Alfred Wright update: Texas attorney general refuses to investigate slain father’s murder

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Alfred Wright Lynching: Texas Attorney General declines case

In a stunning development of the Alfred Wright murder/lynching investigation, the Texas Attorney General’s office under Gregg Abbott has declined to take up the investigation. This could be for a variety of reasons; one of them being the cost of the investigation. The U.S. Department of Justice has opened an investigation into Wright’s death and perhaps it’s more cost effective for the Federal government to pursue justice rather than the state of Texas. However, Wright was a Texas resident, paid his taxes and is entitled to all the protection and due diligence of the state to solve his murder.

Another reason could be politics. Greg Abbott is running for Governor of Texas. People say you are known by the company you keep and Abbott is keeping company with Ted Nugent. Nugent made headlines last week for calling President Obama “a communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel.” Nugent also called Hillary Clinton  “a worthless b—-.” Is it any wonder that Abbott is reluctant to take up the call for justice and an investigation into Alfred Wright’s murder/lynching? The office of the Attorney General has not released a statement regarding their decision.

According to Wright’s family members no law enforcement official has interviewed any of them, nor the people who found Wright’s body.  Neither have they dusted for prints from Wright’s truck.  Despite repeated requests by the family, no photos from the first autopsy have been given to the family’s independent forensic expert who performed the second autopsy that indicated possible homicide.  This is 2014, not 1954, but it seems things still stay the same in the deep south when it comes to lynching a black man.

The Texas Attorney General’s office could not be reached for comment.

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

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  1. When all the demonstrators come out to protest against him and it keeps making news, he will have no choice to reinvestigate the case. Pressure always gets to those even with the wickedest heart.

  2. That bullshit!!!!!!!!!!! For something i never did in my life and the state of texas is pursuoing it but when it comes to a dead black man they dont want to spend money on this. the justice department is a bunch of bull shit politic and money

    1. as long as the good ole boy status exist this crime will go unsolved who ever did it knew of the road blocks to justice for anyone black …if he was white it would have been investiators from dallas even on board …… they dont care bout anything with the smell of drug cartel ..for fear of their own familys being wacked

  3. Aall outS LONG AS TEXAS IS THE GOOD OLE BOY STATE .. WITH fear of whites with money …and flawed justice system ..politics who thrieve on these small racist towns for sureity to be revoted … this murder will be unsolved … until a later date … if you can call the president a name and not get thrown under the jail …its no wonder kennedy was shot in texas OF ALL PLACES … POLITICIANS ARE SELF SERVING YOU KNOW THAT ..this family will not get justice due to sheriff covering their own tracks .. they knew it was a possibilitie of this being labeled hate crime .. doesnt make them sleep less ..since hate crime is the FRUIT OF THE SEASON HANGING FROM STRANGE TREES AS A BLACK MAN SWINGING WITH HIS NECK IN A KNOTT … TEXAS is a hell hole of lieing , thieving drug peddeling con-artist most in high offices just ask dallas tx lawyers and judges ,and city officials .. who usually use power and prestige to set ignorant laws … like taxi cab laws they got caught reesently in a scandol with the yellow cab company.. for politcal kick backs in favor of letting the cab company run the city transportation ..and tryed to push uber out of dallas and faled miserable cause UBER IS A BILLION DOLLAR INDUSRY LOL… YOU CANT MESS WITH MONEY ..CAUSE YOU GOT FLAWED LAWS IN YOUR CITY OR TOWN ….. these big companies can come in and buy them all out …and run them off their own land lol … but the wright family has been failed by dirty laws meant to protect dirty cops ..sheriffs and that store ownere to . who tamperd with cameras before the murder .. that man ran out that store cause he was chased out …and held down …. an yet the police didnt see this while gettin donuts? yeah sound like mayberry to me trust me they will not get away with this …. no way no how and no BUENO … THIS IS A TRAGEDY OF JUSTICE IF YOU EVER SAY IT ….

  4. the sheriff’s office cant open an investigation because there isnt any signs of a crime being committed. falsehoods rumors and lies cant change that. People please take time to read autopsy .report. Google it.

  5. Factman- you are the one who needs to get the facts! the family found the body and they have photos and a second autopsy report to confirm that there was overwhelming evidence to rule this a homicide case! Furthermore, how can you say that Ted Nugent has nothing to do with this? You obviously are from hemphill Texas, a different era, state or planet. Ted Nugent is the top cop in the state of Texas. His only mission in that capacity is to protect ALL the citizens of Texas by uphold and enforcing the laws of the state. If he fails to do so, then He may has well have been the one who CUT off Alfred Wright’s tongue, GOUGED out both of his eyes, CUT his throat, CUT off his ear, Cut and PEELED the skin off his face, PULLED two teeth out his mouth, and inflicted the blunt force trauma to his head and neck. Amazingly the local medical examiner’s autopsy said that there was no evidence of foul play (that is a seriously damning fact). You see when the DEpartment of Justice looks at all of the real facts, this will be an open and shut case and ALL the crooked police, politicians, the medical examiner and DIstrict Attorney will have HELL to pay for this hanus Crime! Put that in your FACT column. So I guess this is what you get for being a black man, married to a white woman living in Texas… Sad- but racism, hatred and pure evil toward African Americans is still alive and well in some parts of this country. Know that The Wright Family will not rest until there is Justice For Alfred!!!! That’s a Fact you can bank on– Factman!

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