Black woman and her white husband beaten by white men in a vicious hate crime


Billie James-Vogel and her husband Jacob James-Vogel were beaten by several white men who did not agree with them being an interracial couple. According to NBCNewYork, Bille and Jacob and their gay friend were leaving a bar in Queens, N.Y. when they were approached by several males.

The men began yelling the ‘N-word’ and the ‘F-word’ at the couple and their friend. Jacob attempted to reason with the men, but it only made them more belligerent. They pushed Jacob to the ground and punched him repeatedly. They also assaulted Billie, leaving her with broken toes and severe bruises.

After the attack, the couple, battered and bleeding, returned to get help from the bar. However, the doorman at the bar slammed the door in their face and would not let them into the club or seek help.

Police officers were able to arrest apprehend and arrest Nikolaos Katsos, 28, but the other assailants escaped. Katsos was charged with assault and harassment, but the charges could be elevated to a hate crime.


A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

      1. I doubt you get the gravity of their meaning. This planet is doomed sadly and it’s thanks in part to people not giving a crap about the world. Sad that I have to explain this.

      2. You like and cherish YOUR life, but evidently haven’t the least bit of interest or compassion for anyone else’s. Even an old great-grandmother like me can comprehend that what Deanna said was out of her sadness over how people are treating each other. Get over yourself. You liking your life and cherishing it is MEANINGLESS. Unless you cherish ALL life, you are part of the problem.

        1. SilverGuardian , thank you, you are a very precious lady. I think most of us do care about others, but the few that don’t can make things so horrible. I have a pretty easy going temper,but when I read stories like this , I’m in between crying cuz it makes me so sad and wanting to get a gun cuz it pisses me off.

          1. What a dear thing to say, Brent. I often try to wrap my brain about how it came about that I have never had to judge and hate others in order to feel good about myself … even when I didn’t feel very good about myself. I’m not saying I never spoke out in disagreement of the way someone acted … but it had to do with how they were treating others, not with their personal choices of their outward appearance, or how to live and what to believe. I have often wondered if we are turning into a society that will soon be so busy faulting each other that there will be nothing worthy to hope for or expect of individuals.

        1. Not a chance asshole… Guys like me are the ones that get in the middle of it and stop the fighting while cowards like you run home to mommy… Did it last week my friend. I don’t know what was going to happen, but when I stopped my bike, got off of it, opened the trunk pak and then asked the gentleman that was escorting a lady friend if he was ok or if he needed some help… The puke got smart and ran away. The gentleman came over and thanked me profusely. I watched it happen from the light I was stopped at in downtown Milwaukee in front of the Astor Hotel. Some bum was hassling the couple and I did put a stop to it. I would do that for anyone if I saw it happening. I gave my time to King and Country, did you??? People like me run toward the shots not away from them. Dickheads, all of you cowards are dickheads,

          1. How does anything you just say merit belief, since you use a baseball bat and hatred to react to someone who has just put into words the fact that this kind of hatred and senselessness leaves him sad through his entire soul?

            Oh, I suppose the only reaction acceptable when we hear of something as sad as what these people went through, is to pull out a gun. Never mind that we weren’t THERE, and that pulling a gun now is a little useless.

            I am not a coward. I am a 68 year old woman who has never carried a pistol and once stood behind a man with a knife who was standing behind a counter insisting the clerk hand over what was in the cash register. There were 15 customers nearby, and three feet of counter the moron would have needed to get over, to hurt the cashier. My date was petrified when I VERY loudly spoke in pretend simpleton halting words, “OH OH OH … Look Look LOOK! He has a KNIFE. Look at it shake!” Everyone in the restaurant looked up, and the would-be thief turned and ran.

            It wasn’t the worst part of that date, for me. I was glad to not have to tell him again that we didn’t suit. It also isn’t the only time that I have handled “incidents” successfully without ever threatening bodily harm.

            As an apartment manager for years, I talked “down” more furious, nasty, hate-filled people than most people ever will encounter in their lives.

            My point is that having a gun is just ONE choice. Those of us who choose not to carry, are not cowards. We choose another way of living, than fear and loathing and preparing ourselves to kill someone who may dislike us. You may think that pulling a gun makes you less of a coward.

