Dwight Howard’s list of baby mamas

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Dwight Howard bolting the Los Angeles Lakers for the friendlier confines of the Houston Rockets is the sports world’s biggest development of  summer 2013. A number of Howard’s alleged children are also developing, so Howard could have used that extra $30 million that he left on the table.

Perhaps when the Houston Rockets sign Dwight Howard, the talented but troublesome center from the Los Angeles Lakers, they can put a condom clause in his contract for his growing set of offspring. The fact that Howard has a number of children with different women has been an open secret for several years now, with first baby mama Royce Reed alleging that Howard has as many as eight children in her own tweets.

Take a look at Dwight Howard’s growing list of baby mamas.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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    1. It is when he’s dropping babies like fertilizer! Or do you think when men bounce from woman to woman leaving behind fatherless children that they should also keep it hush hush to protect “his” business?
      If more women were like them and not like you (condoning his behavior by silence) then maybe these men will look around, realize that they look bad in comparison to those who have more control over their seeds and learn what manhood really is!

      1. Well, at least, Howard has the money to support all the kids and just because a man is accused does not mean all the children are actually his. there are many gold seekers out there. That White woman’s child does not look like his. But that black boy child looks exactly like him and I think he would be foolish to deny that he is the father. Looks like he spit him out

        1. It takes more than money to raise a child. He was raised that way. He knows how he has a mother and a father in his life…. His upbringing. His parents couldn’t be very happy about this situation. His life on the wood is AWESOME. UNFORTUNATELY, his PERSONAL LIFE is pretty upsetting. Money…..really. The money was what they were after. They don’t care for him or so many others like him. A woman see her chance to get that $ they going for it. A child is nothing but a insurance policy already paying out. Oh yeah, let also mention bragging rights. Sometime I wonder if the child means anything. Naaah….. just a pay check.

          1. Thank you, these stupid idiots think only money can raise a child, a parent needs his or her father,or else they will gang bang or be criminals, drugs etc or just feel lost in life. Perhaps these morons don’t see this because maybe they didn’t have fathers themselves! BTW some of these coons end up losing their money for spending foolishly and child support so at the end the child loses and we gotta pay for it.

        2. biracial kids don’t necessarily have to look like both parents so stop using excuses and acknowledge the fact this coon is spreading his seed to many women of all races and producing a lot of biracial kids who unless they had both parents will grow up confused about his or her identify and shyt, it takes more than money, ask a fcking kid if money is enough, HELL NO, they want a father, I have a mother and a father so maybe the ones who only say money if enough didn’t have one or some shyt.

          1. You actually referred to this man as a “coon.” While he has a lack of self-control, respect, and intelligence when it comes to impregnating all these women, you throwing out a racial slur like that in response to his behavior shows you’re even less intelligent, ignorant, and a coward.

          2. You’re the stupid one, He’s a c00n to me because that’s what they expect from us, to breed like animals like we have no self control so in my book he is a c00n, don’t like it? Tuff

          3. You have a small penis … I understand your frustration now. Why else would you write such hateful things about a man you don’t even know or have any reason to care about?

          4. My penis is not small you stupid wh0re. I am a responsible father and can’t stand these types of men who give us a bad name, If you can’t understand that then something is definitely wrong with you h0e

          5. Wow … the little penis dig really hurt you. And the whore thing … you must also be vertically-challenged, too. They make inserts now that you place in your shoes that can add as much as 3 inches to your height. I really feel bad that such an upstanding father (like yourself) couldn’t more eloquently voice his displeasure with Mr. Howard’s behavior off the court. That being said, I’m glad you’re a responsible father.

          6. shut up you wh0re, you must be a wh0re to talk about men’s penises. I don’t need to prove anything to you b9tch. If you want to think I have a small penis then knock yourself out, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I have a big one because Its not like I’m going to send you a picture of it b9tch so why even go there? You’re a fckng nut that’s what you are. You’re probably single lonely b8tch angry that you’re a nobody and single and asking to see men’s penises. I bet you feel real proud huh.

            I bet your hole is so big 10 penises will still have room lol so go on and think what you want, you’re just a nobody anyway

          7. You know I probably could take 10 penises if they were all as tiny as yours! Good point! But I’m going to knock it off because I think the small penis and height comments really hit you hard. I’m sorry you have those insecurities. All those “whore” jabs are funny though. You’re awesome!

          8. I’m sorry you have that insecurity of having a hole the size of a basketball, like I said if you want to think I have a small one then go for it. You mean nothing to me and it shows the kind of woman you are talking about men’s penises. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re actually a prostitute in real life so therefore you feel all penises are small because you’ve been worked on for too long. Sick b9tch

          9. I can say what I want, he gives men of my race a bad name, now mind your damn business. I have freedom of speech

      2. Are you kidding me? If more women were like them, allowing themselves to fall pregnant to a professional athlete, fully aware he won’t be around to raise those children.

        If more women were like them, and tried to get a free pass in life by having a pro-athletes child.

        I guess we know what type of woman YOU are.

        1. Just the fact that you conveniently skipped over the fact that there are innocent children involved lets me know what kind of person YOU are.
          Just the fact that you haven’t figured out that the person with the most money has the most to lose and therefore is the most irresponsible let’s me know how smart YOU aren’t (For instance, did you see Oprah getting married or getting knocked up when she was baby making age and rich? Of course not because SHE had too much $ to lose!)
          So yeah, at the end of the day my point still stands that men need to stop making babies like it’s no big deal and if they are rich then they’re even stupider because they are now risking their bank accounts. As for women – of course they need to stop getting randomly knocked up but women OBSERVERS need to stop being brainwashed into making excuses for men who are GIVING away their sperm like they have no value and acting like these women got pregnant by themselves! These men know what they’re doing! They aren’t “slow”! If you told any of these dudes that the girls they are about to bang had HIV, do you think they would be so quick to smash?? Of course not! They would POLITELY zip up their pants and walk….no run their a-ses out of there! You know what that means? It means that they DO have control of their dicks and it’s not that they can’t control themselves, it’s because they WON’T control themselves. And why should they? Women give them a pass anyway, right? And if they don’t then they’re called what? Gold diggers? GTFOH! The point is that you get what you work for – you reap what you sow no matter what you have hanging between your legs! So if women are held accountable then so should the men and we should not be sweeping their mess under the rug!
          At least that’s what me and the 14 other people who thumbed up my original comment think…..so thank you for your comment but it’s clear that you might need to think before you hit the “Post” button.

  1. This ain’t all of them. There are six in total and one girl just gave birth a couple of weeks ago in L.A. Dude doesn’t know the meaning of condom.

  2. Dudes whole check is going to child support. He will be broke 5 years after playing. I mean I get have a couple of baby mamas if you can afford it. And sometimes people don`t get along, but this is stupid.

  3. All that money and no common sense @ all you can go to any pharmacy store or seven a leven and business condoms. I love [email protected]$$% just as much as the next man,but dam dude strap it up. You can’t teach common everyday sense. Also a lot of these women are just looking for a extra paycheck, but he the biggest dumb ass.

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