THIRD UPDATE, 3:35 p.m.: Authorities said there is only one suspect shooter on the loose, down from the two that was previously reported. The white male was accounted for and has been taken off the manhunt list. The black male is still being sought by local and federal police agencies.

Twelve people are confirmed dead, 10 others are injured, several critically, according to multiple media outlets. The dead shooter has been identified as 34-year-old Aaron Alexis, a one-time resident of Forth Worth, Texas, a medium-sized town about 15 minutes west of Dallas. No known motive has been revealed as of press time.


SECOND UPDATE, 2:11 p.m.: District of Columbia mayor Adrien Fenty and Washington Metropolitan Police chief Kathy Lanier said 12 people have been killed in the massive murderous rampage at a Navy base in Washington D.C. with others reported injured.

Fenty and Lanier report that the one gunman has been killed, but did not elaborate as to how. They also said, more importantly, that they are on the lookout for two more suspects who are armed and extremely dangerous. One is a white male, between the ages of 40 and 50, with a Navy military uniform and wearing a beret and holding a handgun. The other is a black male with an olive-colored Navy style uniform between the age of 40 and 50, 5-feet-10 inches tall, about 150 pounds, medium complexion with graying sideburns.

Lanier refused to divulge to the media what intelligence led her to believe that there are two more suspects who escaped initial capture and are currently on the loose in metro D.C.

Multiple police officers were injured, including one by gunfire, but Fenty said at a press conference that he will recover fully. Lanier followed up and said other officers were injured in the chaotic scene but those were not gun related.


UPDATE, 1:41 p.m:

WASHINGTON — Multiple reports, including those from CNN and FOX News, state that the one shooting suspect in the deadly rampage at a Navy base is deceased. No word as yet if the suspect was killed by responding authorities from local and federal police agencies or whether it was a case of murder-suicide.

There are also reports that the gunman could have had at least one, and quite possibly up to three, accomplices in the random deadly shooting in center of a residential neighborhood in the District of Columbia. In the ensuring widespread panic, witnesses said they saw more than one person with a firearm running from the scene of this naval shipyard, but that has not been confirmed conclusively.

The entire DC metro area — including Southeast Maryland and Northeast Virginia, which are in proximity to Washington — is on high alert as officers from the District’s Metropolitan Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) and agents from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continue the investigation as well as the rescue and recovery efforts.

The number of reported casualties, including those of local police officers, has fluctuated in the last hour. CNN is now saying that at least 10 people have been shot and at least one person has been confirmed dead by a local hospital. The number of reported dead, however, is expected to rise once the final inventory of casualties has been completed.


A busy Navy shipyard in Washington, D.C. is the scene of a chaotic manhunt as law enforcement searches for a gunman who has reportedly shot at least 12 people, four of them fatally. Two of the dead are said to be police officers.

The report of 12 victims was Tweeted by NBC Nightly News, who attributed the number to a senior Navy official who gave the information to NBC News.

Of those 12, the source says four are fatalities and two are said to be law enforcement officers.

The source tells NBC that one shooter has been cornered, and that there may be a second being sought. The shooter is described as a light-skinned black man.

A second volley of shots was heard just after 8:20 Eastern Standard Time.

The U.S. Navy did confirm on Twitter that they’re looking for a gunman, and says the shooter is still loose. They say three shots were fired inside their Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters.

All of the compound’s 3,000 workers have been ordered to “shelter in place.”

A Gannett reporter on an outbound airplane at Reagan National Airport says they were told all planes had been grounded indefinitely, but passengers were not given a reason for the groundings.
 Flight have now resumed.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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