            Not in my eyes. Being saddened when bad things happen is not equivalent to being cowards. And being willing to help someone who needs it doesn’t mean you aren’t a dickhead.

          2. No disrespect, but you seem hostile from the tone of all your comments I read which make your post seem completely BS to me.

    1. racism is everywhere you are correct. it is in every state and especially in 2013. the crazies have come out of the wood work like bugs waiting to jump on the people they disagree with and racism and ageism and sexism and all are rampant in today’s world. it is sad. Peace

      1. I can’t believe that white people ignore the thousands of vicious black-on-white hate crimes going on.
        Are you familiar with the Straits and the little white boy that was lit on fire by the blacks? Thousands of black-on-white hate crimes that white people ignore, but you are so ready to help a black.

        1. Crime is Crime, and ANYWHERE it is deplorable!! I condemn anyone who commits a violent act against another, for no other reason than to cause suffering! Anyone, but especially those perpetrating racially-motivated crimes, should be arrested and punished!!! I know that I would never ignore ANY victim, no matter what color they were; and if I saw anyone being hurt even not seriously, I would immediately rush in to try to help and do what I could. I would hope anyone of conscience would feel and do the same.

    2. It was SHI Restaurant, and they released a statement about the incident:

      On Saturday 8/17 an unfortunate incident occured around
      the corner of SHI Restaurant. The James-Vogel’s were attacked in an alleged “hate crime”. It is being reported that we at SHI denied them help. We vehemently deny these allegations because it is simply untrue.We were not aware of the incident until it was over. In any event we were informed the Police were called and on their way. Neither Billie or Jacob Vogel was turned away. As a business serving Long Island City and beyond, we have a very diverse clientele and are very involved in the community. We strongly condemn discrimination in all forms and under no circumstances would we turn away anyone who needed help for whatever reason. Our sympathies go out to the James-Vogels and we sincerely hope they recover both physically and emotionally from this devastating incident.

      1. In this culture of bullshit this will not be believed. Instead of denying a very serious and plausible accusation, do something positive. This incident was not “unfortunate” it was a vicious hate crime.

        1. Hahahaha exactly Leonard ! Unfortunate? If these customers locked their keys in their car…THATS unfortunate. I hope this business goes out of business!! Gee , that would be unfortunate wouldn’t it?

        2. I sugest you get in where you fit in WHITE MAN. I also suggest for you to study the thoudands of black-onwhite hate crimes going on in this country. Many of them are coming from blacks that WHITES create!
          What yuou do find is just a small sample , most of them go unreported.

      2. //we were informed the Police were called and on their way.//
        //we were not aware of the incident until it was over.//

        So you didn’t know about it til after or you knew before the police even got there? Is anyone even reading this statement. The lie is right there in bold print.

      3. You people are the scum of the earth. Instead of making light of the incident, do something positive about it. You remind me of the kid who shoots his brother and then says “I did not know the gun was loaded “. Your ignorance is glaring.

      4. This was in the article. But is it believable? I can believe that whoever stated THIS, would not have turned the people away. But I also am not willing to instantly presume that this is the truth … and the people needing help were lieing.

      1. It’s not southerners. Probably Eastern European immigrants, of which there are a lot in New York City, and especially in the outer boroughs. Eastern Euros tend to be very racist

      2. As a Liberal South Carolinian, I am highly offended by YOUR stereotyping me as a “Hillbilly Confederate”. Get a clue, or else I will be forced, in your narrow mind’s view, to come up there and teach you some “Southern Manners”.
        Bigots exist anywhere they are tolerated, yourself included.

      3. Thats what I thought at first too, but in this case, guess it’s not true. Look at the name of the guy… does look ruskie or eastern european to me, like MesserIn says…. another sad fact, apparently they have a rampant human sex trafficking and female exploitation problem in those regions….

        Nooo!!! You mean vile ignorance like violent racism and gender discrimination/victimization go hand in hand!!?? Say it isnt so!!

        Not to say that every male or person from there is this way… (but Im sure as sh*t glad im not a gay person in Russia…. )

        and I still count myself very f_cking fortunate I didn’t have to grow up/live in some eastern euro-trash f_cked up, back-f_cking-a$$ vodka-soaked hellhole like where these vile bastards apparently come from… pretty sure they still believe in sorcery there and burn witches and god knows what other kind of insanity……..

