Actor claims Bill Clinton was sexing top model


In a dramatic taped interview, actor Tom Sizemore, star of Blackhawk Down spoke about an  affair between President Bill Clinton and supermodel Elizabeth Hurley.

The actor detailed how he set up a booty call between Clinton and Hurley. Sizemore claims that Clinton pressured him during a White House visit for the supermodel’s phone number. The undercover tape and interview were part of joint investigation by news organizations Radar Online and Globe. Sizemore claims that as soon as the screening for Black Hawk Down was over; Hurley was at the White House, flown in by a private jet. According to Sizemore, Clinton said of the relationship between himself and his wife, Hillary, “we have separate romantic lives” and the couple slept in separate bedrooms.

Sizemore goes on to state that the affair went on for almost a year before Clinton broke it off because he was falling in love.

However, within days of making these explosive statements, the actor claimed he was high on drugs and made it all up.

“I’d like to apologize to her for any hurt or BS I caused [Liz] or the Clintons or anybody else I may have mentioned … They were the rantings of a drug-addicted actor,” stated Sizemore.

The actor also stated that he only attended the screening and never met the president. He also said that the tape was made in 2010 even though Radar Online claims it was made within the last year.

Sizemore has been caught in lies before. He claimed five years sobriety from drugs but was recorded smoking meth last month.

As for Elizabeth Hurley’s reaction in this matter, she tweeted; “Ludicrously silly stories about me & Bill Clinton. Totally untrue. In the hands of my lawyers. Yawn.” (@ElizabethHurley)

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

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