Kelly Price blasted on Twitter for her ‘bad attitude’ on ‘R&B Divas L.A.’


Kelly Price received backlash for actions on the latest episode of “R&B Divas L.A.” During the last two episodes, Price has bickered because she wanted to hire a new person to direct the crew’s monologues.

In the process, she has been rude, feisty and belligerent.

Although Price could just be playing the perfect reality TV villain, viewers of the show were unforgiving. They took to Twitter to blast Kelly Price for being annoying on “R&B Divas L.A.”

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  • Fit&Cute
    August 8, 2013

    I honestly lost all respect for Kelly Price. I will not be supporting her on anything she does because I know the true Kelly. I was so pissed off at her attitude I was about to turn this show off and cancel future recordings!! She is so damn did respectable, a bad ass attitude, and because she fat and devilish with a nappy weave made it that much worse. I am so upset at her attitude I was actually going to use the word “hate” as to how I feel. I lost it when this bitch showed up with boots and vaseline. That shows that she is a bully and ignorant. She needs to get off this show. The word Diva was not meant to place next to Kelly.

    • PrettyGirl
      August 8, 2013

      Amen!! Fit&Cute – I agree completely. Even when things don’t always line up the way we want them to, we should still remain dignified and respectful to others. I have Lost All Respect for her as a “woman And business woman”. She is just Sad, a Disgrace.

      • Fit&Cute
        August 8, 2013

        Exactly! I agree with you PrettyGirl. She is so sad..

    • Shawn612
      August 12, 2013

      I agree with you! I always cheered for Kelly and thought she was under-appreciated in the industry. I thought since she wasn’t the typical “Hollywood Look” she didn’t get all the publicity she deserved but after watching the show, I can understand why! She is arrogant and behaves worst than an A-List celebrity. I will no longer support her. I don’t promote bad behavior! !

      • Fit&Cute
        August 12, 2013

        I thought the same..Shawn. I thought Kelly was humble and down to earth. I never could have imagine this! I cant stand Her success will be short and limited. You cant get no where with that nasty attitude. And whatever success she do get, it wont be off my dime.

  • Reatha
    August 8, 2013

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees her attitude is horrible. the way she asks is so unreasonable uncalled for and disrespectful and I don’t understand why these women are representing black women. I really wonder how she sees herself as she’s watching this show.

    • Fit&Cute
      August 8, 2013

      Yes.. her attitude is ridiculous and so uncalled for. She probably see nothing wrong with her actions.

  • Bill West
    August 9, 2013

    These LA R&B Divas (not all of them) is no example for our young black women. Allyou have to do is research. And whatever is done in the darkness is going to come to the light. For one thing most of the black people has bought their albums and made them successful by supporting them. How in the world can you bring a switchblood, boots and vaseline and be an example for our young people that’s killing each other by the thousands I believe Chante is very respectful, a great young lady. We need some type of example for our young women and this cursing and ghetto type of spirit is not good and it shows an example just where your heart lies and the greatest men and women from Solomon and others has been brought down. So what makes us so great and we stink in the eyes of God. I guarantee you if the black people boycott your music and your voice leaves you, you will be back in the ghetto. This is shameful and a disgrace and Dr. King roll over in his grave.

    • thisisthetime1
      August 21, 2013

      When you slam someone at least have correct grammar. I could barely read you statement for the grammatical errors. SMDH!

      • Just Saying
        August 23, 2013

        Then lets correct yours! “When you slam someone, at least have correct grammar. I could barely read your statement due to grammatical errors.” You had grammatical errors, mispelled words and poor word choice. STOP TRYING to be an english teacher, because obviously you are not one! You were able to read West’s commentary just fine. Go to school and educate yourself, before trying to criticize others. Hypocrisy at its best!

  • Don't Matter
    August 10, 2013

    I had to google Kelly Price to see if this was really her. I had no idea the woman, with the great voice, that be singing church songs is the same girl on Divas. So heartbreaking.

  • Bow
    August 10, 2013

    Kelly Price is a Big Ass Bully never would I call someone Big in that manner. But anytime you come to a rehearsal about such touchier subjects and you come with Timberlands and vaseline your Rachett LOL and if you knew how to really fight Timbos are so heavy you can’t hardly move in them loll So disappointed in Kelly Price lost all respect she got to much to be A. Dancing Clown with black face S.M.H.

  • TarheelGirl
    August 10, 2013

    Wow Kelly Price! If it was really your idea then you should’ve had everything & body in place from the start & not have left everyone in limbo. The attitude is just not necessary & I’m really starting to not like you, which is sad. Get your life!!!!