    3. Huffington Post labels the the location as follows.

      Asian Fusion, Sushi Bars, Lounges [Edit]
      4720 Center Blvd
      Long Island City, NY 11109
      Neighborhoods: Hunters Point, Long Island City
      (347) 242-2450

      1. Not where you should be spending your money. Do not support hater or fear mongers. A closed/out of business sign on their door would be really satisfying to see.

        1. Oh you are so full of crap it runs out of both ends… If you are so blind that you can’t see the racial divisions being sown by this man you need to learn how to read, all of you. And it is too bad that your mothers didn’t get an abortion when pregnant with you idiots… Hey, its a choice, not a life.

          1. You are just a dumb piece of shit and you should shut the fuck up Steven Thompson. Or wait, come to Detroit, we’ll take really good care of you

          2. I mean it, we’ll shower you with gifts and stuff. I’ll be happy to send you the address. Just go ahead and ask

          3. What I see is that racists like you will always find someone else to blame for “why” they are bigoted dicks.

            Reading what you write makes me feel ashamed of being white.

          1. And SPEAKING of RACISTS……………….oh lookee here…….. we’s-a got ourselves another one!!! OK Mississippi Joe… I think its time you got back to your KKK meeting now!!!

            Yes you are so RIGHT!! There are NO white-on-black crimes, EVER!!! ****ONLY*** black-on-white!!!! Thank GOD you came around to set us confused-ededs peeple so straight!!

            The “darkies” were really pulling one yon over on us, now der, weren’t they!!???

            Don’t forget your white cape now!! You dont wanna look outta place when you meet all your other inbred F*CKS, oops, I mean, nice buddies down at the swampland or where-ever inbred F_CKS, OOPS!! I mean, nice southern boys, go to congregate!!! Make sure y’all talk about how PURE and FULL OF HONOR AND PIETY the WHITE RACE IS!! If only all those SUB-HUMAN, **VIOLENT** negroes could be put back in their place!!

            Then PEACE and PROSPERITY could finally ONCE AGAIN RULE SUPREME!! Ahhh…(sighs)….GAWD, IF ONLY!!

      1. Spare me please the bad mouthing of the President. He was duly elected by the people twice to serve us. I disagree with him on some things as well, but I don’t go badmouthing him like you and your friends do. He is the President of The United States and deserves to be treated with respect. He has not started a race war and that is a false charge you are making.

  1. That is so sick. I hope they catch all those poor excuses for human beings and that they are charged with a hate crime, which it absolutely was. I hope Billie, Jacob and their friend fully recover and can put this behind them. Good luck to all three of them.

  2. Nikolaos Katsos a greek no less. Google golden dawn which is a greek parlimentary group that attacks indian and pakistani immigrants. Maybe we should punish Greeks here in the US where unlike Europe Asian immigrants are the most successful ethnic group in the US?

    You people have government expendutire at 100% of your GDP, Greeks bankrupt your finance systeem and you have the audacity to blame it on immigrants.

    We don’t want Greek immigrants here in the US? STAY OUT

    1. Not sure that hate ever helps, but I sure know how you feel. Greeks are fantastic at self-promotion and anti-semitism. My Greek so-called financial adviser stole half a million bucks from me – he’s heading for jail.

      1. Are you sure he wasn’t a Jew? Or a crooked Italian mafioso? Perhaps a Nigerian bank scammer. Or a Russian Internet hacker. Or a white terrorist like Timothy McVeigh.

        Go fuck yourself, you racist pig.

    2. Ha! I’m hoping beyond hope that your post is pointing out the cries to “ban” immigration from “Muslim countries” to the US after Boston. In the event you’re not, it’s not like the Golden Dawn is remotely close to a majority, or plurality, in Greece. Terrible people exist everywhere, ethnicity, national origin, or religion, notwithstanding.

      1. Actually yes! Now only Greeks, but almost every European is a Nazi… The so called white race is the only race in the world that has a problem with everyone else… We’re living in a World Wide System of White Supremacy, where Whites have proclaimed themselves to be the superior race. jajaja!

