    • Michelle Kirkwood


      From what I’ve heard most schools don’t even teach cursive anymore since computers are mainly used—so that’s why.

  • Jon

    I liked when she was in the green mile when she played John Coffee

    • HonestTX_Proud

      Now that’s some FUNNY sheet there. LOL!!!

  • Monica

    You people are missing the point. She is not on trial, she DID NOT murder anyone. George Zimmerman did. She is the one be grilled and casted as a demon while ol’ boy doesn’t have to take the stand. He murder that boy in cold blood-open season on black boys and all you can talk about is her looks and how she talks??? WTF !!

    • HonestTX_Proud

      Self defense you damn goon. And you talk as bad as that fat ass does. Trayvon went looking to rip off good people and got shot. George is walking out a free man.

      • Michelle Kirkwood


        Shut the f*** up,you racist-a** troll. You know damn well that’s not what happened, but since you come from a Republican state where people aren’t required to, you know, actually like, THINK, that’s not surprising coming from you.

        • HonestTX_Proud

          Damn!! You almost made one sentence that would pass 7t

      • clovia

        yaw for how long

  • tiredamericanmale

    She looks like she is a down syndrome person. Or a troll. Looks like shreck. Maybey they will call donkey as a wittness

    • Liline

      Poor trayvon R.I.P baby boy

  • mz.j

    She said she lied that she was in the hospital the day of the funeral. And when she was approached by Trayvon Martin family lawyer, she said she didn’t take it seriously. But you posting yourself getting primped for the trial. What kind of friend is that? She should not have mention she was on the phone to his family if she wasn’t going to do the right thing.

  • mz.j

    What kind of friend ,send the deceased’s family a letter and then she don’t attend the funeral and lies about it saying she was in the hospital and not take it seriously when approached by family lawyer and then post about getting primped for the trial. Who needs a friend like that. She made herself look stupid. She was useless. People just don’t have there priorities right, especially for something so important, making that fat pig accountable.

  • Ben

    As a white 24 yr old from Texas, I just want to say that there are people like this goofy fvck, TexasProud, in every state. Some people will get online and just say stuff like this just to get yall worked up or make you hate Texas or white people or whatever. F*ck this guy. Can’t let him win. His life sucks…don’t let him fool you. Let’s not go making assumptions or generalizations based on this one dumb f*cker. Karma will take care of this low class stupid f*ck one day and may God have mercy on his soul.

  • Jamal

    Honest tx sounds like he has to much time in his hands.

  • Soldier

    Did they test her for Drugs?

  • lovinlife

    Did anyone notice she looks like Jabba the Hut from star Wars?

  • far

    thats not his friend if she did that