Atlanta’s DJ Nando killed

DJ Nando

DJ Nando death 

A popular Atlanta DJ has died. William Fernando better known as DJ Nando was shot and killed early Tuesday outside his Clayton County home. Details are sketchy but police report that Fernando was found shot in the head outside of his home just before 4 a.m.

Police have not identified a motive for the shooting.

DJ Nando was a popular Atlantan who deejayed at local gentlemen’s clubs, including Magic City and Onyx. A member of the Coalition DJs and a staple on the local music scene, several of his fellow DJs and celebrity friends have publicly expressed their grief.

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“It is with great sadness that the Coalition DJs confirm the passing of member and brother DJ Nando, wrote Coalition DJs heads Nick Love and Xavier “Big X” Hargrove in a joint statement.

“Today we’ve lost not only a great talent and DJ but our friend and brother. Nando had a great ear for talent and was highly respected within the DJ community and the music industry at large.

“DJ Nando played a huge role in the success of Atlanta’s thriving music scene, and was a constant “go to” for labels and artists trying to get their music to the masses,” they added.

“We’re not engaging in speculation, as we await the final reports from authorities, and ask that you join us in honoring his memory by doing the same. In the coming days we ask for your continued prayers for DJ Nando’s family friends, his business partner AB and our organization as we work to process this senseless tragedy.”



This story is still developing …

-danielle canada

  1. why is so many black men ingaging in so much mischief , this brother had every thing going for him .he was working didnt have to sell dope to pay his bills , and unless he was involved in some mischief he probaby pissed someone off .. .. the devil will kill you for any reason he wants , he wants your soul . and will have you do so much evil to get you ..i hope this brother talk to god before he closed his eyes … and i hope his family has been praying for him .so sad

  2. then again there are haters to out there people that aint doing shit and dont want you to do either ,funny how when your doing bad you have many friends , but the moment you stop complaining and they see you shining and gettin payed they start , wishing you would die even, .or wishing you lost all your possessions and some will kill you even just to ease their hating hearts … i trust nobody , i watch my back and have only one friend in this world his name is jesus … you have to just keep god next to you daily ..pray a lot ,and be grateful for what god gave you .. when you stop careing about your surroundings and you get to relaxed with enemies , and you forget where you started , you are sealing your fate … some people grow old ,some die young ,you choose …. god directs you but you choose

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