    3. I see what’s being attempted here. You are right about the Golden Dawn. But Greece didn’t get bankrupted because of all the “government programs”. It got bankrupted because the wealthy (and others) dodged their tax obligations… legally. You could cut all the government programs thereabouts and they’d still be in the toilet.

      Cater too much to the wealthy among us in manners unreasonable and there will be collapse followed by unrest. That has been proven time and time again throughout history.

      1. You are bang f_cking on….. sadly this has been happening with frighteningly increasing speed in the U.S. ever since the mediocre actor came in to office 1980… …. Sadly some of the worst damage was also done during the Clinton years… Of course, thanks to the Bush crime family, two massive mega-BILLION $$ wars didn’t help much either…

        I hope and pray there isn’t some kind of serious or massive collapse in the US in the next 5-15 years…as the top 1-10% cancerously, ceaselessly, and without one IOTA of moral compunction, continue to rapaciously plunder any and ALL forms of wealth from the people and the Treasury as they have been for the last 30+ years (through, among other things, massive -legal- tax evasion), what are the rest of us supposed to do?? Peacefully starve?? I don’t think so….

    1. Why mention “sick people” and “red states” in the same sentence at all? Some of the sickest, most intolerant people call themselves “liberals” and demand “tolerance” of others; they just don’t get the Irony. This Conservative cherishes his multiracial grandkids, and knows that “blue” has no monopoly on virtue or tolerance.

      1. When it comes to American politics, increasingly you can not make the argument that the right wing is tolerant of anything besides what makes them the most money. Right now they can still bank high on white supremacy and other patriarchal ideals. Who knows what happens when that gold is completely mined for all it’s worth.

        1. maybe, HOPEFULLY, they’ll all turn on each other, like the parasites and venomous snakes that they are… when nothing or no one else then left to exploit and consume anymore… literally or figuratively…and just f_cking eat and consume each other!!

          That would be sweet indeed… then, maybe, finally, if the U.S. is still around, we would be free of their cancer to our political, economic, and social system….. sadly I’m afraid if and when this scenario might happen it would be far, far too late to do any lasting bit of good for the rest of us…

  3. And the bar wouldn’t let them back in after they had been in there and spending money prior to leaving it? (or any bar that would do this) SHAME ON YOU!!!! I hope the people who assaulted them get what they deserve. They are a beautiful couple and anyone who thinks otherwise is just a sick racist

    1. If it had happened in one of the Red States that so many decry it may not have happened if they were allowed to carry a firearm for their own protection. My life was saved by a gun and I have used a gun to de-escalate a situation just last week !!!

      1. I support concealed carry and –responsible– gun ownership, but a gun in a good person’s hand still doesn’t solve everything… I don’t think these particular racist scumbags were bent on murder, but sometimes firearms start OFF in good hands and end up in bad… just something to keep in mind… Not saying it always does, every situation is different. Its just that its important to keep in mind that there is never one simple, single cure-all solution to any problem….

        Nonetheless, if we can get the wretched NRA INBRED SCUMBAG PIG FILTH out of the G_DDAMN way and the cowardly scum in Congress that cater to them to do the same — and get some good F_CKING **COMMON SENSE** and MORAL gun laws passed; then I would be all FOR responsible gun ownership for mentally stable, non-violent persons!

    1. That is so, so chilling, and sobering. I am hoping those demon-scum animals got the death penalty. Unfortunately, a quick painless death is far too good for such evil filth!!!



      I’m pretty sure if you can tie your own shoes and wipe your own wretched a$$, you can get accepted as a scumbag grunt into the psycho-ass f_cking Marines!!! In the navy (my service) we always pretty much looked down, or at least, AT them for being pretty much freaks and not exactly all there upstairs. And most of them, though not all, appeared to me to be virtually illiterate!!

      The ASVAB is the easiest test I have ever taken, and to get the minimum passing score you literally could do blindfolded and in a coma…. yet people STILL somehow fail it!! How pigs like this every passed it, to get in, is quite beyond me!

