Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy continue yachting in Spain

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Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy spotted again in Spain

Beyoncé her Roc Nation husband and her baby girl are continuing their overseas vacation presumably for the singer’s birthday. Just a day before Baddie Bey turned 32, she, Blue Ivy and Jay-Z were spotted yachting in Formentera, Spain. Beyoncé donned a printed silk two-piece by British label Never Fully Dressed while her daughter looked adorable in a white frock with a beaded hair clip.

Jay-Z was also seen posing for photos for his wife who snapped pictures of their island escape presumably for her Tumblr page.

This is the second time the Carter family has been spotted in Spain. Just a few days ago, they were seen in Ibiza.

Check out photos of the Carters in Spain below. –danielle canada

  1. Well, at least they took enough time to throw a bow in the child’s hair that STILL AIN’T COMBED! they must be pretty busy not to run a comb through it! well I guess that isn’t saying much becasue BEY’S weave looks a hot mess as well!

  2. Beyoncé’s baby is cute, but that little girl Never smiles. Never seen a smile on this child’s face since she was born. Has a mean look. I agree that Beyoncé and Jayz need to do something with that chid’s hair. All for going natural, but the poor baby’s hair looks like it’s a wild bush. They need to give the poor child some type of neater hair style. Without the dress, you would think the child was a boy. Cute thought! Glad they both started dressing her a little more like a girl. She is a cutie pie.

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