‘Basketball Wives’ Sundy Carter admits to multiple arrests


Sundy Carter admits to multiple arrests

A bold “Basketball Wives L.A.” star is admitting to having a criminal record and blasting a website for attempting to expose her. Sundy Carter, who was spotted at a pre-Oscars bash having a shouting match with Draya Michele, recently shared an Instagram photo of her arrest record that shows multiple lockups for theft.

“So I wake up to a phone call this a.m. saying look at mediatakeout,” said Carter, calling out MediaTakeOut directly.

“Ya’ll really digging this s— was 20 years ago,” she added.

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She then went on to admit several other infractions with help from fellow Basketball Wife Jackie Christie. Christie admitted to previously being arrested for assault and speeding while Carter was once accused of stealing a car.

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Christie has also admitted to an attempted murder charge and speeding.

See more of Sundy Carter and Jackie Christie’s tweets about their previous arrests below. -danielle canada


  • pcofwork
    March 8, 2014

    Karma’s a real bitch, eh? Guess someone who took such pleasure in bringing up Draya’s past, which we already covered in season one, is getting her comeuppance. How many of these newbies going to get re-cast for the next season? #SaveThatTVMoneyHo

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