Photo Credit: Katt Williams' Twitter (@KattPackAllDay)

Photo Credit: Katt Williams’ Twitter (@KattPackAllDay)

Comedian Faizon Love appeared on the “Wanda Smith Show” on Atlanta radio station V-103 and dropped a bombshell about troubled comedian Katt Williams. Apparently, Love and Williams have had arguments since they both appeared together on a comedy tour. When the talk came to Katt’s behavior, Love had some choice words.

 Faizon Love (Photo Source: Faizon Love/Facebook)

Faizon Love (Photo Source: Faizon Love/Facebook)

“He’s sick. He’s something else. If he just came out of that ‘thang’ and be who he is … Come out of the closet. Know what I’m sayin’? Hit Peachtree [street] like a real one. He came to Atlanta for a reason. Just come out and say it, it’s all good. Look at Caitlyn Jenner, just do that. I just think that a homosexual man who doesn’t want to say he’s homosexual, you start taking it out on women … trying to fight kids at soccer matches..I mean who socks a kid…(Referring to Katt) I am homosexual but I can’t say it,” he said.

“How do you know that’s a fact?” asked host Wanda Smith.

Love responded, “Oh yes, yes, yes…He could have a new TV show on A&E or Bravo, ‘The Katt’s Tongue’ or something. Just imagine if him and Caitlyn Jenner did the show together. I’m telling you facts. There’s something on the internet where he trapped a little boy. I did not see him struggling to hard with that boy wrestling (referring to Williams’ viral video fight with a Georgia teen). He went down kind of easy, I’m just saying. I tell the truth.”

Apparently, Faizon may be onto something with Katt Williams and his behavior. Some men who struggle with their sexual identity tend to overcompensate with hyper masculine behavior. Katt often appears in public with sexy women at his side and his whole routine of the “pimp of comedy” may be at the root of a sexual identity crisis. The interview on V-!03 was filled with laughter but Faizon Love was quite serious about his claim that Katt Williams is gay.

Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  • hidaya

    Be true to yourself!!! If all the closeted gay men in ATL were revealed …. The Govenor would have to call for federal intervention!

    • Webbski63

      Lol. Now that’s funny.

    • cupcake333


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  • Dip

    Katt been a punk. Open your eyes, dude been having b*tch ways & mannerisms for a very time, then tried to play it off like it’s some sort of pimp sh*t. Don’t believe the hype. Rap cyphering ass n*gga!! LMAO, LMAO LMAO

  • Arii

    Of course he’s gay. Who thinks he’s straight?

  • cupcake333

    HE ISSSSSS I KNEW WHEN HE MOVE TO ATLANTA HE WAS … ATL is the new san francisco for black men and lesbians like twanna braxton i mean katt williams do use females to camaflauge his gay but so does kanye wes and john legend 2 DEEP UNDERCOVERS U SEE OPRAH CALLED ON SWEET JOHN LEGEND TO PLAY HER LEGEND BALL .. SHE ONLY HIRES GAYS!! TYLER PERRY IS FRIENDS TOO WIT JOHN LEGEND who changed his name .. cause his real name was to girly kenya west named him john legend HOW CUTE HIS BABY HELPED HIM …


  • Bob Sheridan

    You move to Atlanta for one reason in these days….because you are a fagot. No single straight dude thinking about ATL to move to on their own. It’s different if you were recruited to get a job there or transferred from your current job for better pay.

    Socially Gaylanta is a fagot planet.

    • Essex Porter

      ATL has some beautiful women who need str8 guys

      • ladyv

        Yes! Not everyone who wishes to move to the ATL is gay. I have considered moving there and I am not gay. I am interested in milder winters and more business opportunities for Blacks.

        • Bob Sheridan

          ATL is gay city. There is no debate about it.

      • Bob Sheridan

        Truth be told. ATL has too many weave wearing big women for me.

  • FuZ

    Idk nor care if he is/is not gay. But he needs to gather himself before he runs up on the wrong one. And those mugshots become a part of his memorial.