      And they were his own MEN?!?! IT DOES BOGGLE THE MIND…but then… you know, WTF??? Evil is evil…. it only looks for opportunities to strike…. SCUMBAG FILTH in our military ranks is NOTHING NEW!!! Just look at all the sexual assaults and rapes that are committed YEARLY… and yet almost WHOLLY UNREPORTED because the FILTH in teh chains of command above these criminals almost always punishes the victim, and often times rewards the person who did the crime!!!!!!!! IT’S F__CKING IN-F*CKING-SANE!!!!! [I suppose evil IS evil, and violence is violence… whether its gender-based or race-based… it’s all from the same source… the source of evil. It’s just a monumental injustice that so many sociopaths, AKA -rapists- are walking around free right this very second… because of the rank filthy corruption that is so prevalent throughout our military. God knows if these filth did the exact same thing in the real world and were caught, and prosecuted and convicted, they would be serving years in prison!!!!]

      At least these demons in this case were caught. That’s certainly better than the alternative.

      I hope these filthy demons enjoy burning in hell !! Too bad we can’t get a video feed of what they get to go through down there… oh sure maybe that sounds morbid…. AND?!?!??!

      Sadly, these kinds of vile crimes are all too common… but at least in some cases, justice is finally served…

  4. I really hate media these days. Soon articles will look like “In today’s news, the r-word went out and bought a couple of b-words to d-word on his offday while he s-word. No news if the w-word was u-word at his a-word.”

    Seriously, when quoting something, it should be allowed or even used in the context of news.

  5. This is why I believe in the RIGHT TO CARRY A FIREARM. No one should be a victim of a thug pack of racists. Good people should have the FIREPOWER to defend themselves.

      1. You moron leonard… Guns used in self defense are not used to shoot up a bar, they were outside the bar and the entire incident might not have happened had one of them been allowed to carry. Most thugs flee at the first sight of a gun. You libs are so stupid.

          1. Liberals are not Progressives. They are REGRESSIVES . They want us all to be victims instead of empowered.They want gun control for all of us but the problem is criminals do not obey gun control laws. The end result is criminals carry regardless of how extreme the gun control laws (ask Chicago and Detroit) are and good citizens that don’t carry and obey the law end up as victims. Anyone that follows the idealistic utopian notion that guns can be removed from society is living a fantasy pipe dream. Be pragmatic and real. Criminals will always get guns illegally and the best way to counter this is to allow citizens to be armed. It will be a world where one criminal with a gun will be outgunned by 100 citizens pointing weapons back. Violence is a deterence.

          2. Still doesn’t guarantee that these people would have escaped violence with guns in their hands. Guns virtually don’t exist in some prominent developed nations (UK and Japan to name a couple) and in others they have numerous safety controls (Australia) and this kind of discussion is generally reserved for the radical right wing thereabouts.

            The answer is not a gun. The answer is for the perpetrators of violence to stop being violent.

          3. Actually Dr. Claw if you compare the violent crime rates of Japan and UK and Australia to the violent crime rates in the U.S. you will see the U.S. violent crime rates are substantially lower. The U.S. is ranked #63. The UK in many respects in one of the most violent countries in Europe. Maybe good citizens need to be armed there? The 24 states with right to carry laws lead the way in lowering the violent crime rates while the highest U.S. violent crime rates are in the states and cities with the most gun control. (Wash.. DC. Detroit. Chicago etc) Guns prevent rape, murder, and assault. Good people are empowered to protect themselves against criminals that will carry no matter how much guns are outlawed. I carry and have pointed a weapon twice at someone that wanted to either rob or assault me. I was neither assaulted or robbed Dr. Claw. I am no victim and no one else should be.

    1. Indeed, POS is waaaay to good for “like a bicycle” & nicolaos who probably have the same mother– what brings these people to this country to spread their venom and hatred– pathetic!!

  6. News like this wrenches my heart. What is going on with people… Obama owns that one. Just call him Mr. Divider.

    And in NYC. My golly, the Tolerance of the Left is sooo apparent.

    1. Stick a sock in it robin Grace. Obama has NOTHING to do with two imbeciles beating up an inter-racial couple and their gay friend.

      No one, and I mean NO ONE, in their right mind can connect anything POTUS has said or done with some bigots in Long Island City, which, for your edification, is a bastion of RIGHT WINGERS within the liberal bastion of NYC. You’ve obviously never been more than 100 miles away from the confines of a right wing area.

