Meet Terrell Owens’ wife-to-be, Rachel Snider

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Rachel Snider marrying Terrell Owens

Now that news has broken that Terrell Owens is engaged to a Texas postal worker, a number of his fans are clamoring for info on his wife-to-be. As previously reported, Owens applied for a marriage license to wed Beaumont, TX native Rachel Snider. Snider, 33, and the athlete kept their relationship extremely low profile and have yet to even be photographed together.

Shortly after news broke of the engagement, Snider’s Twitter page was discovered. She then posted the tweet below:

Details on Snider are very skimpy. According to social media, she considers NFL player Kerry Rhodes a “good friend,” she also frequently tweets back and forth with Owens’ son Terique.

A huge fan, Snider often defends Owens against followers who blast him and previously created an Instagram video for his 40th birthday.


Just before news of their impending wedding broke, she posted photos of Tiffany rings she was coveting. She later posted the below photo of what appears to be a [huge] engagement ring from Owens.

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Check out more photos of Terrell Owens’ wife-to-be Rachel Snider below. -danielle canada 

  1. People should shut their mouths & mind their own business as to how much $$$$$$ this man has as long as he can support his babies its none of nobodys business! SERIOUSLY THO

  2. Sounds to me like people are JEALOUS! Its about time NFL BALLERS marries ordinary decent women with decent jobs PERIOD! Maybe then their marriages would last a lifetime… Instead of bouncing from one VA JAY TO THE NEXT!

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