Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper admits to raping multiple women

Former Pro Football Player Darren Sharper Appears in CourtFormer New Orleans Saints defensive superstar Darren Sharper reportedly “admitted” to witnesses that he and a second suspect raped two women back in September, according to New Orleans investigators.

The New Orleans Police Department has released the application for the arrest warrant of Sharper’s alleged associate Erik Nunez, in which officials allege both men had non-consensual sex with two women who were “substantially impaired” on September 23.

Cops say a “known acquaintance” observed Sharper in the NFL star’s apartment wearing only his boxers, then saw Nunez exiting Sharper’s bedroom in his boxers as well.

In the document, officials say “Through further investigation by the detectives it was learned that Nunez and Sharper admitted to other known witnesses that he and Sharper had vaginal and/or oral sex with victims #1 and #2 without their knowledge or permission.”

Neither Sharper nor Nunez have been charged with a crime yet.

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  • SMDH
    March 7, 2014

    Everyone isn’t a groupie, stop excusing these low lifes for what they do.. Just cause they can run a ball does not make them gods.. smh

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