Are Dallas police shootings a time for forgiveness from White America?

Dallas Police Department (Image Source: Official Page)

As many predicted or possibly even hoped for, it finally has happened in America, multiple police officers were shot and killed in Dallas. So far one suspect, identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, is dead and others are in custody.

Since the Ferguson riots many in Black America have been waiting for the proverbial other “shoe to drop” in response to the unwarranted killing of Black male suspects by police. In spite of the peaceful protests by Black Lives Matter activists, Blacks were constantly being painted by mainstream media as promoting violence against police. These claims persisted even as peaceful Black protesters were assaulted and shot by racists. However, not once did the movement or its organizers call for violence against police officers.

Mainstream media continues to play the blame game. According to Fox News contributor David Webb:

“If it pans out that this is what I would call the allegiance to the Black Lives Matter movement, then we’ve got to consider the environment that has been created out of the lie that happened in Ferguson when hands up don’t shoot and Black Lives Matter. I watched the birth of what is one of the most dangerous and disruptive and divisive leftist approach to tearing down this country. A collusion between groups that frankly are anti-American. That’s what Black Lives Matter is. You can call it anything else you want. Are there people concerned about police issues and bad shoots? Absolutely. Was there good people in Ferguson? Absolutely. But those are not the problem. The Deray McKessons and the others that are the leaders of this and the political figures and the media figures at lead in this, they’re the problem.”

Even former Congressmen Joe Walsh tweeted the following:

Joe Walsh Twitter feed (Photo Credit @WalshFreedom)
Joe Walsh Twitter feed (Photo Credit @WalshFreedom)

Amazing that Black pain and trauma inflicted by White police officers is now once again being blamed on Black victims who were protesting peacefully in Dallas. According to media reports, one suspect was blown up by a police robot. According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, “The suspect told our negotiators that the end is coming.” Brown further said the suspect stated that more officers were going to get hurt, and that bombs had been planted all over downtown.

So far, no explosive devices have been found by police.

There can be no doubt that the shooting was well planned and executed by the assailants. Witnesses have reported that the shooters had assault weapons with high capacity magazines — a common denominator in mass shootings that have taken place in the U.S.

Now the weekend is upon us and Sunday church service will have many Black parishioners listening to the words of their religious leaders regarding the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Will there be calls for the police to be forgiven for taking the lives of these two innocent Black men? Will the congregations be told to remain humble and resolute in their Christian spirituality comforted by the knowledge that God is in control? Or will there be a call to action to confront the continuing oppression and racism that persists in America?

Within the White community will there be calls for police to forgive the perpetrators of what is being called the worst mass killing of law enforcement since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. After all, Black people in Charleston were asked to forgive mass murderer Dylan Roof; or is forgiveness only to be given for White killers of Black victims?

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  1. Ya all are making it all worse for everybody by segregating yourselves AGAIN. What was the reason for demanding “equality”? Why are you still focusing on what race people are? When you do that, it labels you as a racist. Hey – it also labels you as a hypocrite. Sorry, but that won’t ever work in your favor. You can’t form racist groups and demand respect. All this violence stems from rumors, gossip, misinformation, ignorance, stress, and frustration. EVERYBODY involved NEEDS HELP. PEOPLE are PEOPLE, right is right, wrong is wrong. FOCUS on STOPPING THE WAR, PERIOD. Nobody likes racist hypocrites – including you – so what’s up with being one? Do you really want another civil war? Then don’t pick a side and start one. I do not appreciate being judged by my color, and won’t bow down to anyone because of what anyone my color did.

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