Victoria Byerson (Photo Source: Facebook profile picture Victoria Byerson)

Victoria Byerson (Photo source: Facebook profile picture Victoria Byerson)

The struggle is real and somewhat confusing for Victoria Byerson a 26-year-old mother of four in Newport News, Virginia. Byerson used Facebook to express her feelings and  GoFundMe to show her financial need.  Byerson stated  on one Facebook post “For all the n****s in my inbox texting my phone and commenting on my pics. I am 26 yrs old with 4 kids. I am in school but no longer work because of a f***ed up situation. If u are pursuing me come strong and correct cause u are just one of many asking for the same thing. I am looking for STABILITY.” She makes it very clear in a subsequent post her intentions by stating  “If you are not willing to keep my hair done feet done, these bills paid  and this P***y happy DO Not COME FOR ME”.

Her statements and posts have gone viral on social media and she now explains in a recent Facebook her real reason for her GOFUNDME account:

(Photo Source: Victoria Byerson Facebook post)

(Photo source: Victoria Byerson Facebook post)

So far her thirsty GoFundMe account has raised $60. Do you believe Byerson’s new  intentions are real?

Victoria Byerson (Photo Source: GoFundMe)

Victoria Byerson (Photo source: GoFundMe)

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  • WeezyDuzIt

    Bad look for black women… SMH.

    • Nic Nac Paddywack

      Not black women… bad look for her. Most sisters aren’t doing this. Don’t throw her baggage on our backs. If this is what she wants for herself, so be it. I have nothing to do with it and won’t be judged for her shenanigans.

      • Brother Mouzone (AKA NegroWith

        @Nic_Mac:disqus theres a good percentage of black females doing this.. (NOT ALL) but go to any hood.. theres alot of “hers” talking about this very same thing.

        • Nic Nac Paddywack

          Sorry. I’m a black woman and I don’t live in the hood. Most of the black women I know and am related to, don’t live in the hood either. But if that’s all you know… guess that’s what you see.

          • kobebryant243

            70% of black children are born out of wedlock, so yeah a MAJORITY of black women are worthless hood trash.

            NOT ALL but a vast majority, according to statistics.

          • Nic Nac Paddywack

            Sorry. I disagree. Just from a logistical standpoint, what you say doesn’t make sense since most black women don’t live in the hood. Calling someone trash because they aren’t married to the father of their child is unnecessarily judgemental. Our conversation ends at this point. You’re not trying to have a discussion, you just want to disparage black women. As a black woman, I’m not going for that.

          • kobebryant243

            Hit a nerve did I? LOL you are most likely a single mother who is on welfare, keep being TRASH you hood-queen.

          • Brother Mouzone (AKA NegroWith

            @Nic_Mac:disqus 🙂 Okay.. lets talk about the surburbs.. you have it there as well. How many single black women 25+ are single with 0 kids? I asked many of my friends and theres more females with ready-made families looking for a man with 0 kids to play Mr Clean Up. We can even include corporate america as well. You cant alienate “her” when theres portrayals of females like her on tv (which black women somehow still watch and support) all the time. Shes just bolder about her’s. I think there was another chick who wanted money to go to Vegas.. she actually gotten the amount though (cant think of her name). She was nicer and she didnt have 4 kids as well. Not knocking someone with kids but from a good mans point of view.. why get a ready made family when you can find someone to build yours with? PS: If you can bash and say all men (and generalize) we should be able to as well. Once again we never said all.. still its a fair amount.. Your social circle may not include them but you know damn well its more bad fish than good fish.

          • Nic Nac Paddywack

            I know no such thing. Sorry. I am a single black woman over 25 with no kids. I know plenty of women like me. But even for the ones who have chosen to have children without a husband, being without a husband doesn’t mean that their children do not have an active father in their life. Sorry. Most of the men I know who are fathers are very active in their children’s lives. Statistics bear out that black fathers are highly engaged with their children and spend more quality time with their kids than men of any other groupings. You should research more and do less talking down about black women. Good men that I know, don’t disparage sisters. In my book, you wouldn’t qualify as that. Good luck to you as well. Our conversation has ended too.

          • Brother Mouzone (AKA NegroWith

            @Nic_Mac:disqus so why are you single? Also you cannot base your circle as a whole representation of the majority. Just like i said.. theres more bad than good. However I call out what I call out. I dont call a breeder,stripper,prostitute a queen. But we all know its not that many good women out here anymore..

  • guest


  • shellyTheGreat

    rrrrrratchet. i hope she’s just trolling, i really do.

  • RollingMo

    She still is at $60

  • ceeceebaker

    Take the zero off and that is what she is a $6 hoe.

  • dee brown

    4 kids and got the nerve to be picky.

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    Dat gurl sho’ beez lookin’ HAWT, mang!


    Ah beez havin’ sum change in muh pocket ‘n sheeit. Gonna send it to dat FAHL Lay-Dee!

    Sho’ ’nuff!

  • Amercan111

    Yeah, some hospital is going to hire her as a health care administrator. BWAHAAAAAAAAAA! Now let me guess…she’s attending the UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX or an ON LINE degree program, lol.