  • Blessed & Highly Favored
    August 10, 2013

    Will NEVER support ANYTHING that Kelly Price does or is a part of. God giveth and he taketh away; she better humble herself ASAP! She is a bad representation for this platform that she was given. They need to remove her from the show SMH. She has to be ashamed of her actions. If the reunion happens and she has no remorse her career is doomed!

    • janeyt1
      August 22, 2013

      So agree, let her go!

    • jules
      September 8, 2013

      that’s why she hasn’t done anything significant in years. Who would want to work with her, and especially after this?!? hell no. she’s done.

  • Bill West
    August 11, 2013

    If you really want to know about these R&B Divas put their mothers on the show. Do your research and you will find that some of the Divas Mothers that raised them are in poverty, sickness, disease and the Divas don’t support their mothers that raised them to be singers. Just ask the mothers. They will protect them or lie. Look into it in the newspapers and TV Programs.

  • Somer
    August 11, 2013

    Kelly is the typical fat black raggedy wig/weave wearing bitch picking on the cute light skin woman as if they were in high school. I am embarrassed at her actions. I hope Tommy Sotomayer go at her on his youtube channel. Kelly represent everything he hate about black women

    • Quell
      August 18, 2013

      You sound just as ignorant as Kelly, the fact that you follow someone like Tommy Sotomayer says a lot about you.

      • dukes
        August 22, 2013

        Amen Quell. Tommy is a self hating asshole. How can u talk about ur own people like that. He must really hate his mother. Poor lady is probably so ashamed of him…Somer find somebody else to support..

    • janeyt1
      August 22, 2013

      You’re absolutely right. The jealousy is showing. She’s a hater.

  • Fabian Jesus
    August 13, 2013

    What is all this work she keeps on talking about. If you were so amazing then why are you on reality tv ???? I was never a fan of hers anyway. No matter what you have achieved in life does not give you the right to talk to people like shit.

  • Jade
    August 14, 2013

    Kelly Price, you one nasty Bitch!! I use to like you. Not anymore. You don’t know how to treat people. Nasty, stank, Bitch…

  • Sweetlillies
    August 14, 2013

    Kelly Price is a beautiful and loving person. It was her idea and certain team members could have handled it differently instead of trying to act lik we it wasn’t her idea in the first place. Kelly continue doing what you do, and fibd a way to forgive the ladies that cross you-including Fred 🙂

    • janeyt1
      August 22, 2013

      Maybe to her family or kiss up friends. Yes it was her idea, but she wasn’t doing anything. Since it was her idea, SHE could have reasoned with them and contribute to the progress. She was holding the others up. She wants to be Charles In Charge. Even if she thought they were taking it over, she chose not to resolve it in an adult manner. ‘I’m taking my ball home” approach. Childish.
      Nobody crossed her. She flipped on them. They tried to reason with her several times, but she refuse to communicate like an adult.
      Even if she didn’t want to work with them, there’s a WAY to handle difficult or uncomfortable situations. She chose to threaten people. Why did she need her husband in there? Because she can’t handle things like a grown woman. Grow up.
      She’s getting in her own way and hurting herself.
      She’s giving the producers a hard time as well, what’s the excuse for that? They can make or break you in Hollywood. Agents and producers communicate and when her name is mentioned, they’ll reply “negative”
      She keeps this up, she’ll be blacklisted. Her manager/publicist IF she has one needs to do some damage control and school her. She’s not exactly an “A” lister Vanessa Williams, Sally Richardson, Megan Goode, or Halle Berry. She has a LONG way to go, with that attitude, she won’t go far in LA
      You’ll never work in this town again.

  • Chocolate♥Diamond
    August 14, 2013

    IMO, I think Kelly Price is a beautiful vocalist. The show has shown the world that she is multi-faceted and “gives back” to the music community & the youth. She should be commended . HOWEVER… what was she doing?!? Kelly appeared unstable. She was rude, disrespectful, condescending, belligerent and facetious-all rolled up in 1 person. Kelly PUH-LEEZ tell all of us that you behaved this way for the show & ratings. SMH!…. Then as of date, YOU DONT WANT TO DO THE MONOLOUGES CAUSE YOUR TOO BUSY?! HUH?!
    Do you hear you?! Now it looks like your a control freak… C’mon now, Diva! I dont know you, but your spirit seems better then what is being displayed.

    • dukes
      August 22, 2013

      I agree. I looooooove her music, but I wouldn’t hng out with her. She’s too childish for my grown ass. I can’t believe what type of person kelly really is. I couldn’t never got all that by singing along with her music. Reality shows really do a good job at exposing these celebrities…wow!

