not only agreed to attend Kimye’s big day, but she actually agreed to be in the wedding as a bridesmaid, according to a new report. Kanye West wants Jay Z at his wedding to Kim Kardashian —and it may just be easier than he thought. While Kim has allegedly had a feud for years with Beyoncé, the ladies put their differences aside and have reportedly become friends. In January Star reported that Bey turned down Kim’s request for her to be in the wedding, though Kim’s rep confirmed that this wasn’t true.

Bey and Jay will be jumping a plane to Paris soon for the wedding on May 24, MediaTakeOut reports. learned exclusively that Kanye is hoping that Mary J. Blige will perform her hit song, “Everything!”

“One of his favorite songs by her is ‘Everything,'” a source close the couple confirmed to us. “That song sums up, in every verse, his love for Kim. He wants that song to be sang at his wedding so he’s talking to Mary.”

“We’re having a super, super small, intimate wedding,” Kim told Ryan Secrest‘s KIIS FM radio show on Feb. 25. “As we go along, we’re realizing we want it to be smaller and more intimate than people are imagining and thinking.”

What are your thoughts on Beyoncé being Kim’s bridesmaid? –Joi Pearson @joiapearson

  • Sunshyne

    Kim and Kanye is just thirsty for attention. Media whores!!! Using Beyoncé because she’s sure to get more media attention. I am so sick of these two.

  • kelly

    YEH YOU have a small wedding cause the drama is gonna be big as kenya big ass head loll… i mean this girl dont think at all ,right now you betta believe she want out just like she did iwth humphrey …. but her ignorant belief is she should go ahead cause the baby needs this and that … DONT SHE SEE KENYA AINT GOT NO ONE ELSE PREGNANT ? CLUE … DONT THAT HE DIDNT WANT TO HE HAD NOT GOT THE DRAMA HE WANTED … HE GOT IT GOING ON RIGHT? HE got the worlds biggest drama queeen ,, ridingwith him on his SPACE CADET JOURNEY THE LAND OF ….. YOYOBRAIN JUPITER … I MEAN KIM LIKE the fact people are afraid of a crazy man , but that means she scared to… can u image if she tried to do him like she did humphrey .LOL I BET YOU SHE DUMPS HIM BUT GET A RESTRAINING ORDER FIRST !!! WHAT YOU BET IM USUALLY DEAD ON …. AND I PREDICT KENYA AND THE MOTHER KRIS WILL HAVE A MAJOR FALL OUT OVER KIM ..AND THAT BABY .. CAUSE THERE CAN NOT BE TWO MANAGERS …AND kenya waiting to marry the dummy so he can YELL THATS MY WIFE AND KID AND NO MOTHERFUCKA GON TELL ME WHAT TO DO .OR KIM WHAT TO DO …. he stayin hush cause if he shows out now kim gonna be pressured to dump him you know how CRAZY PSCHOS DO … THEY LOOK FOR VICTIMS AND OPPORTUNITY … WE AINT SEEN CRAZY YET BABY

  • kelly

    IF YOU ARE A BEYONCE FAN ..LET BOYCOTT HER ALBUMS IF SHE GET INVOLVED IN THIS DEATH TRAP .. WHY DO BEYONCE ALWAYS WANT TO STIRR UP CONTROVERSY , first she couldnt stand the tramp now she eatin do do right out kim azzz ….. but thats ok she will also pay for her association ….. i dont usually wish no wedding bad but i just feel like this is not gonna go so well

    • Mimi

      Seriously??? I do not care for Beyonce or anyone involved in this circus, but boycott her because she’s doing……what? Going to someone’s wedding that “you don’t like”, but have never met and have no clue who they really are?? You sound very irrational and foolish. How about you go and boycott Walmart or one of these large coprorations that are raping the the middle class? Very bizarre !


    Y does iy matter beyonce is grown if u were a true fan it wouldnt matter if she attended the wedding or not she is a human being id kanye is her friend then y wouldnt he want her in the wedding u mfers are crazy