peb18Social media went in hard on former TLC manager and multiplatinum singer Pebbles during and especially following, the airing of the TLC biopic “CrazySexyCool” movie that painted a portrait of a vulture overseer who half-devoured her own artists in the tradition of Suge Knight.

Twitter and Instagram did not take kindly to Pebbles, aka Perri Reid, who allegedly constructed a horrible contract and then virtually starved the trio half to death on $25-a-week stipend — and then had the nerve to dock their pay for the slightest infractions.


Some of these Pebbles memes are just not right. Pebbles was, after all, married to music mogul L.A. Reid and they both reported to business baron Clive Davis, so there was some collusion in this if there was indeed treachery and deceit as portrayed in the biopic. But for now the object of the public’s ire is mostly Pebbles because of her prominence in TLC’s day-to-day lives and her micromanagement of their earnings.

Take a look at the most inflammatory Pebbles memes floating around in cyberspace.


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