Peter Gunz & Tara Wallace - Cover

“Love & Hip Hop” fans got to see the dark and violent side of series star Tara Wallace these past few weeks when she got violent with both her ex, Peter Gunz, and his mistress-wife, Amina Buddafly, after she found out they were having an affair behind her back. But according to Gunz, that wasn’t the most violent Wallace has been. In fact, he claims that she once tried to stab him.

In the “Check Yourself” recap episode of Monday night’s “Love & Hip Hop,” Gunz explains that during a previous fight, Wallace grabbed a knife and almost chopped his genitals off.

“One time, she went and grabbed a knife and ran up the steps,” Gunz recalled. “I turned around and said, ‘Why you gonna do with that knife?’ And she stuck it through my jeans and missed my d— by a quarter of an inch.”

Well, for Gunz’s sake, we’re happy that he didn’t lose his Johnson over a fight with Wallace. Although, he probably should’ve taken that incident as good reason to never mess with Wallace again. Then again, violence is never the answer and she certainy had no business rasing a hand or a knife to another person.

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