No ‘Mary’ Christmas: Steve Harvey’s ex-wife in jail


Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Vaughn to spend Christmas in jail

Mary Vaughn, ex-wife of funny man and talk show host Steve Harvey will spend Christmas and the New Year in jail. Unfortunately, Vaughn will have 30  long, silent nights as a result of violating a gag order to keep the details of their estrangement private. Their 16-year marriage ended in 2005 in a bitter custody battle with Harvey gaining custody of their teenage son.

In 2008, there were allegations of child abuse that were investigated by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Family and Protective Services founded, “Based on the information obtained, the child does not appear to be at risk…the case is closed without further investigation…  Mrs. Woolridge  [Mary Vaughn aka Mary Lee Shackelford aka Mary Vaughn Wooldridge, current married name] was fully aware and informed of the results of the CPS Investigation.”

It is unclear but it appears the former Mrs. Harvey disclosed, discussed and/or made disparaging remarks about Steve alleging he beat their son in a fraternity hazing ritual using a belt and a paddle in a YouTube video.

Mary showed up in court without an attorney because as tells FOX 4, the Fox News affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth, she couldn’t afford one. “I’m just a mother who wants to have access to my son without interference,” she said. “I’m tired of getting pulled down to McKinney (Texas) courthouse every time I say ‘Boo.’ I’m not going to be silenced.”

Steve’s attorney tells FOX4, “Please be advised that the Law Offices of Bobbie Edmonds represents Mr. Steve Harvey in the legal matter which has arisen from another episode of YouTube releases, which contain false, misleading, derogatory, defamatory, disparaging and malicious information about Mr. Harvey, his wife, and children by his ex-wife, Mary Vaughn Woolridge. (current married name) and formerly known as Mary L. Harvey, individually, and through her agent, representative and co-conspirator, Essie Berry aka EssieRerunBerry aka Essie Rerun Berry! aka Essie Nickerson aka Essie Jackson aka Essie Alexander. We filed another Motion for Contempt and Enforcement against Mary Vaughn Woolridge for the recent social media smear campaign and slanderous 2008 child abuse allegations against Mr. Harvey, among other violations of the prior gag order and permanent injunctions issued in 2008, 2011 and early 2013.”

Mary  has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and scheduled to be released on January 17, 2014.

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  • nastinupe
    December 22, 2013

    Good. I’m sick and tired if upset women trying to expose black men to ruin then. When will this madness stop?

  • RON
    December 22, 2013


  • Carmen
    December 22, 2013

    God will show up and show out! Just sit back and let him do his work

  • msphd
    December 23, 2013

    Why is there a gag order if nothing odd was going on? IJS

    • Hank Wilson
      December 23, 2013

      The rich, entertainers and the well to do, they are always asking for a gag order. That happens to be the nature of being in the business, and sometimes the court approves it and sometimes the court don’t …lol.

    • 7734real
      December 23, 2013

      Why? Perhaps because of a thing known as “None of your business”. Since it appears that things were legally handled upright, why involve OUTSIDERS into their PERSONAL business unneccessarily? I think they’re right. After all, they don’t pay my bills, nor I theirs. They don’t know me personally, nor do I know them personally. So, why is it important to know every personal detail of their lives? IMHO, the public needs to get a life….their OWN life and learn how to mind their own business now-a-days. Gossip seems to be the ONLY life this generation knows! It’s sad. smh

    • Terrence Barnes
      May 19, 2017

      I’ll spell it out for you..

      1. People will believe lies, if the lies are repeated enough. Its the nature of humans to do this.
      2. Entertainer’s careers can be killed by simple bad Public Relations.
      3. If someone decides they don’t like someone else, they can use social media to say anything they please, truth or not. To MANY people, the lies become the truth. This is the WORST type of public relations you can think of..

      THIS is why gag orders are common amongst celebrities. Its to avoid the inevitable bad PR. Innocent or guilty, a celebrities livelihood hinges on a good public reaction. Its why there is legally no assignment of guilt or innocence when a settlement is reached, and why celebrities want gag orders.

      Go to any news site with a comments section and read a story about Bill Cosby. You’ll see how people can be led to believe anything. There has never been proof of wrongdoing on Cosby’s part.. yet people are convinced they know ‘the real truth’.

      Innuendo and suggestion don’t constitute proof.. and from a legal perspective, proof only comes in two forms.. someone pleads guilty (they admit they did something), or a court of law judges them guilty. Yet how many times have you seen public opinion judge guilt without any evidence.. just a few folks dusting up trouble.

      Accusations are easy.. that proof thing has a slightly higher bar.

  • go_ca
    December 23, 2013

    Are we to assume that after 16 years of marriage this woman got divorced from Steve Harvey and got notihing in the divorce?

  • Steelo
    December 25, 2013

    B*tch, didn’t I tell you to keep my name outta yo mouth?? You gone learn today! LMAO LMAO LMAO…

  • Jae Love
    December 30, 2013

    This what Mary Harvey says is ALL TRUE! Stop assuming that just because Steve Harvey is a celebrity that that immediately makes him right! She has no reason to lie. There was a gag order placed on her because Steve wanted to cover up the child abuse because of his image! Essie Berry who is mentioned in this article showed is all the proof on YouTube! Actual papers and documents. Essie isn’t trying to extort money she’s a civil rights activist. I really wish people would stop giving their opinions with knowing the whole 360. Fact is Steve Harvey WILL get exposed and Mary will get everything she deserves in the end! Evil never prevails for too long

    • Terrence Barnes
      May 19, 2017

      You don’t know any details in this.. you are just assuming. This makes you the stupid one in the room.

      Until a court hears a case and judges guilt, its all just hot air. Get a life.

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