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R&B super trio TGT (TyreseGinuwine and Tank) found themselves in the center of a media storm of controversy recently, after an embarrassing performance of their new single, “I Need,” in which Ginuwine appeared bewildered and possibly under the influence of drugs during their set.  However, despite his awkward behavior, Ginuwine is claiming that he was not high on stage.

The drama began on Monday, when TGT appeared on WLNY‘s morning news show “The Couch,” to perform their new single from their upcoming album, 3 Kings. However, fans noticed something was wrong with the performance right off the bat as Genuine appeared to be fidgeting constantly and blinking wildly in his seat, and he continually seemed out of sync with his group mates, causing Threes to give him some unforgettable death stares. Tank nearly burst into laughter throughout the performance.

Sometime after their performance, the group members shared a laugh about the awkward performance on their Twitter pages.

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Yet, rumors continued to spread that Ginuwine was high on drugs while on camera.

However, during a recent interview with WorldStarHipHop, Ginuwine, who has struggled with drug addictions in the past, appeared on camera with the rest of TGT as they laughed off the rumors that he was high on Molly, or any other drugs, during their performance.

“It was 6 o’clock in the morning. I popped something, but it wasn’t any d— Molly!” Ginuwine explained, after he and his group made fun of his blinking.

According to Ginuwine, the cause for his awkward behavior was nothing more than an energy drink.

“I popped a d— 5-Hour Energy Drink and I didn’t think it would do that to me,” Ginuwine explained.

Tyrese also admitted that he was definitely angry with his TGT partner over the on-stage fiasco.

“I was mad because I saw what was happening and I had my s— together,” Tank joked.

Hopefully Ginuwine won’t pop anything else before a show. He’s not the only artist to embarrass himself on stage. Check out some other embarrassing performances below. – nicholas


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