Draya Michele’s boyfriend on the Dallas Cowboys busted for cheating on her

draya boyfriendIt is bad when your professional football-playing boyfriend cannot get you better than nosebleed seats at their home stadium. It’s even worse when that boyfriend is caught red-handed trying to rustle up some side-sex and only to get put on blast by that ex-girlfriend.

That’s the damning dilemma facing “Basketball Wives” reality star Draya Michele

A woman that Orlando Sandrick of the Dallas Cowboys used to call his girlfriend put him on full furnace blast when he relentlessly sent her friend requests on Instagram and texting her to “smoke and get dinner. Therefore, the girlfriend finally did what an annoyed woman with texts from an athlete in a “committed relationship” with a reality star would do: She posted the embarrassing screenshots on Instagram.

Draya Michele has yet to respond — probably reeling from shock and humiliation — but we know it’s just a matter of time seeing how much time the thirsty bird spends on social media.

Flip the e-page to view Sandrick’s hunt for his ex-girlfriend’s attention.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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