      In truth, the ascension of a bi-racial man to the presidency has only brought out the racist DEAD ENDERS, like yourself and those violent morons in Long Island City. However, like all dysfunctional people, you blame the man for having the audacity to succeed in his life when you couldn’t do it if you lived to be a thousand years old.

      1. Oh yes he has. He is doing everything he can do to foment and incite a race war. Maybe you should listen to the things he says instead of smoking your breakfast. There are black on white race crimes happening almost every day in this country and strangely enough one never hears about them in the media…

        1. lol…… hehe… i just love replying to your comments!!! did obama incite the gay hate crimes that go on over there too? maybe he incited the hate crimes happening all over the world! he is the leader of the free world you know!! lol!! u’re so hilarious.. obama has ntn to do with what’s going on.. races been hating each other for years… hate crimes been going on for centuries…. and obama wasn’t around then!! mankind has always found some reason to differentiate themselves and to reap havoc because of this difference…. whether it be religion,race,sexual orientation, or your place of birth….

        2. BULLSHIT! He’s done nothing of the sort. It’s people like you, johnbull88 and robin who are the bane of the existence of people who expect parity and peace in the world.

        1. I only go by what i see with my 2 eyes. I have lived in the middle east and Sweden. Therefore when i look at Greeks they physically remind me of Arabs and not WASP.

  7. What disgusting people to do that to someone else just because they are a diff color. or married to someone of a diff color… It’s almost shocking but not surprising with all the hate crimes that have been happening in the US esp against Minorities or friends of Minorities.

    I hope the victims sue the bar and or owner for not letting them back in to get help or at least call 911. the doorman should be fired.

    If this kind of thing does not stop, it’s going to get to the point where people are going to be afraid to go out. anywhere anymore. Or they’ll be afraid to go out with out a gun and permit to carry…

  8. smh……. its hard to believe that the couple was just leaving the man’s bar and he couldn’;t let them back inside and call the police? they should let us know which bar so not a soul go back in there…. could the owner call the man them to beat the couple up…

  9. u might not agree with interracial couple but its there….. just like how kkk and gays and lesbians are there too…u can’t stop ’em.. just dnt hate them…

  10. I suggest he goes back to Greek and fight the immigrants and stop looking soft targets. How about fighting the boys in the hood.No chance because him and his friends would be roasted.

  11. Why is the name of the bar left anonymous? I think it’s valuable to know where one can expect to be beaten by bigots and then be neglected by the establishment you’ve been a patron.

  12. We have seen again what we once thought had ended. People who think they are so much better then anyone of color or anyone who believes in a different life style, doing all they can to destroy others..

    Seems we have seen a lot of these kinds of degrading actions over the past six years. I guess if our President had been totally White we would not actually be seeing all of the Racial Hate that has come out. If he had been White all of those Racial comments and actions would still be covered over with a grim smile. People need to start having some respect for others.

    As we were growing up in the West most of us learned to respect others.. but years later as I traveled the South I see they never really did.. guess it still holds true in many parts of this Nation. More hate and less Respect, and we even see it being preached in places like the so call Mormon Church. When did God every show a dislike for half of the people around him? When did God every stand up and help only the Rich..? Watch the Children, the Poor and our Seniors, starve and die..


  13. Too bad they didn’t have a firearm on them. This did not have to happen… They are lucky to be alive what with so many people killing others out of sheer boredom… All the gun laws in the world will not stop a criminal from obtaining and using a gun, they are already breaking numerous laws when they rob a store or whatever they do with that firearm. It is not the gun, it is the criminal using it… CCW works.

  14. #1. Does not compare with the savagery blacks or committing every hour.
    Broken toes usually come from kicking something hard.

    #2. I am thinking there is more to this one sided story.

  15. Yes I do understand. There are many black gangs that also do this to white people. There are shitty racist white people and there are shitty racist black people. The Earth will be fine after the humans are gone, actually it will thrive without us.

  16. It’s so tragic that we aren’t all taught from a young age that skin color is an illusion to difference, and we are all the same on the inside. This saddens me so much, but I know that I can teach my own children to be loving and accepting and tolerant to everyone.

