Hollywood’s hot hair trend: Hairfinity hair supplements


Celebrities who use Hairfinity  

For a number of stars looking to strengthen their God-given locks there’s a brand of hair supplements that gives them a head full of healthy hair. Harifinity hair pills promise that their product is packed with nutrients to build thicker, more vibrant hair, from the inside out. Ingredients include biotin, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin B 12.

Hairfinity is apparently the product of choice for reality stars and actresess alike. Included in that group is Regina King who noted that the product worked well for her signature short do’.

“I decided to use Hairfinity and I am truly impressed with this product,” said King in a testimonial. “It’s natural and it works! That’s a rare combination in this day and age.”

See who else is in on the Hairfinity hair pills trend. -danielle canada



  1. I’m an African American woman and I’m really surprised so many people take Hairfinity when there are african hair specific hair growth vitamin out there. African hair is so much different than other hair types you really need a product made for it alone.

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