Photo credit: Garcelle Beauvais/Facebook

Photo credit: Garcelle Beauvais/Facebook

Black don’t crack and these Black celebs look half their age.

Maybe it’s Maybelline? Or maybe they were just born with it. When it comes to ageless beauty, Hollywood is anything but short on supply with Black stars that look half their age. From models to actors to performers, stars like “America’s Next Top Model” alum and model Tyra Banks and singer Diana Ross are just two of many celebrity moms who could pass for decades younger than their actual age.

Whether you believe these stars were blessed with good genes or have one heck of a glam squad, a 2015 study proves that one of the components involved in the aging process for Black women is definitely melanin.

“We have definitely seen that women of African-American background aged comparatively slower [than Caucasian women],” it reported. The study also revealed twice as many exceptional skin agers in this group—women who looked more than 10 years younger than their real age—than in the Caucasian study group. This does not mean women of African-American background don’t experience visible skin aging, but on average less or later than lighter skin types, Olay’s principal scientist Frauke Neuser once told Essence.

In other words, they “woke up like this-flawless.” Considering Mother’s Day (the best holiday of the year) is fast approaching, we decided to highlight ten celebrity moms who could likely pass as your younger sister. So, without further ado, check out the gallery below for stars who prove that black don’t crack.


Angela Bassett, 57, Photo credit: Facebook


Jada Pinkett Smith, 44, Photo credit: Facebook


Taraji P. Henson, 45, Photo credit: Facebook


Iman, 60, Photo credit: Facebook


Viola Davis, 48, Photo credit: Facebook

diana ross

Diana Ross, 72, Photo credit: Facebook


Tyra Banks, 42, Photo credit: Facebook


Chilli, 45 Photo credit: Facebook


Nia Long, 45, Photo credit: Facebook


Photo credit: Garcelle Beauvais/Facebook

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