  17. This is an absolute outrage. I can’t decide who I am more annoyed with – the racists who beat these innocent people up or the ignorant doorman who would not allow them back into the club , The report states ‘Bille and Jacob and their gay friend were leaving a bar in Queens, N.Y….’ which means that they had only JUST walked passed the doorman and they were in his view. He’s a disgeace and the nightclun should be named and shamed.
    As for that piece of filth that was arrested, what a hypocrite – Nikolaos Katsos -.a Greek racist. He’s hardly what a racist would deem as
    ‘white, Anglo-Saxon’ or is it a case that there are so few racists now that they’ll allow anybody to join their club who remotely hates other people merely because of the colour of their skin? Pathetic. Racists should all be locked up and the key thrown away or better still put all the different ethnic racists together and they beat the crap out of each other!

  18. When are we as humans on tis planet called earth, going to quit with all the racial crap and grow up. That kind of behavior is old school. This is 2000’s by god, we need to live togther to accomplish our goals as one people, WE ARE AMERICANS we are better than that.

  19. I wished the attackers dead for sure or jailed for life Shows there are still idiots human being still formed in this world.. And another unsympathetic humans we still have in as our neighbors. Sad

  20. Well, you can’t legally carry a concealed weapon in a bar, or anywhere in NYC, but hey, that wouldn’t stop me, you’re not allowed to commit hate crimes either, but it didn’t stop them. Don’t count on the law or anyone else to protect you, don’t be a martyr, protect and defend yourself. If someone punched my girl, I would shoot them a couple times to severely wound them, then I would emasculate them.

  21. That is unreal, just unreal. Those two men should be allowed out & waiting for them should be maybe a half dozen friends & those half dozen friends should take a page out of the pre revolutionary war, called “Tar & Feathering”. They should get those two men, strip them naked, cover them with hot tar, feather then & then set fire to the feathers as they did in the 1700’s… I have a feeling those two guys would NEVER EVER bother anyone again….. (Yes it’s crude but some crimes need to be handled that way) (Don’t ask me what I think should happen to a amn proved guilty of rape)

  22. I am just amazed at the level of prejudicial thought that goes on in this so called enlightened avenue of discourse. Since they can’t get to me on the merits of the statements I have made about defending oneself these denizens of intelligence have resorted to kindergarten tactics of calling me names. Awww… What’s the matter, did I hurt someone’s feelings little boy ???

  23. That’s why black women should only date strong powerful blackmen, most Caucasian men are weak and cowardly, once they get attacked, they start reasoning. If it were me, I would be the one beating up on these worthless cowardly & filthy excuse for human beings. I would break a jaw or a leg

  24. People individually tend to be fine . . in groups they tend to lose their common sense. The common sense is that we are all the same and any racial differences are no different than our own uniqueness. I didn’t even think about that woman being black till I read the article. Let’s all hope the idea of being different races ends as we all blend into human beings.

  25. What a terrible crime!! I hope every ONE of these pigs is brought to justice!! And SHAME ON THE F_CKING BAR GUY for locking them out!!!! What an inhuman bastard! They were just physically attacked and he slams a door in their face!!?? I’ve never heard such outrageous acts of inhumanity!! Truly some, MANY people on this planet do not deserve to live!! I sure hope that worthless son of a b_tch’s karma catches up to him and soon!!! As for the attackers, let’s hope the one they caught leads the cops the rest, and they can all ROT in prison for the next year or two!! FILTH, pure FILTH!

    BY the way, this is one of the sweetest, nicest-looking couples I have seen in a long time!!! They look like genuinely good people!! May they have a full and speedy recovery!!

    I hope you worthless scumbags enjoy prison, and being on the receiving end of getting jumped this time around, cowardly punk-a$$ b*tches!!!



  27. It takes a very small mind to just look at a interracial couple and decide whether they should be together or not. The love and affection they have for each other has no barrier regardless of race. If she cares for him and he cares for her; that’s all that matters. They weren’t forced to be together. “They chose to be together!” And above all else “they’re married!” Had I been in this man’s position; putting their hands on me and my wife because of racial hate on their part would have been a bad thing for them. I might have lost the fight but they’d have felt and known (from their bruises) they had been in a fight the next day.

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