Alfred Wright update: Black father found dead with throat cut led double life

Alfred Wright was leading secret life
Alfred Wright was leading secret life

The death of Texas father Alfred Wright last Thanksgiving has escaped the notice of many despite the once extensive news coverage. Wright’s mysterious death was the focus of national attention because of the gruesome discovery of the body, armed Black Panther protests and cries of a coverup.

Wright was a 28-year-old physical therapist whose car broke down on a lonely Texas road in Sabine County near Jasper, Texas. The area is known as a hotbed of white supremacists attacks and activity. In 1998 James Byrd, an innocent black man, was dragged to death behind a pickup truck until his body shredded to pieces. Three white men were arrested and had known white supremacist ties in Sabine County. When Wright failed to come home that night, his wife and family reported him missing. His broken down truck was found by the road and the Sheriff claimed there was no sign of Wright.

By all accounts, the Sheriff’s Department did a sloppy job of investigating Wright’s disappearance. It was only after the family organized a search party that his body was found 18 days later the week of Thanksgiving. The condition of the body was horrific, it was partially clad and badly mutilated. The family had many unanswered questions as to why the Sheriff’s Department missed the body that was only 300 yards from the search command post. The condition of the body made many think that Wright was the victim of a lynching because he allegedly was involved with multiple white women. The body appeared to have its throat cut as well as missing body parts, telltale signs of classic lynchings. Adding to the feeling of the family that there was foul play was the coroner’s ruling that Wright died of a drug overdose. It seemed unlikely to the family because Wright regularly worked out and lifted weights. So bizarre were the circumstances surrounding his death, that CNN sent reporter Anderson Cooper to cover the story. Eventually, the Justice Department initiated a probe surrounding Wright’s death and white supremacist activity in East Texas.

The results of different investigations led to a startling conclusion, Alfred Wright was leading a double life and was in fact a regular illicit drug user. While the country’s attention was focused on Ferguson and the death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown, an arrest was made in the investigation of Wright’s death. Police arrested Shane Hadnot a high school friend of Wright’s and charged him with two counts of drug related offenses that resulted in Wright’s death. It is alleged that Hadnot supplied drugs to Wright the night of his death and on previous occasions. There were a series of text messages between the pair that showed Wright purchased cocaine, methamphetamine and Xanax on a regular basis. Those three drugs were found in Wright’s body by the coroner. In addition, a separate autopsy by the family discovered anabolic steroids in the body. The mutilated condition of the body was determined to be caused by animal scavenging activity and self-inflicted injuries from Wright being entangled in barbwire during a possible drug induced psychosis.

However, the racial tensions remain in the area and at least one family member rejects the findings of the investigation. Alfred Wright’s sister, Kassilia Wright, posted the following comment on Facebook

“The true killers, slaughterers, lynchmen and henchman are walking free! Mr. Hadnot is merely being used as a scapegoat and an extensive and meticulous ploy to mask the truth.”

Wright’s father, Douglas Wright Sr. is also satisfied with the Justice Department’s findings and stated “How did drugs cut his throat? How did drugs take his tongue out? How did drugs cut his ears off?” But the Sheriff has spoken out now that the investigation is closed. Sheriff Tom Maddox stated, “His throat was not cut. His throat was not slashed. His tongue was not cut out, nothing of those things there that were said there happened. We have to go with not only what the original autopsy report said, but there was a lot of pathologists to look at this other than the original one, including some very renowned pathologists and all of them agree and concurred there with the original autopsy.”

Unfortunately, because of the racial climate in Sabine County, black residents are unable to fully accept the current version of events in the death of Alfred Wright.

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  1. i been following this story, and i still think they are covering what really happen , this man had no sign of drug use , he was fitt and in shape plus he called his wife to come and get him , cause car broke down ? how would all these other occurances happen if all he was calling for was to get home? no one buying drugs will call home for a ride after purchase , the dealer could have taken him home , and what drug dealer gets rid of his client ? and alfred wright had money in the bank an supported his family so why would he be out there purchasing drugs? that time of day>? during work hours ? drug dealers dont deal like that with thier clients , and they protect them too .. . so if he saw wright broke down he would have givin him a ride home .. maybe wright sold drugs and his rival didnt like him succeeding , and that all played in well with the sherriff and his deputies plans to kill him ,,someone may have been watching him and know his activiity plus he had affairs with the sheriff daughter ? sound suspicious to me.. they have found a aliyby and a scape goat apparently that is believeable to them .
    i bet you cnn goes back down there and do a follow up …
    the father of the boy just want closure im sure they are not treated welll , and they rather take the embarrassment and accept this lie that the man was a drug abuser , than to go with the first story i bet you the panthers aint riding with that story .. . thats a small town and most people just wanna get back to life .. but to sweep this under the rug is horrific

    1. You bring up some interesting points. Maybe I missed some details in the article but why was Alfred nearly naked when his body was found? They said there was animal activity but surely the animals didn’t take his clothes off.

  2. also why would he be naked and out of his clothes in one shoe if he was a drug addict i dought is that amount of drugs and 3 different kind would be in his system a man who love his wife and kids would not recklessly swollow drugs knowing your gonna go into a psychiatiric state of mind , and loose your mind , ,was the truck broke down really? and what did the store clerk see that she refuse to say .. . years from now she will talk she is young and need to keep quiet, or she will be hurt , but yet someone need to get that info out of her , who was standing with wright by his truck? she said he rain like he had ants all over him ,, dont sound right for a drug addict with a wife and kids and work a good job daily…… if anything he sold drugs and got robbed if not that foul play somoene wanted him dead … your crazy if you live in east tewxas

    1. I disagree with a lot of the statements made in regards to defending Wright’s character. One, if you don’t physically be with a person 24/7 you cannot say what that person won’t do. Many people are living double lives and I would never say what my husband/child/mother/father or anyone in fact would not do. People are capable of unforeseen things and I would not sacrifice myself for the sake of another. You would be amazed as to how an addict can conceal his addiction, how a rapist hides from his family he just came from assaulting a woman, and how the alcoholic functions as a sober individual. Never say what someone won’t do unless you’re the individual himself.

  3. whats stopping black people from killing other races who pose a threat? fear of the past. so if black people are aware of the past then why do some still go out and harm other black people but won’t stand up to other races? smh… wonder shy zimmerman is still walking around making news and realilty shows and is not 10ft under. other races have no problem “gettin rid” of black people. when will people wake up? and btw, this story is bullsh!t. the cops did it.

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