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Nicki Minaj disses Kirk Frost  

On the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”, viewers were shocked to see Kirk Frost admit to no longer wanting to raise his children or be a husband. The D-Lo Entertainment head was shown on the program literally riding away from Rasheeda and his responsibilities to party at Lake Lanier Islands with Benzino and singer Bobby V.


While there Kirk flirted with a budding reality star named Mary Jane who sat on his lap and kissed him before ultimately retiring to a bedroom with him and another woman.

And while a number of loyal viewers threw their support behind Rasheeda on Twitter for her husband’s actions, a surprising ally for the rapper emerged in the form of Nicki Minaj.

Minaj, who just beat Rasheeda in the “Best Female Rapper” category at the BET Awards, slammed Kirk online for his abysmal behavior.


A number of her “Barbies” then chimed in to put the reality star on blast.

See what else the face of Mona Scott Young’s Myx Moscato thinks about Kirk Frost below. -danielle canada