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Rihanna’s #PromBat Twitter jokes cause criticism

A girl who was the butt of jokes for several days because of her bat-like prom outfit is calling out Rihanna for cyber bullying. As previously reported Twitter swarmed with memes and gibes about user @Lexxy__Charms‘ 2014 prom attire after she shared photos of herself wearing a low cut jumpsuit with sleeves attached to it like bat wings.

“Turning heads, catching eyes, breaking necks anit [sic] no looking past me,” the teen captioned a photo of her look which was apparently fashioned after a red carpet outfit Rihanna wore.

Soon thereafter the singer and a gang of Twitter users taunted Charms, now identified as 16-year-old Alexis Carter, for her unconventional ensemble. She was dubbed “#Prombat” and “The Dark Thot Rises” in photos that showed her wing suit in all its glory.

“She gets it,” she added on a photo comparing @Lexxy_Charms to Wu Tang Clan’s symbol.

Now the teen and her mother are speaking out against the songstress who seemingly led the taunting that turned into full on cyber bullying.

“I was very offended,” Carter told Fox Baltimore of Rihanna’s tweets. “Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing.  The poses was different, but the outfit wasn’t.”

She then went on to note that Rihanna is no longer her idol.

“She don’t love her fans like she says she does,”said the teen.

She has since been flooded with support from Twitter users who’ve criticized Rihanna’s taunting tweets.



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“Batgirl” the so-called #PromBat teen captioned this photo online.

Rihanna has yet to respond to the controversy her #PromBat tweets have caused.

  • Be Yourself

    These kids need to learn anyway to stop idolizing these talentless celebs. Guess they’ll have to learn the hard way. Be yourself.

  • Riki

    I am not understanding…why in the hell are celebrities commenting and berating on normal, average teenagers or adults on Twitter??? Damn are you that shallow and bored that you have to rip in others??? And really, with her bald headed, forhead the size of Texas, drug addict, bed hopping whore, who can she really talk about. Don’t care about how much money you have because you will never be able to buy class or common sense. Retard-Rihanna needs to go sit down somewhere in a corner and go smoke her pot! What a loser!