    • StevieNicks
      July 7, 2016

      Busy doing what??

  • Mrs.Bell
    August 15, 2013

    Omg , I was completely horrified Kelly Price behavior was matchless. I personally will not support any future endeavors that Kelly Price is apart of. Kelly as a woman with children you should be ashame. You call yourself a God fearing woman. When you have demonstrated nothing close to that . God doesn’t dwell in mess!!! You point blank lied instead of admitting your wrong and dreadful behavior. I hope you read all of these comments and take every word to heart and maybe you will change and become a better person,friend and role model.

  • Cheyenne
    August 16, 2013

    The issue is how a person is viewed in the media and by
    the public. Kelly Price’s presence on the show is quite a
    disappointment. For a person who expresses the details of her childhood
    and what she went through…..her actions do not reflect someone who went
    through hardships. As a Black woman who has been blessed with such
    talent, she has an obligation to her fans to act accordingly. She is
    clearly not mature enough or professional to hold the role of a leader
    or be an example for young black women who do and will view this show.
    As adults we have a responsibility to demonstrate respect and integrity
    in the media. As a Black woman who states she is that!
    Empower others so they can follow suit. Don’t display the stereotype or
    image of a Black Woman who made it, but cannot articulate herself
    without the use of devices such as; a blade, timberland boots and
    vaseline to get her point across.

  • aisha86
    August 18, 2013

    Kelly is a bully and act as if she is superior to the rest of the ladies. She has no respect for ppl unless they are following her lead. On top of that she isn’t dependable she gets the ladies involved in things then backs out at the last min and leave them in disarray. As a grown woman in her 40’s and is a mother you subliminally tell another woman that u have boots vaseline and a straight razor, who does that? I thought she didn’t make it in the music industry because she isn’t the typical hollywood size or look but clearly her personality is nasty and confrontational and clearly shes a liar as well. Besides Chantae Moore and Dawn all have had more success and hits then her in the industry so I’m wondering why she feels like so much of a damn diva.

  • meelah
    August 19, 2013

    I enjoy her melodic voice but the negativity turn off.. I was enjoying the fact that the divas were getting along in a positive way and still being entertaining . But let’s face it u kno somebody always gotta throw a little. drama in the stew.

  • Lola
    August 21, 2013

    Something is wrong with Kelly and Dawn. If you don’t do what Kelly says she goes off like a child. Dawn is fickle. I think everybody knows that. They deserve each other.

    • janeyt1
      August 22, 2013

      Kelly might need to be on, or take her meds.

  • Ms J
    August 21, 2013

    This is crazy Kelly Price, should be ashamed of the why she behaved i sat with my daughter to watch the shoe only to be left shocked yes it was her baby but she was not showing up for anything at first MIA then they did let her know what they were thinking about meeting Fred and she later tryed to play it off like she knew nothing to get respect you have to give respect and she didn t give respect if Dawn wants to take her side fine was not really happy with her either but at the end of the day Kelly Price handled this the way she saw fit and it was wrong so no i won t be following her music or anything else she does picture my daughter finally getting to see the great singer her Mom was talking about very dissapointed

  • Im just sayin'
    August 22, 2013

    I agree!!! I just had to comment on Kelly Price’s horrible behavior. She is so unprofessional. Dawn acts like she has NO brain, and what she is saying is so unrealistic. Kelly I don’t know if you are just playing the devil’s advocate for ratings on this reality show, but in REALITY you are losing RESPECT. You are negative towards Chante because she speaks her mind and she is a leader. You invited these ladies to be a part of your brain child and then you bail????!! You have disrespected the ladies and been a NO SHOW WITH NO EXPLANATION, and they still represented you well in spite of your lack of respect towards them! I just have to comment on your “IM BOOKED” ramblings…Kelly TRUST… IF YOU ARE IN REAL LIFE AS YOU APPEAR ON THIS SHOW YOU WON’T BE BOOKED FOR LONG!! Lil Mo’ is 100! and I commend Lil Mo’, Michelle and Chante for staying committed, something you don’t seem to relate to. Dawn and you are acting like grade school children. Kelly listen to the public because I don’t see NOBODY running and buying tickets for a SELL OUT CONCERT FOR KELLY PRICE!…and then you have the nerves to do another show (steal the name the other ladies created) starring you and CONFUSED Dawn……. REALLY KELLY????!!!!

