Photography by: DeWayne Rogers

Wardrobe: Jessica Paster

Hair: Kimberly Kimble

Makeup: Motoko Honjo

She laughed …

And for a split second, the entire crew in attendance for Sanaa Lathan’s rolling out cover shoot tried to maintain a level of professionalism. But that moment was fleeting, and suddenly the entire room erupted in laughter. Call that the Lathan effect. Her magnetism was in full effect that day as she cooed for the camera of photographer DeWayne Rogers, while simultaneously holding court for a delighted throng of bystanders. And she did it all with an infectious smile. That was Sanaa the people person.

Or perhaps it was Sanaa the class clown…

Both are just as important to her makeup as Sanaa the actor. While the latter will be on full display as The Best Man Holiday gets set to hit theaters on Nov. 15., it was refreshing to get to know that other side of Lathan during her exclusive interview with rolling out.

DeWayne Rogers

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