Is Miley Cyrus pregnant by Juicy J?

Is a twerking pop star expecting her first baby by a rapper? That’s the rumor that’s swirling today about Miley Cyrus after a gossip rag reported that she announced her pregnancy during the BET Hip Hop Awards.

According to CreamBMP.com, Miley brought her father Billy Ray Cyrus to the awards and told the audience that she was pregnant. And while rumors are swirling that she’s dating Mike Will Made It, if you believe the site her baby’s father is actually not the hit producer but rapper Juicy J.

“I assure you she’s been doing a lot more than twerking” said Juicy J before Miley Cyrus blurted out that her and the “Bandz a Make Her Dance” rapper were expecting,” wrote CreamBMP. “She really broke my achy breaky heart” said Billy Ray Cyrus at first jokingly about the hit song he’s known for but then going on to say they’re are three things he thought would never be a part of his life; rap music, twerking and a black baby.

“The crowd at first taking her announcement as a joke cried with laughter but after Miley screaming “No, I’m really pregnant” she was met by a round of applause from the packed crowd,” the site added. 


And while the seedy story is making for good chatter, the rumor is 100 percent false.

CreamBMP is a satirical news site, one that also reported that Drake got Lil Wayne’s face tattooed across his heart to commemorate the rapper’s birthday.

-danielle canada