Who is Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins? (photos)

shayanna-jenkins-aaron-hernandez-6The fiancee and baby’s mama of alleged killer Aaron Hernandez, Shayanna Jenkins, has been put into the most difficult and damning of positions this past week.

She witnessed her boyfriend, a former NFL superstar for the New England Patriots, being arrested for the execution-style murder of former friend Odin Lloyd and indicted for first-degree homicide as well as five other felony weapons charges. Hernandez has also been denied bail under any circumstances, meaning that he cannot even be home to see Jenkins or their newborn baby nor plan for their wedding — or anything else for that matter.

Moreover, as the evidence continues to pile up in this case, Jenkins is faced with the very real prospect of never seeing her would-be husband outside of a jail cell ever again. Let’s not even mention the fact that now Hernandez has been linked to two other murders inside the city of Boston. Add the fact that he’s being sued by another former friend whom Hernandez allegedly shot in the face at point-blank range, causing that friend to lose the use of his right eye and deforming his face for life.

Life has been a complete hell this week for Hernandez. So it is also for Jenkins and the newborn. On top of all that, multiple media outlets have uncovered evidence of Hernandez’ gang affiliation that can be traced back to his Bristol, Conn. hometown that continued onto Tallahassee, Fla., where he came to national prominence as a tight end at Florida State. That would make anyone nervous. Does she remain loyal to a man who may be staring life in prison for murder, or at the very least, for orchestrating the killing or abetting it? If she just up and leaves, how will that be viewed by Hernandez’ gang affiliation? Hernandez did, according to media reports, repeatedly bemoan the fact that he was paranoid that someone was trying to kill him.

It seems that Jenkins is in a situation that no one would possibly envy. How does she even start over, if that’s what she wants to do?

As you may ponder over these facts, take a look at some photos of Hernandez and Jenkins in better times.

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  • LaShawn
    July 2, 2013

    I think you could have said his childs mother instead of babys mama. This entire article could have been worded differently..Poor writing etiquette and sentence structure makes for poor reading. Reading is supposed to expand the mind, educate and enlighten. This article does not embody those characteristics.

  • lillychangy
    July 2, 2013


  • BeetleSauce
    July 4, 2013

    He went to college at Florida in Gainesville, FL not Florida St in Tallahassee.

    • obamaScares
      September 27, 2013

      Totally irresponsible journalism.

      Tallahassee doesn’t have gangs. It’s the criminal University of Florida Gators and Urban Meyers who were running the gangs of Gainesville, Florida where drive by shootings, rapes, battery and drug-related crimes are covered up in the name of team “success.”

  • Evelyn
    October 5, 2013

    You guys REALLY need to fact-check before you post. At this point with all the media attention he’s gotten, it’s well-known he was a tight end at the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA in GAINSEVILLE, FL. Not FSU in Tallahassee, FL. This is really sloppy journalism work. At least go back and update what you wrote incorrectly.

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