Billie James-Vogel and her husband Jacob James-Vogel were beaten by several white men who did not agree with them being an interracial couple. According to NBCNewYork, Bille and Jacob and their gay friend were leaving a bar in Queens, N.Y. when they were approached by several males.

The men began yelling the ‘N-word’ and the ‘F-word’ at the couple and their friend. Jacob attempted to reason with the men, but it only made them more belligerent. They pushed Jacob to the ground and punched him repeatedly. They also assaulted Billie, leaving her with broken toes and severe bruises.

After the attack, the couple, battered and bleeding, returned to get help from the bar. However, the doorman at the bar slammed the door in their face and would not let them into the club or seek help.

Police officers were able to arrest apprehend and arrest Nikolaos Katsos, 28, but the other assailants escaped. Katsos was charged with assault and harassment, but the charges could be elevated to a hate crime.


A.R. Shaw

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