  • Angel74
    August 22, 2013

    It’s been said that once you have gastric bypass surgery, you become a COMPLETELY different person. This Bitch proves it!!! She sings the most inspirational song that I have EVER loved (Healing). This Bitch needs to hit replay. She has lost ALL of my love & respect! She’s a controlling, evil, disgraceful, spoiled bitch!!! Change your ways before you don’t have an audience. P.S. I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly!!!

  • Clairvoyant Psychic
    August 22, 2013

    Just starting to watch this show now via the tv one website because I do not have that channel with dish network. That Michel’le voice is hard to get use to but I am sure by each episode it will get easier. She is a very pretty woman though.

  • janeyt1
    August 22, 2013

    Good Point. I was wondering the same myself. Kelly has become an evil bitter hateful lying spiteful vindictive jealous person.
    The bible says “come let us reason together” In case she forgot, the other scripture, “Follow peace with all men which without no man shall see the Lord. Even if you don’t like them, be the bigger person and be peaceful.
    Straight Razor?, Vaseline & Timberlands? Are you serious? Really? That is over the top and ugly, she was trying to make an indeirect threat. Chante has beautiful skin, hair, so youdon’t have it and you want to mess her’s up? I see she tried to copy Chante’s hairstyle. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    You have children and you need to set an example. She should be teaching them how to resolve conflict.
    That is so ghetto and classless. She may be from the hood, and talk a good one, but she is not as tough as she appears. She was a church girl. She’s just trying to floss like she’s so big & bad, but when they called her out about it, she punked out like a wimp with amnesia, “what? what are you talking about?” She’s very insecure and has the need to hog the spotlight and be the center of attention.

    People throw around the term “Christian” so loosely. What she is is a churchgoer. It’s obvious she isn’t reading her scriptures or praying because you can’t act this ugly and be a follower of Christ. You would walk in his ways. She’s puffed up with pride. Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
    Ask God to guide your career. Get on your knees and pray for wisdom and maturity. Go to your brother/sister and ask for forgiveness, even if you think you’re right. Don’t let the devil use you. It’s not a good look.
    Work on yourself and your insecurities. She’s not happy if the spotlight is not on her.
    Yes, it was her idea, but she’s dragging her feet. Just let them know, “hey ladies, I’m really sorry I haven’t been around, but if you want to go ahead and rehearse and get the show together it’s fine. Fred seems to be working with you good, so if you want to go ahead and work with him, it’s fine with me” Peace…
    There are ways of handling situations and she chose the low road. No one likes her, not because they’re hating on her, but because of her ratchet behavior.
    Agree to disagree. Disagree without being disagreeable. Why does she have to be the “Angry Black Woman”? That’s why people sterotype us because of people like her. No class.
    At least Lil’ Mo extended the olive branch. At least listen to what she had to say. She wouldn’t look Lil” Mo’ in the eye. So rude. Why do you agree to meet, and then ask her “why are you talking to me’? She’s special. Chante’ was grown enough to put her feelings aside to attend her birthday party, and Kelly looks out and says, “what’s she doing here’? She didn’t want to hash it out like a woman because she KNOWS she’s wrong. You better be glad smebody came at all. I’m sure Chante had better things to do.
    THAT’S A BEAUTIFUL CLASSY LADY, inside and out. Get a notepad, a pen, have a seat and take some notes.
    I love her singing.
    I remember her coming up singing in choirs in NY. She has let fame go to her head. Outside of R&B, no one really knows her. She should be grateful for the gift she’s been givn
    She can talk about God all she wants, she said she’s a “church girl”. We have enough of that.
    She needs to be a “God Girl” and walk in his ways of love, peace, kindness. Where is her fruit?(of the spirit) meekness, gentleness, love, joy, happiness? She doesn’t know how to play for the good of the team, it’s called “teamwork”.
    She’ll never be an “A” lister. Some successful Hollywood divas are nasty, but they keep working because they know when to turn it on & off, and they bring in money for their team.
    Be a team-player. together, everyone achieves more

  • bitchnoplease
    August 23, 2013

    i decided NOT to support Kelly Price any more and no respect for her since i started watching the R&B diva LA. she is just a hot ass mess.

  • meme3333
    September 7, 2013

    So Kelly is the NEW Nikki on the show…I see now !!!!

  • jules
    September 8, 2013

    kelly price is done. she has a bad spirit. the only show she needs to be on is “Iyanla:fix my life” cuz she needs to “do the work”. She’s a mean mess.

  • marie3548
    September 17, 2013

    I will never support anything with Nicci Gilbert nor Kelly Price they exhibit despicable behavior, then they want to play the victim card after they themselves victimize some1 or any1 or ev1.

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