Photo credit: John Kennedy dos Santos Gurjao via Facebook

John Kennedy dos Santos Gurjao, 24, was unable to find work in his home city of Calcoene, Brazil, and decided to move to the Equator city of Macapa for a better life. However, he soon found himself in a business that eventually led to his death.

According to reports by the Irish Mirror, Gurjao was on a plane from Lisbon to Dublin when he began to act erratically while the flight was in mid-air. Several people attempted to restrain him, but he continued to scream and attack people who were close. At one point, he bit a passenger who grabbed him while trying to keep him under control.

The plane was eventually diverted and landed at the Cork airport in Ireland. When authorities arrived on the plane, he began shaking profusely and eventually died. Once Gurjao’s body was examined, it was determined that he had 80 bags of cocaine in his system. Gurjao became extremely ill when one of the bags of cocaine leaked while it was inside of him. The cocaine was worth an estimated $60K on the streets.

Apparently, Gurjao found work as a drug mule and lived a double-life, according to family and friends who commented on his Facebook page. He had been married since 2014.

Drug mules have become essential to the South American drug trade. According to a report by US News, some drug mules make up to $8K per run, but some are paid as low as $100 for a criminal offense that could cause physical harm and lead to years in prison.

A.R. Shaw

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  • shellyTheGreat

    aw that sucks

  • guest

    People will do anything to smuggle drugs into the country. Legalize and regulate it to stop things like this from happening.

    • FuZ

      Are you talking about America? They weren’t coming here.


      GET A CLUE. Know and be aware of what you are reading. Are you myopic? They flight was from Lisbon to DUBLIN. Not USA. DUH!

      • Guest

        The irony of you asking if I’m myopic when I never said anything about the US is pure comedy!

    • Johnny Cromwell

      If you legalized drugs then we would have twice as many people using drugs than now and twice as much mental illness than we have now. That is not the answer.

      • C. D. Carney

        I understand why people would say that but many people who do drugs are attempting to alleviate extant mental or physical illnesses. Cocaine for example is an anti-depressant that works quite well which is why people take it. Heroin is a pain killer and there are lots of people including returning soldiers who turn to it after being denied oxycodone from their doctors. Decriminalization is better than legalization because you’d still have to get it, but your life isn’t going to be ruined just because you were caught with the substance except in distribution quantities of course.

        • Johnny Cromwell

          I’m not buying that BS you’re selling.

          • C. D. Carney

            That’s ok, the majority of America is starting to reject the bs they’ve been sold for decades.

      • chelsea vader

        Well a country that decriminalized drugs saw their usage drop tremendously. Instead of treating it as a crime its looked as a health issue. In any event making it illegal hasn’t worked out too well for it either

  • The Truth

    Money, the love of it, is the root of all “EVIL”! This young man paid a valuable price for it…his “LIFE”! Wake up people… R.I.P.!

  • cupcake333

    god this is just sad, what really would cause him to take this kind of risk , but his age plays in it too , he is really just confused and needed counseling . many of these mule make it through , but some fail, he had no business fighting with anyone no dam wonder the bag broke open, someone may have meant to kill him and packed an open bag in his possession. he was baybe intended to make it just to the plan before the bag opened busted on its on haaaaa joke

    • FuZ

      Why would they waste $60K to do that?

    • George Navarro

      Maybe you didn’t read the whole article but he started acting crazy out of nowhere. He went crazy and then people tried to contain him and that’s when he bit someone. Which means he was good until the bag burst in his stomach and that’s what made him go crazy. He didn’t just randomly try to bite someone.

  • Johnny Cromwell

    Another person selling their precious soul for a piece of paper that you can’t take to the grave.

    • chelsea vader

      Too bad we are not all afforded a decent standard of living conditions

  • Gus Hodges

    I wonder if the coroner dug all the caked powder drug from his bowels.

  • C. D. Carney

    Well, at least he died high as a kite. Quite appropriate he was on a plane at the time! I know, it’s not supposed to be funny, but what else is there but to try an laugh?

  • Helenofreims

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