Exposed: Bankruptcy documents reveal Stacey Dash drowning in debt

Photo credit: The Meredith Vieira Show YouTube video screenshot
Photo credit: “The Meredith Vieira Show”

Fox News contributor Stacey Dash is eating a healthy helping of her words this bright Thursday morning.

As you may recall, late last year, Dash sparked controversy when she told Meredith Vieira that when it comes to closing the gender wage gap, women need to simply “work harder” and “stop complaining.” She added, “It’s an excuse. Stop making excuses. If there are opportunities, seize them. And be prepared for them. And be the best, if that’s what it takes. If you have to be extraordinary, be extraordinary.”

Oddly enough, old bankruptcy documents unearthed by Daily Mail Online, show the Clueless star was once drowning in debt and living off the man — $6K-a-month support payments from her then-fiancé James Maby.

According to the docs, Dash filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy back in May 2004, just a decade shy of appearing on “The Meredith Vieira Show.” With only $28,582 in assets, Dash owed creditors a whopping $157,703.53, citing more than $70K owed to the IRS in unpaid taxes in addition to $3,378 to the California State Franchise Tax Board. Other debts included $500 on a charge card purchased at Best Buy, $38,200 on a Citi Advantage Credit Card, $110 to Mobil, $480 to Macy’s and $133 to Saks Fifth Avenue.

At the time, the 49-year-old claimed to only have $7 in her checking account and $4K in household goods, clothing, furniture and electronics. Among her possessions were photographs, costume jewelry, and a 2001 Mercedes Benz ML320. The self-employed actress listed her monthly expenses as $5,934.76, but listed no personal income at the time of her filing. The only funds she had was $6K a month from her fiancé at the time.

Meanwhile, even after Vieira informed the actress that women only make 70 cents on the dollar compared to men, Dash didn’t quite seem to get the big picture. “I don’t know if that’s true,” she said. “I know that the numbers are true, but I feel like your daughter will be able to make as much money as she wants in her life. Just like you are. I mean, look at you.”

The TV host went on to tell Dash about her history of being paid less than her male counterparts: “I guess i won’t put my fate into anything other than my own action and taking my destiny in my hands. I will not play victim to anything.” Dash took the slight shade a step further when she claimed that there was a law that promised equal pay and women should just truck on. Apparently, we (women) didn’t get the memo.

In 2005, Dash wed Maby, the second of three husbands. However, in 2006, the short lived romance ended in divorce. The duo share a daughter, Lola. Dash’s bankruptcy closed that same year, in July 2006, stating she had no assets to disperse.

What are your thought’s on Dash’s wage gap gaffe? Sound off in the comment section below.

R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins

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  1. The wage gap is a myth. College educated salaried women and men are paid the same, no difference. The difference is many woman want to work part time to spend more time with their family. The data was destroyed by a peer review that showed comparing full time vs part time hourly workers was so egregious of a design flaw in the study, it had to be intentional. However, there is one example of females getting paid substantially less than males, Hilary Clinton’s staff.

      1. Reading is FUNdamental!
        The BK was 12 years ago.
        The headline is a lie due to the ineptitude of the amateurs who write this tripe.
        Wonder, are THEY paid ‘equally’ or what they’re worth?

        So HRC is excused from obeying the policy she bleats about, because…

      2. Beau Diddly did not Troll, it is about wage gap and Dash’s bankruptcy was to prove some sort of liberal irony, making us think that this is relevant! You liberal idiots and your crying and inability to state anything factual or relevant to anything that involves thinking! so Cee jay, get your liberal head out of your ass and try to think for yourself and not what Hillary Clinton hypnotizes you with. You can bash Trump all you want, he never caused the death of Americans fighting in a battle that they were sent to by the Obama administration, he did not send thousands of emails on a private server and he never lied about those, constantly like she still does. You follow Clinton and think about what you are trying to get into office! A liar, a killer, a self-centered, make money off Americans, while getting funded by terrorist friendly countries is all she is! How is that for a troll, liberal piece of shit!

        1. Face the Truth Most if not all Republicans live off the Government. I issue you a dare to to fact check the co founder of the Tea Party using HARP to keep her house

    1. beau diddly is OBVIOUSLY a donald-DELUSIONALmoron-trump’s fan-supporter-donkeyholeKISSER. Bashing Hillary Cinton while commenting a article that has absolutely NOTHING to do with politics is a sure sign of delusion.

    2. Uh my mother is an attorney. Head of her office and still makes less than what previous males in her role made and what other males in her role within the same firm at different office locations. So don’t tell me there isn’t a wage gap. Dartmouth and Georgetown Law graduate you’re clearly delusional sir. My mother sacrificed time with us growing up because she was traveling to get clients and for meetings and speaking at conferences. The wage gap not only exsists but it’s utterly ridiculous that you’re so naive not to see it.

        1. It’s an old boys club! You’d rather hire your friend or your friends son rather than an actually qualified woman. There’s no logic fails. You’re just closed minded and apart of the problem. You probably got your job because dear old dad knew somebody who knew somebody. And she did sue her former law firm and won so you definitely don’t have any platform to stand on to continue your ignorance.

          1. Damn, Don’tTryMe must be a Bus Driver. ‘Cause she just took Dannyboy’s @$$ to school

          2. Yeahhhhh um no. Businesses are there to make money. If you think they’re gonna make less money by hiring men instead of cheaper women, you’re the ignorant one.

          1. My father was a liberal democrat but he had common sense.

            Racism in 1965 was based out of pure hatred and ignorance, today’s is based out of fear. Big difference.

          2. You’re the reason white people don’t like black people.

            Do us all a favor-people like you and white supremacists should all go off and live on an island and let those of us who see individuals live in peace.

  2. Stacy Dash is a Backwards ass Bi**h. The epitome of Self Hate. I know deep inside she wants to erase her blackness away. Hence the reason why she let all those white men nutt up in her and knock her up.

      1. Unlike your kind, the terrorists, who’d prefer to keep ruining the country. One day you guys will succeed, and then you’ll really be sorry when y’all are all speaking Russian.

  3. Ridicous on it’s face. I guess all the outrage and smear merchants here have the same knowledge, experience and beliefs today the had 11 years ago. (i.e. they are intellectually stunted) Which would also explain why they apparently don’t know anything about Dash’s personal history. Filled with the higest highs and lowest lows and, yeah, btw a persoanl revelation or two. Completely changing her worldview and outlook that, in turn (through hard work) brought her back from the brink of oblivion to unquestionable success. A rather pathetic smear from those pretty desperate to destroy her example and silence her voice.

  4. Too bad this site can’t write an accurate HEADLINE, or do you have a problem with TENSE?
    Ms. Dash WAS bankrupt 12 years ago. NOT NOW.
    You owe her an apology for your punk-ass article, and I hope she sues you til your ears bleed.
    Go back to 7th grade and learn how to write.

  5. Don’t like how it is 2016…and Rollout sites a discharged BK from 12years ago…just to bring light to financial situation as a motive to coonery. SMH….what happen 12years ago does not equate to current situations. If the BK was discharged 12years ago….that would mean she’s nolonger obligated to those debts. So what she does to earn money now…the BK is not an excuse…she’s just cooning for dollars.

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